Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


4. seeing Harry

(Zayn )

Morning beautiful

"Moring babe hey can you go check on Georgia Rose and see if she is up.?"timberlyn asked

Sure love

I quickly got out of bed and went to Georgia Rose bedroom and notice she wasn't their

"Georgia Rose where are you my princess?"

I had notice that she was in the living room wit Harry sitting on the couch watching the notebook.

"Hi princess ,hi Harry."

"Oh hi dad."

"Hey mate what's up."Harry said

I didn't know you were coming today

"Yea I wanted to see my god daughter."

"Oh hi Harry."Timberlyn said

"Hi Timberlyn how are you this morning?"Harry asked

"Pretty good and it is nice seeing."timberlyn said

"Oh Rose did you eat breakfast already ?"timberlyn asked

"Yes mom Harry fixed me pancakes."Georgia rose said

"That's good "timberlyn said

"Oh Harry thank for fixing Georgia rose break fast ." Timberlyn said

"Oh it is no problem ."Harry said

Ok I am fixing me something for break fast ad heading to Harrods

"Ok babe do you want me to fix you some bacon as eggs with jam and toast?"timberlyn asked

Sure babe


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