Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


9. car ride

(Georgia Rose)

"Ok princess do you have everything ?"zayn asked

Yes dad

"Harry should be on his way to come pick us up and take us to the air port ."zayn said

You know dad it been two days since mom is been gone shouldn't you be looking for her?

"Yes love that's why Harry is going to be taking care of you."zayn said

But dad I am along 19 I can handle myself with my other dad telling me what to do.

"I know love but I worry just as much about you than I do your mom."zayn said

I head a beep from outside

"That should be Harry you should head out and have fun princess."zayn said

Dad I am gong to miss you and I hope you find mom please bring her home.

"I'll try my best princess."zayn said

"now go out their and have fun and try to stay out of trouble while your with Harry."zayn said

I'll do my best dad bye

"Sithee princess ."zayn said

Sithee dad

Once I reach the car Harry got out

"Let me help you with your luggage love."Harry said

Thanks hazza

"Sure love."Harry said

"Oh love you'll have to sit in the back because Louis is in front."Harry said

It's fine

Once I got in the car I noticed Niall was right next to me the boy I had a massive crush I was sitting right next to me(squealing moment !!)

Hi Niall

"Hello love."Niall said

"So how are you today love?"Niall asked

Pretty good


Niall POV

When I heard we were going to the US for Georgia Rose's birthday I was so excited.i had always had a crush on her.she a jet black hair with blue eyes and a cute freckle smile.

The wors part was when she got in the car when she said hello

"Hi Niall."Georgia said

Hello love

So how are you today ?

"Pretty good."Georgia said

You look very beautiful today love

"Thanks niall."Georgia said

When I was about to ask her to you maybe want to hang out some time Harry intrude my words out of my mouth.

"So Georgia are you ready to go to the US?"Harry asked

"Yes a million yes I always wanted to go."Georgia said

While those tow talk I put in my head phones and listen to she's not afraid

I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Georgia look at me really cutely.

"Yes love

"Can I listen tow your music to wit you niallier ?"Georgia Rose asked

Sure love here

I have her one o my head phone and I started to play (ONE THING)...the whole car ride I listen to Georgia Rose hum the songs to our album and every hum she would blush and her little giggle was so cute...

I noticed have way to the air port her hand was on mine and I jus blush and held her tightly and text her

Niallier-girl what would you do if u were to say I want you be mine tonight I want to be that's holding you tight and I know will be alright.becuae I am in love with you Georgia Rose.your to. Much for me I love you...)

Georgie-Niall thanks I love you to I have always had a crush on you but I don't know what will my dad say about this you know my dad is over protective of me I want to be your Niall but I don't know?

Niallier-love I know it will be alright will figure this out some how and will make it through I want you To me mine so will you me my girl friend love?"


I don't know niall I thing maybe yes I would love to be your )

"So the whole car ride their I was hold my birds hand the girl I loved

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