Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


20. finally your here

When the baby arrived she had blond hair blue eyes.she was 5lb and 4 ounces

She was just adorable she was born on the 14 of September and was cute as can be.

"Well hello beautiful."Niall said

"Hi Niall."I said

"Isn't she beautiful to."Niall said

"Of course she looks like you."I said

"Oh before I forget the lads already got the baby's room set up Harry to care of most of it and perrie and el bought the clothes while Liam and Lilly got the baby things and louis got stuff animals ."Niall said

Thanks Niall for everything you do for me."I said

"Anything for you love."Niall said

"Hey guys and hello baby."louis said

"Hi louis."I said

"Sorry Rose louis just really wanted to see the baby."Ellie said

"It's fine I don't mind."I said

Lou hold her like this ok."I said

"Got it I won't drop her."louis said

"Hey baby girl how are you feeling ."Harry said carry a baby bag a a baby seat

"Good dad."I said

"Thanks wonderful."Harry said

"Hey everyone's here."Liam said walking in holding Lilly hand

"Did we forget any body?"louis said

"I don't think so even mom and dad are her I feel it."I said

"Then i feel it to."Harry said

which made me smile

"Oh before I forget Rose my brother is coming and before you kick him out he really changed."Lilly said

"Ok I guess."I said

And with that Jordan walked in

"Hi everyone."Jordan said

He was wear a plaid shirt with some blue jeans and cowboy boot and had a girl with him.

"Mind introducing your lady Jordan ?"lily asked

"Oh this is megan my girlfriend."Jordan

Megan had brown curly hair with blue glasses and was wear a blue romper and had I cowboy boots.

"Hi I am megan."megan said

Shhe had a deep Florida voice.

"Hi megan."I said

"So is anyone gout to tell me what this child name is if not I am going to call her flower pot."louis Diaz

"I know how about Emily Rose horan."I said

"It's lovely rose."Harry said

Soon enough after I got home with Emily she was happy as can be as her and daddy did everything together.he even taught her to play guitar.once she got older she look more and more like Niall and could sing really good.

"Hey mommy."Emily said

"Hi princess."I said

And with that Emily grew up and went to college to be an artist fell in love a boy named Gavin had to kids names lizzy and jake and lived happy ever after just like me and Niall .like my mom did with zayn and oh I almost forgot louis wanted to be the godfather so I let him and el be the other parts like Harry and Kyra were my god parents

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