Sky's Graphics Store

Welcome to my new an improved Graphics Store! I recently looked through my old covers and graphics from this website, and my only thoughts were, "Yikes!" So I have decided to open up a whole new store, where I will make better graphics than ever before! You can request covers, aesthetics, banners, or even just lyric posters! Form is in the first chapter! Enjoy!


2. Examples

Aesthetic Board example - these can be made for characters or general story moods. This is for my recent character from Then's Shadow,  Soralyn.


Cover example - pretty self-explanatory. This specific cover was made using my own photography, but I am able to edit and use other photos or even create a digital graphic based on your needs.


Digital Graphic example - I use the pen tool to create graphics like this. It's a skill I'm still slowly mastering, so requests using this technique might take a little longer to make.


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