Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


10. breaking news

(Georgia Rose)

I had woke up the next morning next to Niall and saw him sleeping peacefully .he looked so cute when he was asleep his blond-ish brown hair was to die for and his voice was amazing to.i loved everything about Niall.Every time I sang I thought of Niall because he just made me melt inside.

I decide to get up and watch some tv when I turned it on the news had shocked me

"This is missy for London news I have a report about the murder of timberlyn Malik zayn Malik and the hot guy from the band was killed earlier today it had seemed that a friend of theirs killed them because h e said he was in love with their daughter Georgia Rose Malik.this guys was name Jordan Conner."

Jordan Conner was my ex boyfriend before Niall.niall reminded a lot of Jordan because Jordan had blod hair and was a bad boy like me dad when he was younger.he had crystal blue eyes and always wore a beanie.the was the captain of the football team.

When I heard my mom and dad were killed all I could do was cry.

Niall soon saw that I was crying

"What's a matter babe."Niall asked

Mom and dad have been killed by my ex boyfriend Jordan

"You mean the prick that you always hung out with killed your parents?"Niall asked

Yea he did, I couldn't believe he done it because...we were best friend when we were in kindergarten.

"That's just sad."Niall said

Soon enough Liam louis and Harry almost took down the door when they came in.

"Did you see the news love?"Liam asked

Yea I did and I don't know what to do

"Well for starters baby girl we need to start packing and head back to London."Harry said

"Sorry for the worst birthday ever Georgie."louis said

Theirs nothing you could of done Lou bear ...

"I just wish this wouldn't have happen to you on you birthday."Liam said

I just realized it was my birthday my nineteen birthday today was going to be the worst birthday ever.....

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