Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


13. last first kiss/kyra

I woke up in niall arms while he was humming I would

"Would he say he's in l-o-v-e well if it was me them I would I would would hold you when your feeling love baby you should know I would I would." Niall said

You so cute niall

"I love you babe."Niall said

I kissed him it was my first kiss and it was with Niall

I was shocked that Niall had the guts to kiss thing is that if my dad found out that Niall kissed me he would flip but my dad isn't here sadly.but I have hazza. I mean I love Harry but I miss my dad a lot as my dad ad I have been best friends since I was dad had taught me how to play guitar and he was one of the best singers I ever dad will be greatly missed.

"so do you think I am a good kisser babe?"Niall asked

Yea your really good niall

"Good enough to go on a date with me?"Niall asked

Yes Niall I'll go on a date with you because your cute.

He just smile and blushed

"Do do you want breakfast because I am hungry?"Niall said

Sure babe

-----------------In the kitchen -------

"Morning baby girl what do you want for break fast today?"Harry asked

How about beacon and eggs and jam toast?

"Sure Rose coming up."hArry said

"Hey babe."Niall said while setting beside me eating a burrito .

Niall are you really eating a burrito?

"Yes."Niall said

Sometimes I wish I could figure you out

"Me to love."Niall said

"Here you go love."Harry said

Thanks hazza

"Your welcome love.."Harry said

"Oh before I forget Kyra should be coming over soon."Harry said

I can't wait to meet her from what I heard she really nice and she is Harry girlfriend.

(Ding dong)

"oh that should be her."hare said

"He Harry."kyra said

"Hey beautiful."Harry said

(Kyra was about my height and she a brown curly hair like Harry and had Harry's eyes to.)

"Oh you must be Georgia Rose Harry daughter?"Kyra asked

Yes and no

"what do you mean?"Lyra asked

Before I could say something Harry finished what I was going to say

"Kyra love Georgia Rose is Zayn's daughter."

"Oh I am so sorry for your lose of your mom and dad."Kyra said

"So how have you been dealing with not having you mom and dad?"Kyra asked

Well it hasn't been easy I miss them a lot.but I still have my uncles as Harry and Niall which he is my uncle but since I have always liked him he is my boyfriend.i also like having Harry as my father because he is a really good dad.

"So let me get this straight Liam ,louis Niall are suppose to be your uncles and Harry is your father and your dating Niall horan from one direction ?"Kyra asked.

Yes thats all true

"Wow I am just do you pull it all off?"Kyra asked

Really simple I was raised by them and they have known me since I was was a baby.

"Ok."Kyra said

"Harry dear should we head to our appointment?"Kyra said

"Yes would should love.also niall take care of Rose when I am gone."Harry said

"Sure mate nothing will happen to her."Niall said

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