Of Blood and Glory

Young Elatos is the body slave of Quintus Batiatus, a well known Gladiator owner within the city Capua. Maximus is a new recruit recently bought by the Dominus Batiatus, his usage well known for the arena. When the two meet, love is amidst the blood of the arena and the glory that wants to be won. Many complications come between the two, but to prevail is the greatest victory one can wish for.


This is based around the television show Spartacus. All characters belong to the creators of the show. I only own Elatos, while Maximus belongs to my best friend!

Crude Language, Sexual content, Gory and Descriptive scenes, mentions of Rape, murder, and other illegal actions.


2. Prologue — Maximus

Hey everyone, J here! This second prologue gives light to Maximus’ background, allowing you a look into his life! My dearest friend and owner of Maximus wrote this, but I (J) merely revised! I hope you like this, and the next chapter is to begin the real story!

In a small village of Thracia, where people were poor but jovial, lived a boy with heart filled with fire and passion. The boy with of strong build for his age of a mere eight, tan as lightly tanned leather, maybe it’s because of how some dirt and mud caked to his body. His hair was espresso colored, just as his mother’s was as well as cleanly cut; short with slight curls within thicker strands. A color could not put be to the boy’s eyes, as his eyes were all the colors you could imagine. The boy described took the name Maximus, fitting a person such as himself. Maximus had two siblings, an older brother named Damen that looked similar to Maximus but not a twin; most villagers mixed their names up. His younger sister named Filomena adorned hair golden as wheat and blue eyes which held youthful innocence. Her beauty was a gift from their gods themselves, her innocence following suit. Maximus had cherished Filomena the most, even if his love for the rest of his family rivaled. Maximus’s father was a prestigious man of strong build, muscular with light brown hair that reached his shoulders, stubbily beard, and hazel eyes. He did not live a long life, dying while in battle with others Thracian’s fought against Roman’s trying to take over their beloved village. His mother was the most beautiful woman in the village with her long black wavey hair and blue hues. As Filomena turned the age of five she fled, leaving her own three children with nothing but distant memory. Damen took care of Maximus and Filomena as much as he could, Maximus lending a hand ad he would not allow his father to bare such weight alone.Damen soon disappeared into the darkness of night, never to return. This did not bode well with Maximus, leading him go believe all was not well. The feeling Maximus felt was right, as morning came Romans made their way into the Thracian village, burning every house and taking all women and young girls. Maximus watching in horror as his village burned, people screaming and blood everywhere. Maximus grabbed Filomena into his arms and made a run towards the mountain side, until a Roman blocked his path. Before the young male could react, the butt of the sword made contact with his temple, knocking him to the ground and causing a loss of coordination. Crimson liquid seeped from a cut along his brow bone, also trickling down chin. Filomena clung onto Maximus’s arm, begging her unconscious brother to get up. The Romans favored Filomena’s beauty as something numerous Romans would like to have pleasure with, seeking to grasp such a item. As a Roman tried to tear Filomena from Maximus, the young boy punched the Roman with all his might. Grabbing his shaken sister, he hugged Filomena tight and whispering that he loves her and that everything would be fine. The words were returned by the terrified female, but such a moment would not last for long. Romans grabbed and tore Filomena apart from her brother, her tears flowed as she saw her beloved brother reaching for her. Maximus fought against grip, crying as his little sister was to be taken from him. The Romans haven’t seen such fight and fire in a boy this young and wanted to take him as well, but couldn’t let him loosen their grip on his beautiful sister. Filomena cried out as Maximus was struck from behind, knocking him out cold. Maximus would never see Damen, Filomena nor his Thracian village again and now he will have a very different life ahead of him.

As Maximus awoke with a head that trobs of pain and lasting memories, he realized that he has been bound in chains. He soon figures he is on the bottom portion of a boat, water splashing in and is heading across seas to a place called Rome; where the men he despised most originated.

As he was forcefully removed from ship and was set with another group of boys his age, he realized he was to be bought and be used as slaves or pleasure tools. Maximus bore a smirk on his face, hiding the inner horror he felt as he exited the boat. Daydreams of slaughtering the Romans in sight took ahold of his mind, taking it away from the sound of chains and prices. As he was up for bidding, most of the potential buyers thought he was a sight for sore eyes with is body features and grand looks for a boy of eight years. The men around him took great interest in him, all looking for a boy to have pleasure with or to punish for their own amusements. Even though Romans didn’t exactly like Thracians since they were considered dogs and pieces of shit, they liked what Maximus had to offer. Maximus wasn’t interested in any of the men nor women, but the slave didn’t have a choice as Romans did as they please. As one bidder smiled at Maximus with thirsty eyes, Maximus widened is multi-colored eyes and looked away hoping that he didn’t cause attention to himself. That hope was crushed as the man raised his hand to bid fifteen drachmas, winning the auction and the ownership of the boy. Maximus was shocked, widening his eyes as his now Dominus’ slave came over and unshackled him from the group of slaves. As soon as he was slightly free, Maximus head butted the man, kicked the man right into the chest with quite some force, and punched the man with his cuffs still on. The man fell to the ground, bleeding and in a daze. Maximus then pounded the man in the head, leaving him unconscious and blood flowing from his head. Maximus stood up, blood flowing freely down his face from where his wound on his brow opened from when he head butted the man. The Dominus who bought Maximus was highly more interested in his purchase, seeing as this young man was able to cause such damage to those older and stronger than him. Once Maximus was in his Dominus’ Vila, the Dominus unchained Maximus and grabbed Maximus’s face and told

