Of Blood and Glory

Young Elatos is the body slave of Quintus Batiatus, a well known Gladiator owner within the city Capua. Maximus is a new recruit recently bought by the Dominus Batiatus, his usage well known for the arena. When the two meet, love is amidst the blood of the arena and the glory that wants to be won. Many complications come between the two, but to prevail is the greatest victory one can wish for.


This is based around the television show Spartacus. All characters belong to the creators of the show. I only own Elatos, while Maximus belongs to my best friend!

Crude Language, Sexual content, Gory and Descriptive scenes, mentions of Rape, murder, and other illegal actions.


4. Chapter Two- Interest Further Piqued

The following days continued as such: Elatos would awake the Dominus, dress him, and follow him around as a puppy would it’s master. He would then observe the training gladiators along side Quintus, watching as they would spar. He would gaze distantly as the trainees learned, watching as muscles strained to pick up wooden beams to haul around for hours on end. It was quite entrancing watching them; the muscles straining under such weight, sweat rolling down sculpted chests to fall onto the sands, the looks of concentration across all of their faces as they kept the beams in the air. One man continuously drawled his eyes from the other to him- Maximus. Elatos could hardly keep them away, always trailing over muscular back and chest. The Dominus and Domina idly chatted amongst themselves beside him, leaving him to ogle at the attractive man. His eyes snapped to the side as movement caught his vision, landing on Peitros. He was smiling widely and waving up to the Body slave, drawing a giggle from the redhead. The young boy was almost like a brother to him; he loved the dark skinned male with all his heart. Waving back with just as wide a smile, teal eyes watching as the curly haired male rushed back to Doctore’s side. He would often watch as he’d stare his lover Barca down, flushing whenever their eyes met. It was honestly quite cute how in love those two were- he was shocked to see so after what happened to Auctus.

His attention was caught as his name was breathed beside him, head turning to see the Dominus looking at him.

“Your prediction holds true; Maximus is fairing well. It is as if the Tartarus burns within him, fueling the fires that ignite desires. He will spill enough blood to overflow the heavens!”

The words were followed by a jovial laugh, leaning over to kiss his wife. Hearing of such bloodshed never brought about such happy feelings in the small male- those dying were humans too! To die for the amusement of others sounded... terrible. The gladiators held it as an honor to die on the sands, but Elatos saw it differently.

The crack of Doctore’ whip snapped him from his thoughts, head turning to peer at what was happening. The Gladiators were sent to eat, as well as the trainees. Quintus retracted into the house, Elatos following suit. He would stand by the man’s side until dismissed, which was to happen soon. Taking a seat at his desk, his eyes lifted to look upon his body slave.

“Elatos, you are dism-“

The dominus was cut short by a guard rushing in, out of breath from his rushing.

“Dominus! Maximus and Barca are brawling!”

A growl left the owner’s lips, sighing loudly.

“See to their separation! Elatos- bring Maximus here. Words must be broken it appears.”

The boy and the guard both nodded, setting at a brisk pace towards the Ludus. Arriving at the metal gate that separated the house from the training area, the redheaded boy looked to the guard.

“Hurry hence and bring Maximus. The Dominus is not one to wait patiently.”

The guard gave a swift nod before leaving the freckled body slave to await his return with the trainee.


It was never his intention to get into a fight with Barca. Hell, he never had the want to even talk to him. The tall man acted much like his smaller counterpart, Crixus; narcissistic and closed minded. He only thought of himself and rarely those he called brothers- the rest besides Peitros were left to dry. He had been training his absolute hardest to prove himself worthy of the name “brother” amongst the other gladiators, but it seemed his best attempts were hardly enough. Well, that and he wanted the redhead’s eyes upon him constantly. He often would look up to the balcony when the Dominus’ body slave was not paying him mind, taking in his pleasing form. He would work extra hard when the other was spectating, wanting to gain his attention. Barca’s warning was hardly heeded; he needed to know that boy’s name.

After the day’s training was over, it was time to eat. Whilst the Gladiators had been training, the new recruits had been preforming what was called “The March”. It is where they walk in a circle with a heavy wooden beam upon back until Doctore told them to halt. It was excruciating to walk in a circle all night, keeping pace and not dropping the cumbersome object upon shoulders. He himself had almost passed out at one point, just as every other recruit had almost done. It was overly strenuous and he could hardly wait until tonight’s rest. The gladiators claimed their food first, which was expected. There was a event coming up in the arena, and Quintus had entered some of them into the drawing. Of course Crixus was placed as the final match; the biggest event for those watching to cheer over. The undefeated Gaul was sure to give a show against whoever it was he was fighting, even if he had no idea who it was yet. There had to be a reason behind the name “Champion of Capua”. If not, that was a name to be handed to another who may prove more worthy.

