The Tour Guide

Heather is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school. She is now a tour guide in Caribbean where she meets a lot of new people.
Her tour guide partner is Oliver, whom she has a crush on, but he is not the only one who peeks her interest.


Author's note

This is my first story and i would love some feedback. I would like to know if i should continue the story or not.

I dont know what is is really like to be a tour guide, but i have always liked the idea about it, and that is why i have chosen to write about it. The idea i have of it is probably nothing like what it really is, so dont judge to hard.

1. Our first kiss


The sun is heating through the blinds and has made the room feel like a sauna, just with less humidity. Even though all the windows are closed, you can hear the ocean outside, hear people walk by, and even though the door is closed you can hear people talking and doors opening and shutting. Heather lies in her bed looking up at the ceiling, hesitating to get up. She is not feeling good after the party last night. She turns over, and looks for her phone on the night table, but it isn’t there and lies back down on her back, already giving up on finding it. 


Heathers POV:

What happened yesterday? I remember showing my new group around, we went out seeing some beaches and a few tourist places.. OH yeah.. It was a group of people around my age, maybe a few years older. They wanted to party, and since I have been here a week I went with them, it is actually a part of my job to party with the group I am signed up with. Of course is every group different, my jobs is about pleasing the clients and doing what they want. So if it was a family with a lot of kids, I probably wouldn’t have to party with them but go to theme parks and such. I have been in Caribbean for three week, to get to know the place, so I could do my job. It is my first time alone, or not alone, we are two guides with each group. It is the first time I am doing it without following someone around. When you are new, you have to follow a trained guide, so we can learn what to do. First I had to go to a few courses and then I was trained in three weeks by a guide that has been doing it for about a year. My first time doing it with one of my fellow “newbies” was really fun, but maybe we went a little too big for the first day. I definitely drank too much, but it is fine, our group had fun and I did too.

After five more minutes of relaxing, Heather sat up and tried to wake up. She looked down at the floor, and there was her phone, she must have pushed it down in her drunken sleep. She took it up and looked at the clock, it was only 9 o´clock, her alarm hadn’t even gone off yet, which was sat for 10 O´clock. But she was awake and kind of well rested, so she didn’t want to waste more time in bed. Heather then preceded getting up, jumping in the shower and getting ready.

I better get some food in me, then hopefully I feel better, but the shower helped a lot. Right when I go out of my room I step out into a kind of long hallway, the other guides lives in most of the rooms, some are empty. Guides travel a lot, so it is always changing how many lives here and who. That’s why you have to be open to meet new people it makes the experience and job so much better. There is always a good atmosphere, or at least ninety percent of the time. I haven’t even been here for a month, and I love the place, but I think I always have been an extrovert, not that I can’t be shy. In the first week here, I had only spoken with one person other than my supervisor, Dawn, I had met her through the courses and we also got trained together. We are good friends now, but we barely knew each other at the start and we were really awkward. But now, three weeks has gone by and we talk all the time. She was also at the party yesterday with her group, Dawn is also 18 years old, really pretty and I have never seen her get hangovers, which is a good quality in this job.

I enter the kitchen; it is quite nice, bright and really big. But it kind of has to be, there lives a lot of people here. When you walk in the kitchen, there is a sitting area right in front of some windows where you can see the hill which is filled with houses and at the end of the hill are the beach and the ocean. Our house is one of the houses longest away, it is there for the firm can afford it, but it is still beautiful. I begin making toast and take a cup of coffee and a glass of juice, I have heard that fruit helps with hangovers and I need coffee. “Good morning Heather!” is said from behind me. I turn around and see Dawn sitting at a chair on the other side of the kitchen island.

H: “Good morning Dawn, how are you?”

D: “Good, thank you. How about you? ”

H: “Good. My hangover is almost gone. Do you want some food I made enough for two?”

D: “Yes, thank you. Come, sit next to me”

Dawn and I talk about yesterday, and how good it is to be more independent, now we both don’t have to follow others around. We sit there for about half an hour, before I have to go back to my room and get ready for another day as a travel guide.


One hour later

I arrive at the place my group is living a little early, so the other guide wasn’t here yet. I knock on the door and short after Nathan opens the door and welcomes me in. He only has bathing trunks on and was really wet, and hot. NO, don’t think that way. Not on the second day without a “supervisor”even though he is really attractive.

N: “Uhm.. what´s up?”

