Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


11. the day my parents past

(Georgia rose)

Today was the day my parents were going to heaven.i decide to wear a nice black dress with black heals that Niall got me for my birthday.

i decide to keep my hair down because it drove niall insane when I did.niall and I went out for my birthday a week ago when went to McDonald's because I want a micflury

on that day on the kitchen table my mom had left me a present Thad Liam had found it was my mothers necklace that dad gave her when they started dating it was a Rose because he would always call her rose and she always wanted to name her daughter rose.

I was very lucky do have my parents because they were the best parents.since my parents where gone I live with Harry which is not so bad because we get slog really well.

I had just finished my make up when their was a knock at the door.

Come in

"Hi beautiful."Niall said

Hey babe are you ready because I'm not

"You can do it I'll be right by your side."Niall said

You know what are you going to do with my dad being in the band.?

"Were still going to be one direction.."Niall said

That's good we should head out their

"Yea love let's go.

--------after the sad part----

Once we got back the the flat I went up to my room 2 be alone and the stood Jordan Conner .

How in the hell did you get in here Jordan ???'!!

"I know my way love you know I missed you."Jordan said

I dorm fucking care Jordan you killed my parents and I can't believe I was eve friends wit you why would you do this to me I thought you were my friend

"Oh baby I killed you parents because you dad knew I liked you ad I wanted you for my self you know that nice straight a's boy was just all a fake I am a bad boy and all I want is you rose just let me be yours."Jordan said

He'll no Jordan back off

"You know you want this."Jordan

The fuck I do now get out of my house and never come near my family ever again.

Jordan slammed me against the wall and started to kiss my and I didn't like it all I started to scream for Niall?

NIALL NIALL......!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I am coming love ."Niall said

"Get the fuck off of my girl bitch."Niall

"Gladly."Jordan said

With that Jordan let me down letting me fall on my bottom

"I'll be back doll you know your mine all of you."Jordan Said

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