Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


16. clubbing

(Georgia Rose)

I went down to breakfast and isaw Liam louis and Harry and Kyra.

"Hi Guys."I said

"Hi love."Liam said

"Hey baby girl."Harry said

"Georgie bear!!"louis

"Hi Rose."Kyra Said

"So was your night with niall last night.?"Harry asked

Good why

"Because it sounded like a earthquake when off ."Harry said

"All I heard was oh Niall your almost their Niall fuck me your almost their.oh Rose do you feel good around me."louis said

I blushed and had a little giggle err up me.

"Hello lads what's up?"Niall asked

Niall their taking about out night last night.

All you heard from Niall was Niall adorable laugh

"So what do you want for breakfast love? "Louis asked

I was wondering if we could go clubbling tonight?

"Rose your not old enough to drink."Harry said

Who said I wants to drink all I wanted is to dun and get to hang with my family .

"I guess we could."Liam said

"Yea but no drinking for Rose."Harry said

Ok dad I'll make sure I don't drink

"So we go clubbing about 11:30 pm."Harry said

"Ok will be ready by then."Niall said

-----------5 minutes before 11:30 pm--------

I decide to wear a red dress that was knee length and put my hair up into a messy bun.i also wore black high heels with it.

Niall decide to wear a nice white polo shirt with his grey trousers and his nice white sneakers.

Once we were ready we eased down stairs and Harry was wear a black suit and Kyra was wearing a black dress that fitted her really well.she had kept her hair lose in curls and it look good on her.

Liam was the once who got us a lemmo to take us their when he arrived e was wear a black leafed jacket with a red pol and some black trousers.he had on red convers.when he got out he had a girl with him.

"Oh guys this is Lilly my girlfriend.."Liam said

(Lilly was a blond with blue eyes and she looked like a model she had a reals skinny body she had on a pink dress.)

Once Louis got out his of course had on a stripped shit that was blue and white and had on blue trouser ad White sneakers.and he also had a date

"Lads the is Eleanor my girlfriend."Louis said

(Everyone knows what Eleanor looks like so I am not going to describe her but I really don't know what she looks like)

"Should we head over their now?"Louis asked

Sure Lou

Once we all got in we headed over to the club

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