When it came time for the recruits to eat their fill, it appeared that the others had different plans. He had stood behind Varro and Spartacus during the wait for their meal, Barca coming over and roughly shoving the server out of the way. A sly smirk appeared on his lips as he grabbed the ladle, looking up from the pot of slop.

“I recall the hardship of The March when I was a recruit. You must be mad with hunger. Fill your bellies-“

With those words spoken, he pushed the cauldron from the table, slopping the food held in the ladle’s spoon onto the floor with it. The two in front of him simply glared as the gladiators laughed at their misfortune, but Maximus was not one to stand idly by. As Spartacus and Varro cleaned up a mess that was not theirs, the Thracian could feel the blood pounding in his ears. Blood broiling, his fists clenched as icy gaze met the perpetrator.

“Filthy Phoenician cunt!”

The words were dripping with venom, and they easily silenced the mess hall. Barca stood enraged, his thick figure puffing up in rage. Standing a mere few inches taller than Maximus, the man huffed as a bull would before charging.

“You speak such words, mutt? Are you willing to pay price for them?”

“Such truths do not need punishment.”

That is what set the taller of the two on a rampage. Lumbering steps were taken as Barca hurled himself at Maximus, his clenched fist meeting the other’s jaw with a sickening crack. The recruit stumbled back, back hitting the wall as his vision blurred. He could see his opponent dart forward again, but he moved just in time for fist to meet wall instead of his face. The force behind such a punch easily cracked bones, a yell of pain sounding from the Phoenician. Maximus took the opportunity to throw his own punch, fist meeting the center of the other’s chest. Such a force knocked the wind from Barca, causing him to fall back this time. The other gladiators were roaring at the entertainment, shocked someone would dare take Barca on. The uproar caught the guard’s attention, which is what sent him rushing to fetch the Dominus. By the time he returned with a few other soldiers, Barca had stratled Maximus and was beating his face in. It was obvious the gladiator had sustained a few punches to the face as well, but the Thracian was worse off. It took all four guards to pry the man from the other, the fifth guard grabbing ahold of the short haired male and yanking him to his feet.

“You have been summoned!”

His tone was sharp and irritated, pushing Maximus towards the large gated door. He stumbled from the recent pounding he took, but slowly managed to see straight once a few steps were taken. Halting once he reached the gate, a sight he thought he would have to struggle for met his eyes; the redheaded boy he had been longing to meet. Up close, he was even more beautiful. He could count the freckles that draped over his shoulders and down his chest, scattering further away from each other the farther down he went. His lean body held lightly sculpted muscles, but they were visible enough to make his mouth water. His skin seemed so supple and soft; oh how lovely it would feel under his hands. He felt as if his rough hands would break something so delicate upon first touch, but he knew otherwise. A small smirk came to the soon-to-be gladiator’s lips, watching as the gate was unlocked. He was roughly shoved through, stumbling forward as the gate was shut behind him. The redheaded male simply nodded to the guard, motioning for Maximus to follow before walking up the stairs. Oh, follow he would.


As the two ascended the stairs that lead to the upper floor, Elatos let out a shaky breath. The man he had been nearly drooling over was right by his side! Of course he was a bit nervous. The walkways were empty of slaves- the Domina was most likely keeping most of their company. Elatos continued walking towards the Dominus’ office, knowing the man behind him would follow. Plus, the sound of heavy footsteps lumbering behind him let him know Maximus was following. The two men were almost there when a large hand came around the body slave’s wrist, yanking him back with a gasp of surprise. His small frame was easily pulled, his back meeting with that of one of the pillars holding the house up. Wide teal eyes peered up at the assailant, breath hitching in his throat; Maximus had him pinned in a way he could not escape. A soft smile came to the recruit’s lips, a chuckle then leaving them.

“Apologies for the startle. I cannot help myself around such beauty.”

His words brought a deep flush to the smaller male’s freckles skin, eyes widening to show his shock. A weak clearing of his throat sounded a moment later, eyes tearing away to stare at the floor.

“W-We must go; Dominus is n-not one to patiently wait.”