Fuck! I have just been starring at him…

H: “Hey, are you ready for today? There is a boat rented, and we´re going to go exploring, see some dolphins and go snorkelling and tonight we´re sailing out to a beach where there is an beachparty” I think I saved it, I really hope that Oliver, my guide-partner, shows up soon.

N: “Sounds awesome, but some of my friends have just woken up and are eating breakfast. I think they partied a little too hard yesterday. Not everyone can handle it like me” He said, flexing and laughing.  

N: “Do you want to come to the backyard with me? Everyone is out there chilling.”

H: “Yeah, sure. Oliver should arrive any minute anyway, then we´re going” Oliver is 19 years old and has been a tour guide for 3 months.

Nathan walked in front me showing me through the house. It is really nice, you can see it is expensive. They are group of young adults that has a guide, which isn’t that cheap, at least not for people our age. You would expect them to have money, but maybe not this much. We walk into this big backyard, with an endless pool and a big sitting area and a pavilion. Most of them are all sitting around a table talking and the rest is in the pool or lying on loungers.

N:”Guys, Angela is here”

The rest: “Heeey!”

They are 10 people in the group, seven guys and three girls, which all seem to have a good relationship. I haven’t gotten to speak a whole lot with all of them, but I have mostly spoken with Nathan, Caleb and the three girls Elle, Stella and Allie. Allie and Stella both have boyfriends in the group, which I think is Dean and Matt. The last three guys I haven’t spoken too much with yet is Wade, Christian and Taylor. I am not that good with names. Luckily I have a paper with their names which I have practiced the last hour.

H: “So guys and girls, are you ready for some fun at the sea today? Take some painkillers, and then we are going in about 30 minutes”

Allie: “Hey girl, come sit down. We´re ready, but some of US has to get moving” She said and looked over at the pool and lounge chairs, where Stella, Matt and Taylor is.

Stella:  “Yeah okay. Come on guys.” She got up from the lounge chair, and went inside with the two boys.

Christian: “So Heather” he said and sat down on beside me. “Did you have fun at the party?” he said and winked.

H: “Yeah sure, why?”

Christian: “I was just thinking about the guy I saw you dancing with. Did anything happen?” he said and smirked

H: “Haha.. Nooo. Uhm it was nothing, just for fun”

Christian just looks at me with a smile, and then looks away and joins Elle, Dean and Nathans conversation.


20 minutes later

Hottie Ollie (as I call him in my head) has arrived and we went down to the boat. Everybody is on board on the boat, and the captain is starting the motor boat. I have looked forward to this trip. Hottie Ollie starts the music which plays through the speakers. The boat is amazing it is two storeys, with a sitting area on the first deck under and a huge “madras” on the top floor, where you can relax. We have to sail for about 45 minutes to reach the place we are going snorkelling. Inside there is a toilet, a shower, a kitchen, a sitting area, and sleeping areas for 11 people, the captain has a bed, and then the sofa and the table can be made into a bed, which has room for three people. Oliver and I are going to sleep on one of the benches on the deck or upstairs on the madras under the stars, when it is night. I don’t mind at all, the weather is good so I would almost rather sleep outside.



Heather walks in the kitchen/bar and makes drinks for everybody; she also takes glasses a few champagne bottles and some ice and ice buckets. Oliver walks in and helps her get it outside on the table on the deck. They get snacks and arrange it all on the table. They also find some cards and lies them on the table, so if the group wants to play they can.  The group sits down around the table and begins to drink a little and relax.

35 minutes later

Heathers POV:

H: “I have just spoken with the captain, and we should be there in 5 minutes. Oliver and I are ready, so it would be a good time for the rest of you to get ready and put on some equipment. Oliver has laid the stuff out inside. So if a few of you would get ready now, then we can all be ready by the time we arrive.”

10 minutes later

We have arrived, so maybe I lied a little, but I had to, or else we would be waiting now. People are ready to dive, and it is absolutely beautiful here.

Oliver: “Okay! We can snorkel now. So have fun”

Everyone jumps in, I take a few photos and jump in myself. We bathe and snorkel. Oliver gets on the boat again and waves me over. I get on the boat, and we go upstairs and sit on the madras, looking down on the group in the water.

Oliver: “It looks like a success.”

H: “Yeah, they ordered it, so they got it” I laughed and then Oliver laughed looking at me. He has the greenest eyes. His wet brown curls sticks a little to his face and drips. The warm sun dries our bodies quite quick. We both lie down to relax a bit.

