Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


17. taking you/I can't drink anyways

We enter the building of the club and Little black dress started to play.tonight I couldn't even drink because I was pregnant with Niall baby.yes I said baby.i just found out This morning and I can't wait to tell niall on is birthday which was in two weeks.

Their were so many people in the club it scared me is I held niall hand

"It's alright love I got you I won't leave your side the hole night."Niall said

I knew I could trust Niall

"Hey babe I Am going to get a drink wait here."Niall said

Ok I'll be here

Once Niall left a very familiar lad came near men as soon he got closer I knew who it was it was Jordan.

Seriously why does he have to be here

"Hello beautiful miss me."Jordan said

He tried to touch my face but I slapped it away

"What are you doing here Jordan?"I asked

"I am not here for you I am here fro my sister Lilly."Jordan said

No wonder Lilly looked a lot like Jordan

So let's get this straight your not here to see me but your here with your sister?

"Yes I got over you ."he said with a smirk on his face

"Oh bye love.just know your beautiful princess and you mine cutie."Jordan said while slapping my butt

My face was a big o shape.

I quickly text Jordan

Georgia Rose(seriously Jordan you had to slap my butt ?)

Jordan-conner(I just wanted you to feel special princess because I love you)

Georgia Rose(I can't believe you sometimes)

Jordan-conner(stop texting me princess I'll be back later for you )

"Hey babe you u texting?"Niall ask while kissing my cheek

One of my friends from high school.

"Here a drink to lighten up."Niall said

Thanks Niall but I am going to pass

"Ok more for me then."Niall said

"Come dance with me?"Niall asked

Sure babe

I followed Niall to the face floor hand on hand

On the floor it started to play alive

Niall whispered in my ear your so beautiful

I just blushed he made me feel like no one has ever made me feel I really did love niall and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of mg life with him.

I am going to grab a drink real quick

"Ok babe I'll be on the dance floor waiting for you ." Niall said

I was half way to the bar when someone put the hand on my mouth.i tried to scream

"Shah baby it's alright it's just me."Jordan said

Next thing I knew I felt sleepily.then everything went black


I woke up the next morning with bird chirping and the sun shining.when I woke up I notice I wasn't in my bed I was in Jordan bed and he was next to shirtless.i had to shove him off the bed


He just laughed

"You really think I would leave you their stand in that dress looking so beautiful when your with niall you know your mine."Jordan said

No am not Jordan.

"Please be mine rose."Jordan said

Fuck no Jordan I love niall

"Oh come on babe I could treat you better than Niall can."Jordan said

"Oh I text niall telling you you got tired and went home."Jordan said

Seriously Jordan

"Come lay with me."Jordan said patting his side or the bed

I think I am good .

I quickly grab my things and went home.

"Oh before you leave babe can I have a kiss?"Jordan asked

Fuck off


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