A soft laugh from the muscular male was soon heard, a meaty hand coming up to lift Elatos’ chin. Gemstone-like orbs met green-blue ones, and the boy knew he was weak. His body did not struggle, his hands staying at his side rather than attempting to push the other away.

“Then let me know your name. Then we may go.”

All Maximus wanted was his name? What an odd price to continue on. Gulping thickly, the redheaded boy nodded before smiling ever so kindly.

“I am called Elatos. Now, we must make haste.”

He hummed, attempting to move away from the other’s hold. A thick hand came to his cheek, stopping his motions almost immediately.

“Such beauty blessed by the gods... a name so fitting of one they took time in creating.”

Such a compliment sent the poor boy into a flushed mess, but a smile was never removed from his lips. Maximus finally pulled away, taking a step back to allow the reddened male to breathe. Without a moment to lose, the body slave continued towards the Dominus’ quarters.

The two arrived moments later, Quintus thanking his body slave and dismissing him swiftly. Elatos simply nodded his head and walked away, feeling eyes bore into his backside. Maximus watched him go with interest, quick to turn back to the not so happy man.

“Fighting with Barca- have you lost mind?! I am aware of their treatment, but it will cease when you bare the mark of the brotherhood. Maximus- i hold great trust in you. You will become a god in the arena, but not like this! Ease mind of tension- it will all end soon.”

“Apologies Dominus, but I had need to spar with him. He was being an ass- so I broke more than just words. It may end once the mark is upon skin, but not for others.”

“I understand concerns, but worry only of yourself. Such concerns will make a man soft. Elatos!”

The words broken were stopped as Quintus called his slave back in, who appeared in seconds. He stood attentive at the door, eyes wide to show his alertness.

“Take Maximus to bath and wash blood from him. Return him to the Ludus when finished.”

“Yes Dominus.”

With the orders given, the body slave motioned for the man to follow him into the next room. Grabbing a bowl and some cloth, he allowed Maximus to sit as he cleaned him. Gently wiping the blood from his nose and gash on his forehead, a small smile lightened Elatos’ lips.

“Barca is a formidable foe, yet you treat him a mere kitten. Heed caution; he is not one to forget.”

“You speak as if you know him well.”

“He is a brother to me, as is Peitros. They hold me close to heart as I do them.”

The words spoken between the two were all but friend chit chat, the redhead taking care to properly clean the other of blood. A silence fell over them for a moment, though the taller of the two quickly broke it.

“I have felt your gaze upon me from above- have you taken interest in my success?”

A heavy flush came upon Elatos’ cheeks, movements stilling for a moment. He continued to clean as he answered, clearing his throat embarrassedly before proceeding.

“I have made point to tell the Dominus you will fair well in the arena. I have also felt your gaze upon me- why is that?”

“How can i pull eyes away from one crafted by the gods themselves? Whose beauty rivals that of Venus herself?”

Such words caused another wave of hot blush paint over pale cheeks, though a smile tugged at his lips.

“Sweet words of such nectar bare no fruits. It will take more than flirtatious remarks to sway my hand.”

“Then i shall do as necessary.”

It was odd to hear someone wanted him in such a way. Elatos finished cleaning the blood from his nose and cut, his smile still prevalent upon soft lips.

“You know nothing of me.”

“Then i must learn.”

With those words spoken, the petite slave stood up to empty the dirtied water before returning to the other’s side.

“Come- you are to be brought back to the Ludus.”

No more words were exchanged as Maximus was brought back to the stairs, following Elatos closely as they descended. The gate was not locked, so a simple push let the metal creak open. Maximus looked past the gate for a moment, his eyes trailing back to the male beside of him. The freckled boy stood his ground, looking up towards the other.

“Keep from trouble- seeing your blood is great sorrow upon me.”

“If trouble means i keep your company, then i will continue on.”

A groan left Elatos’ lips at that remark, rolling his eyes softly. This man was willing to take beatings to see him? To learn what he was like? How... odd. A hand came to rest on the middle of the slave’s back, but the touch was fleeting. Maximus soon stepped away, passing through the metal gate and towards his sleeping cell. Heat lingered in the place last touched by the man, but it was a feeling Elatos found he liked. Craved, even. Pulling the metal door shut, a sigh fell past his lips as he went back up the stairs. It seemed that his life was about to change at the will of one man’s hands; Maximus.

Hey everyone! I hope you liked this chapter! I’m happy I got to write their first interaction- which may I add is super cute! Until the next chapter!


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