One hour later

I must have fallen asleep; I can feel a warm body behind me and an arm holding around me. It is Oliver, and we are spooning. I am freaking out! But in a good way, but it was probably just a mistake. I slowly remove his arm and walk down to the deck.

The group is sitting around the table, eating and drinking what is left.

H: “Hey guys do you need anything?”

Elle: “Yeah, some drinks would be nice”

Wade, Nathan and Taylor: “And beer” they say together and laugh.

H: “Okay great, it will be right up” I say and go inside.

I get the drinks and beer and bring it up. It is getting a bit messy. I better clean up a bit. I go inside at start washing glasses until I feel two hands around my waist.

Oliver: “Oh sorry, I almost tripped” he says, but he still hasn’t removed his hands. I stand still, I don’t want to turn around, I can feel my cheeks are blushing.

H: “Oh, that’s okay” I laugh nervously.

Someone coughs; Oliver quickly removes his hands while we both turn to the sound. It is Dean with a big smile standing in the doorway.

Dean: “Yeah, umm. Does either of guys know where the cards are, we can’t find them”

H: “Yeah, I´ll find them” I say as I go towards Dean. I look around and find them under a bag of chips. “Here” I say.

Dean: “Thanks dude”. I laugh at the remark.

Nathan: “Want to join?” he says and looks at me.

H: “Sure” I say and sit down beside him.

We play for about 30 minutes when Oliver comes.

Oliver: “We are sailing to the beach where the party is now and we will arrive in about an hour. We all nod and smile. He sits down beside Elle at her request.

Nathan is teasing me while we play cards, he jokes about how bad I am. I look at him and gets an idea. I wink to Caleb and look at the glass of ice water next to him. I distract Nathan by talking to him, but I can’t hold my laugh in when I see Caleb about to pour the water over Nathan. Nathan obviously notices and looks behind him, he gets the glass and takes his hands on my thigh and holds me thight. He pours the ice cold water over me and I scream, and all the others laugh at me. I look around and has his hand behind Elle. I can’t see if he is touching her, but it annoys me a little. But it shouldn’t, I am sitting with Nathan, and we are all just having fun. It shouldn’t matter, and it doesn’t! We continue relaxing, playing cards and drinking. Oliver and me have to tell a bit about the place and history, so we do.

We arrive at beach, and most of the group is pretty drunk, but not me. Even Oliver is buzzed, but I guess I forgot to drink. As soon as we step onto the beach Nathan approaches me.

Nathan: “Should we find something to drink?”

H: “YES, good idea” I say in relief.

The beach is filled with people and there is a band playing on a stage. I can see a bar, and I guess Nathan sees it too because he takes my hand and we go over to it. There is laid out wooden floor on a part of the beach where the bar and the sitting areas is. We order a few drinks and find the group, who already is sitting at a sofa. I sit next to Oliver and on the other side Nathan sits. The group is having fun, drinking and a few is on the way to the dance floor. Maybe we should let the group be by themselves, after all it is their holiday and we are just their guides. I lean in to Oliver´s ear.

H: “So Oliver, maybe we should go, let them have fun. We can find some of the other guides, a few is sitting over there” I whispered and titling my head towards another couch where I could see Dawn and some others.

Oliver: “You can just call me Ollie, and yes, good idea” he whispers back.

Oliver: “Okay guys, you can have fun and do what you want. Heather and I will “finally” leave you alone and go over to the other guides. We hope you have had fun today because it starts again tomorrow, which is your last day with guides. Of course if you have any questions or anything like that we´re always here” says Oliver, the whole group is listening in.

Wade: “Okay, but you don’t have to leave. We can all hang out and stuff, even though you aren’t our guides anymore, it haven’t felt that way”

Oliver: “Okay cool, we just didn’t want to bother you” he laughs

Christian: “You wouldn’t be. Like I think we all agree that we like you, so stay”

Everyone nods at Oliver and I take a drink more and cheers. I look around and see Dawn at the bar. I stand up to get over to her to say hi, when I feel a hand grab mine. I look back and it is Nathan.

Nathan: “Where are you going?”

H: “Just saying hi to my friend at the bar. Why?”

Nathan: “Oh okay, just thought that you were already leaving” he says and lets go of my hand. I just smile and goes over to the bar. It is kind of sweet he asked, and must be because he doesn’t want me to leave, right? I get over to Dawn who is talking to the bartender.

