Of Blood and Glory

Young Elatos is the body slave of Quintus Batiatus, a well known Gladiator owner within the city Capua. Maximus is a new recruit recently bought by the Dominus Batiatus, his usage well known for the arena. When the two meet, love is amidst the blood of the arena and the glory that wants to be won. Many complications come between the two, but to prevail is the greatest victory one can wish for.


This is based around the television show Spartacus. All characters belong to the creators of the show. I only own Elatos, while Maximus belongs to my best friend!

Crude Language, Sexual content, Gory and Descriptive scenes, mentions of Rape, murder, and other illegal actions.


1. Prolouge — Elatos

Hello there! J here! This is but a disclaimer for the story before we continue. I do not own the show Spartacus nor any of the characters within this story besides Elatos and Maximus, who belongs the my beloved best friend. All plot points and ideas stem from the show, but some are indeed of my friend's and I's creation. I do hope you enjoy the story! Now, let us begin!


Life is nothing if pain is not present. It will make purchase upon one's heartaches, delving into wounds freshly cut or long sealed to rip agony from the host. Pleasures often accompany such pain, but all in all, life can cause a prolonging of misery and suffering. Born into a poor family, young Jaromir was but of an anomaly to those around them. He bore the appearance of neither parent; deep ginger locks, bluish green hues, pale skin littered with freckles, and a lithe form. His mother was of fair skin, but her hair adorned a deep raven hue and hazel eyes. His father was a large man, muscular from lifting heavy objects within the city they resided. His hair was blonde, eyes also a deep chocolate. He immediately assumed his wife had cheated on him, but adultery was not a sin she had committed. His genetics were within her lineage, all genes repressed until mixed with his fathers. Jaromir was a beautiful child, and Romans thought so as well.

At the ripe age of five, he was ripped from his mother's side and stolen into slavery; taken in the night with not a breath whispered to another. Shackled on a boat, he was sailed across the seas to Rome where he would be sold. His unique appearance gained the attention of several, being sold for a lofty seventeen Drachmas. His name was no longer Jaromir, but his master picked the name of Elatos; a grecian name that sounded befitting of a boy as himself. Being as young as he was, he would soon forget that his name was ever Jaromir, knowledge of Elatos wiping the memory from his brain. His Dominus worked him as a servant in the Vila, having him clean the floors and attend to whatever needed to be done. It was strange for a slave so young to be present within a household, but the opportunity for a rare beauty occurred, and the offer could not be thrown away. Elatos worked under the Dominus Traconius for several years, being sold again at the age of thirteen. Traconius was an elderly man, health plummeting and sending him to the afterlife. His next master was not as kind nor forgiving.

Dominus Linus was a cruel man who sought pleasure in the pain of others, punishing slaves for doing no wrong. There were many times he had been tied up and lashed for no reason, or pushed around and used until proper footing was no longer available for his frail body. As he grew, his boyish features turned more masculine. Still rather lean and skinny, his figure held some muscle to them from the many years of slaving away. His cheek bones became more prominent and his jaw had sharpened, but the freckles never faded. Thick eyelashes loomed over light blue-green orbs, ginger hair styled to fall against his cheeks. Not particularly curly, his hair strayed in odd directions from time to time; he was a handsome male over all. A copious amount of men noticed this, including his master. His punishments shifted from lashes to being used for pleasure against his will. He would be shoved into position until his Dominus was satisfied, limping back to his sleeping quarters to rest until the sun rose another day. Such treatment continued on for six gruel years, stopping when sold for the final time at nineteen years old.

His final and current Dominus was Quintus Batiatus, a well known Ludus owner in Capua. Becoming one of the many slaves in the Lanista, he began to work as a common foot servant of the Dominus and Domina. For his first few years, he served when needed, as well as tending to Quintus whenever called upon. He was soon chosen by the male to become his sole body slave, earning the brand of the Dominus upon his left shoulder. Domina Lucretia had a body slave by the name of Melitta, who was one of his closest friends. In the years he spent within the house of Batiatus, he had watched Gladiators ascend to the gods as one of their own, and some fall to the might of others. Scarlet liquid always graced the sacred sands of the Ludus; a sight he became accustomed to. Every day he would take position by Dominus' side as the Doctore trained his men, light colored hues watching with great interest. His presence with the Dominus at all times also introduced him to his friend Barca, a towering gladiator who could strike fear into the heart of any. While big and menacing in size, he was a friend like no other. His lover Octus also became of great importance to the redhead, opening the gates to the knowledge of the gladiators he once stood by and idly watched.

As years faded in the sands of time, he had witnessed many come and go. While all but one were of death's embrace, he secretly missed those gone. Gannicus was the only one to gain freedom and leave, but he was never particularly close with the man. He knew of his taste of wine and women, and his recklessness always set the Dominus on edge. Time came around for Quintus to purchase new recruits in the market, and this time he was left behind to help tend to his wife. When he returned, the body slave was quick to greet his master and trail after him. Standing upon the balcony above the Ludus, he gentle eyes assessed the new meat that would be molded to that of a bull. His eyes fell to a man of tall build, espresso colored hair cleanly cut short and curled lightly. Lightly tanned skin glistened with sweat from the sweltering sun, eyes gazing upon the dark skinned male who spoke. Then, eyes lifted upwards to meet his own, and his breath left his chest. Blue-green eyes went wide as they locked with the other's, unable to place a color on them. They carried a variety of color from the distance he was at- one he wished to shorten to give distinctive answer. A smirk made it's way upon the trainee's lips, his own pale cheeks flushing a light pink. One thing was to be certain; that man was going to invade every aspect of his life, both physically and mentally. 


The prologue was meant to be a short blurb into Elatos' life before the events of the first season unfold, so that is why it speaks of past offenses and what he has witnessed. Future chapters shall be longer, holding more detail of friendships and romances that soon blossom! The POV will switch at some points as well, allowing you /the reader/ to understand how both men process the situations on hand.

Until the next chapter, J~

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