Why Nobody Leaves The Forest Shack

Darcy 's father is content with his new marriage to Blake Limestone but she isn't so takes to the internet to find out more about her, upon research she finds out that Blake isn't what she seems.
Blake has been admitted to a mental institute twice and had once lived in a mysterious shack in Ireland. Darcy's mother died in Ireland , so she sets out to find the truth of her death.


Author's note

I haven't been writing for a while because f the overload of school work so sorry guys !

1. Red Berries


Darcy Limestone knew one thing when she met Blake, She was odd and that she didn't like her Atal. Her dad new girlfriend was extremely strange and illusive to her like she was always hiding something . But when she all of a sudden walked down the isle and became Blake Limestone , it was like she was a new person. Her dad told her Blake used to be shy because her ex would beat her up because he was a violent drunk , but Darcy knew it was much deeper than that.

In her detest of Blake she took to the internet trying to find out what had once been of Blake , but what she found was much more sinister. 



London is a cold place oftenly , No one lied the rain a lot but Darcy felt it was a blessing after she went to the gym to workout for an hour or so with her boyfriend Matt. He always had an umbrella but Darcy always refused it slipping on her coat and pulling her furry hood up. She didn't really now how to as him to help her , she didn't want to get him in trouble with his parents. 

The rain poured as she stepped of shelter of the gym and onto the cold streets surprisingly not too overblown with people dashing here and there to work, Well it was like ten in the morning though everyone was in work by now. The streets smelt of fruit and vedge as the gym was next to the grocery store , Matt after the gym made usual steps there and today was one of them. Walking down the cobbled streets they turned into the brightly depicted store covered with posters for keeping healthy and fit .  

"Hay do you want anything babe?" Matt questioned Darcy who was already reaching for the red berries by smoothie stall. She put them inside the easy blender and turned it on , she smiled at Matt.

"Just a small please " she smiled kindly 

"I swear to god Darcy you eat SOOO much fruit !" Matt told her not that she already new that , the blender stopped and inside was a gloopy mess of red . She unhooked the blender and poured it into a small plastic cup with a straw. 

Matt walked down to the end of the store only to bash into someone rather tall. It was Blake and her eyed rudely  for the things that Darcy had told him about her.

"Oh I'm so sorry , oh your err my stepdaughters little boyfriend erm Matt! its Matt right!" She said shyly trying to go into a full blown conversation . " Yep that's me whoa your taller than I expected" he replied trying to get away from her , " I'm not that tall about five seven or so but I suppose that's tall for a women right?" she said quietly almost whispering  

"Listen I've gota go and pay , erm your daughters here and she wanted to buy a drink." Matt told her trying to be nice as he just wanted to get away from her as Darcy had told him she was extremely strange and illusive.

"Well bye then , hay don't get anything else for her , yes she's a real pig pocket you know she always gets her da to buy things for her. ha !" Blake giggle ominously and honestly very creepily.

"Yeah I wont , nice meeting you" Matt said walking away from the other worldly woman.

Matt walked slowly over to Darcy and then lea ned over her trying not to freak her out but whispered into her ears " Your step mums here"

"Don't pay for this lets just go , it too cold for  smoothie anyway ." Darcy said pouring the drink back into the blender.


"She wasn't that strange I mean when I bumped into her at first she seemed shy but apart from the she was o I mean she tried to have a conversation with me but I .." 

"DONT SPEAK TO HER !I'm sorry I just please don't talk to her she , I don't like her ok , she dangerous " 

Matt turned to look at her as they entered the Starbucks by their college. It smelt of ginger bread and spice and pretty much all things nice. 

"How is she dangerous?" Matt questioned , Darcey sun back into her padded booth she was sitting inside of. 

"Because I found something out about her I wasn't supposed to." Darcy replied.




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