H: “Hey girl!” I yell and laugh, I must be getting drunk, I only say stuff like that when I´m drunk.

D: “Hey sweetie! Are you drunk? Anyway do you want to take shots with me?”

H: “Yes and YES” I laugh

We each get three tequila shots on a row in front of us.

H: “Ready?”

D: “REAAADY!” she yells and we take the shots pretty fast.

H: “WUhuuuu! That is good stuff”

D: “You like it?” She asks with a disgusted face.

H: “To be honest, I am pretty drunk. So I can’t taste too much right now”. We both laugh.

I take Dawn´s hand and take her out on the dancefloor. The band has been replaced by a DJ now. We dance, and I don’t know if it is good or bad, but we´re having fun. Less than 5 minutes goes by and a few from Dawns group joins and Ellie, Nathan, Christian, Wade and Oliver joins us. We went from being two to being 10 dancing together, but we split up in two groups. It is me, Oliver, Nathan, Ellie and girl from Dawns group.

H: “Hey, what is your name?” I ask the girl.

Girl: “Hi, my name is Bella. What´s yours?” she asks

H: “Heather. And that is Oliver, Nathan and Ellie” I say whilst I point.

She smiles and keeps dancing. We all dance for which seems like a long time. Ellie is not dancing with us anymore, she is dancing with some guy. And Oliver and Bella is talking, so it is pretty much just Nathan and me. He looks really drunk.

H: “Are you okay?” I ask.

Nathan: “Yeah, but umm.. Do you want to sit with me?”

H: “Yeah, sure”.

Nathan reaches out for my hand and I take it. We go over to a high bar table and sit on some bar stools. Nathan is smiling and nodding his head with the music.

Nathan: “I am really drunk. But that´s not why I am saying it, I am saying it because I mean it and now I have the courage” he says loud enough for me to hear him over the music.

H: “What do you want to say to me?”

Nathan: “I think..”

Oliver: “HEATHER!” he screams and takes me and throws me over his shoulder.

H: “Arghhh whaaat!?!?” I scream. “What are you doing!?!?!” I continue screaming and laughing.

Oliver: “We need to drink and dance” he laughs and puts me down. We are at the bar now. I look for Nathan, but I can´t see him. It was probably not important, he was really drunk. I get a drink placed in my hand by Ollie.

Oliver: “Okay, contest. The person who can drink it the fastest win”

H: “What do the winner win?”

Oliver: “A kiss by the other person” he says smiling.

H: “Okay, but only on the cheek” I laugh

Oliver doesn’t look too pleased with that but agrees.

H and Oliver: “3,2,1, NOW!” We yell together and start drinking. I hear Oliver yelling.

Oliver: “HA, I won. Come here”

I try to look at him sadly but I burst into laughter.

H: “Okay okay..” I turn my cheek to him. He is about to grab my face, when I start running. “Haha you will never.. Arghhh!” I scream. Oliver turns me around and lifts me over him.

Oliver: “You owe me Heather” he laughs. I begin to laugh. “And because you ran away it should be on the lips” he dares.

H: “Okay, fine” I give up and laugh. He looks into my eyes then my lips and back to my eyes. I do the same thing. I take my hands around his neck and his arms wrap around me and tighten until there isn’t room between us anymore. He is taller than me, but if I just stand a little bit on my toes and he bends a bit it fits. He is so close to me, that I can feel his warm breath. I close my eyes and lean in, until our lips meet. His lips are soft and we move in sync. I remove myself from his lips, the kiss wasn’t wild or anything, but it was nice. I look down and smile, I feel a hand under my chin, and it moves my head up. I look into Ollies eyes.

Oliver: “See, that wasn’t bad at all” He smiles. We take a step away from each other.

H: “No. It was fine” I lie, it was amazing. It has been a long time since someone kissed me like that; it is not like when you normally kiss a stranger at a party or at the club. It is different when it is a friend or someone you like.

Short after, we go back to the others and drink and dance, it really is a great party. It is getting late and I am getting tired. A talk with the girls and some of the boys from the group who agrees, we go back to the boat. I have no idea where Ollie is now, but right now I don’t really care I am too tired. I go upstairs on the big madras and lie down. The sky is filled with stars, it is really beautiful. Even though I am outside under the stars I am not cold, the air is nice and warm. But wait, what did Nathan want to tell me? I totally forgot. Should I find him? No, he is probably sleeping by now, I´ll ask him tomorrow. I close my eyes.

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