him to stay by his side at all times. Maximus had nothing to say, just a nod of understanding. What more could he say? If he spoke back, he could only imagine what would occur. The Dominus then smiled, dragging his tongue along the side of Maximus’ face and smiled at him before letting go. Maximus was so disgusted that this Roman’s saliva was on him and hated the feeling, looking up slowly as he watched the Dominus walk away; the stare upon his brow was that of a deathly glare. The Dominus looked at Maximus and ordered the slaves to bathe him so he doesn’t look like a “ravage beast”, and they obeyed without question. By the meager age of eight, the Thratian boy was already a slave to a cruel man. A plot began to thicken behind skull, creating a plan to rid his presence of this Dominus. After he was brought to the Vila, Maximus was always at his Dominus’s side; pleasured him as required, cleaned the Vila, was forced to sleep with other that held purpose, and did everything he was asked. Maximus would mostly give a sarcastic remark towards his Dominus, receiving lashes across the back for his snarky words. He would manipulate others in the Vila for fun and watch his Dominus get angry, taking great joy put of the other’s seething rage.

After nine long years with the man he called Dominus, he was sold again to a new Dominus at the age of seventeen who was more ruthless then the last. This man adored torturing those who did not obey his every command nor pleasure him they way he wanted. Maximus was already ruined at this point, only wanting to leave this disgusting Roman life and live freely. Maximus always had sarcastic remarks towards everyone but the Dominus hated it when Maximus used remarks towards himself and that would piss his new Dominus off but wouldn’t immediately punish him; the punishments came as agonizing when they came unexpected. As Maximus grew up in his new Dominus’ Vila, he got more masculine and his features became more noticeable to anyone who laid wyes upon him. Still strong in build, he got taller, more muscle and more toned do to cleaning, tons of walking, and forced pleasure. His hair got longer but still had the same color and slight curl to it, but still got it trimmed since his Dominus wanted to see his face and stunning eyes. His eyes were bright multi-colored and never faded, continuing to hold the flame of defiance within them. Maximus didn’t notice his appearance had changed that much were everyone would stare, deciding to ignore the constant eyes upon him. The one thing Maximus hated that most about his new Dominus is that he would slap women slaves if they were in his way or disobeyed his orders; be hated that he laid a hand on women forcefully. One day Maximus had enough of his cruelty towards the women slaves, deciding to take action. Once he saw his new Dominus him hit another women, he ran up towards his Dominus and body slammed him to a wall and began to punched him repeatedly. The Dominus’ guards ripped Maximus off him, struggling to handle Maximus and his strength. The Dominus was covered in bloody clothes and a blood covered face, amany cuts and gashes upon his face; he was furious at such an incident. Maximus didn’t care what happened to him, he could be beaten, tortured, lashed or forced to pleasure. He would take any punishment give to him, but he would not see another women slapped. Maximus got lashed on his back and chest for sarcastic remarks, and for standing up for low-life slaves. His final punishment was to fave his Dominus in singular combat, gaining a chest wound in trying to do so. He also received two bite scars on both his thighs during forced pleasure; ones he will forever wish from his body. Maximus couldn’t get enough pain in this Dominus’ Vila, seeing as this man would see to new agonies each day. After five years of cruel punishments and forced pleasures,he was now the age of twenty two and was sold to his final and current Dominus know as Quintus Bartiartus. Bartiartus was well known around Capua as a gladiator owner and known for housing the gladiator named Gannicus; God of the Arena. As Maximus was in Quintus’ hands, wearing his trademark smirk. Now he knew his purpose; to become the greatest gladiator to step onto sacred sands. Maximus was excited to become a gladiator, which meant he’d be fighting and training to be the best that could be. When Maximus entered the gate of the Ludus, he looked around to figure out the landscape; on his right there are three separate rooms, in front there’s a open ground of sand and dirt and no wall up ahead where there is a cliff, on his left is the Vila of Bartiartus where there are two floors. The bottom level is set up with tables we’re possibly were the gladiators eat and he sees a passageway to what he sees are cells and of course that’s were he stays, and on the top is a balcony where the Domina and Dominus and their body slaves look over the new meat they will train. Maximus would be okay here, hopefully. As Maximus and other soon-to-be gladiators entered with him, he looked up to the balcony to see the Domina with her body slave, Dominus and it perhaps Dominus’ body slave. Maximus’ eyes catches a male with red-no, deep ginger hair, with a lean pale toned body littered with freckles all over and orbs that appear to be green from such distance. Maximus lost the breath in his chest as he stares at the male while marching to get into the line, eyes meeting after several fleeting moments. Maximus smirked yet wider up to the male on the balcony, letting him know that he got Maximus’ attention. As eyes caught sight of the pink flush painted across the male’s cheeks, the soon-to-be gladiator caught feeling that the small male would bring about love, freedom, and passion to his colorless world.

There it is; a look into Maximus’ past! With light shone on both the backgrounds of the boys, the next chapter is to begin their love story!

Until the next chapter, J

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