Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


19. party time/water breaking

Georgia Rose

Today was the day of the party and I couldn't wait to tell niall all about the baby because I been waiting for like forever to tell him and today was the day.

I quickly got out of bed and changed into my plaid blue shirt and some jean short with my blue convers.then I put my hair up I a messy bun.and left a note for Niall

*hey babe I'm down stairs if you need me also wait five minutes before coming down ok .love you baby!!!

As I finished text letter I put out the clothes for what I wanted Niall to wear.i pick him out a purple jumper with white trousers ad purple tennis shoes.

As soon as I was in the kitchen Harry had just came in.

"Hey baby girl."Harry said

"Hey dad."I said

"So here's niall birthday cake that carrot cake"Harry said

"thanks dad."I said while kissing his cheek

"Hey where my kissed check !!??" Said louis

"Hey loubear."I said

"Hi gerogie."louis said

"Hey everybody I am here."Liam said with Lilly holding his hand

"LiLLAYAN!!!"I said

"GEORGIA ROSE !!!!"Lilly said

"It's so nice to see you again."I said

"Yea you to babe."Lilly said

"Hey louis were Eleanor?"I asked louis

"She will be over in a few minutes"louis said

5 minutes later-


"Hey Georgia Rose how have you been?"el asked

"Good I've been good."I said

"PERRIE !!!"I said

"Georgia Rose how are you."perrie said

"Amazing now that your here."I said

Ok everyone niall should be down any minute so get ready

"Ok."everyone said

Next thing you heard when Niall turned the lights on


"Fuck, everyone you scared the shit out of me."Niall said

"Are you surprise niall."I asked

"Yes babe I am thanks for scarring the shit out of me."Niall said

"Your welcome because that won't be the last time I scare you or shock you."I said while giving him a peck on the lips

"Whatever you say love."Niall said

"C'mon niallier let's start the party."louis said

After the party

"Ok present time."I said

"Here niall this is from me and Lou."Ellie said

"Thanks El."Niall said

When he opened it it was a new pair of convers but in red

"Thanks guys their amazing."Niall said

"Oh me next."said perrie

"This is from the girls and me."perrie said

When Niall opened it it was a sweat shit that said (Nialls biggest fan.)

"Really funny perrie I like it thanks." Niall said

"Here Niall this is from me."Harry said

When he opened it it was a bag of crisp and said (here so next time you'll stay out of my bag of crisps.)

"Thanks mate."Niall said

"Niall This is from me."I said handing him a small box

"What's this Rose?"Niall asked

"You'll see."I said

When he opened it his gasped at what he say a little pink bow and a ultrasound picture.

"Tell me this is not what I think it is with a smile on his face ."Niall said

"Well congrats niall horan your going to be a daddy to a little girl!!

As soon as I said that he cane over and kissed me

"I can't wait to have this baby with you."Niall said

"Me to."I said

After that people said congrats mate or Niall u thought we had something perrie said while a little giggle.

As so as I heard that I felt water under me

Niall I think my water just broke

"Well let's get you to the hospital

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