Georgia Rose:book 2

After Georgia Rose mother goes missing and she is left with her dad her dad decides he can't take care of her so he leave her with Harry so he can go find timberlyn but ends up something goes wrong when he is looking for her


1. singing

(Georgia Rose)


Sneaks out in the middle of the night yea tight dress with the top cut low.she addicted to the feeling of never letting go.oh letting go.

She walks in and the room just lights up .but she don't want anyone to know, that I am the only own that's gets to take her home .oh taken her home

But every time I tell her I want more she closes the door

She not afraid of all the attention-

"Georgia Rose.!"

She not afraid of running wild

"Georgia Rose."

How come she is afraid of falling in love

(Still letting the music to play in the background )


Oh hi dad

"Hello princess I see that your listening to She Not Afraid."

Yes it is my favorite song also your home early.

Yea the lads and I inter view got done early so we decide to come here but not Harry.

Where my other father at?

"I'm right here love."Harry said

Hi Harry

"Hi Georgie what you up to ?"Harry asked

Listening to she not afraid

"Good choice."Harry said

Thanks papa

"I like how you call me that Georgie."Harry said

"Also I was wondering what do you want To do for your 19 birthday?"

Maybe go A 5sos concert?

"And who your favorite princess?"zayn asked

I like Ashton or luke .

"You know what Georgie I am friends with Ashton and I think he would love meeting you."Harry said

You think

"I know love."Harry said

"Georgia Rose dinner!"timberlyn said

Coming mom...!!

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