Five Months

Five Months Ago…


2. Two

(Present Day)

I was walking in the park with Ponyboy when he brought up a familiar conversation. “You and Johnny are amazing friends, ya know? Johnny and I have never had the type of relationship that you two have,” he stated, but you could’ve sworn that he emphasized the words ‘you two.’ You nodded and shrugged. “When you first moved here in third grade, man, that was the first time I had actually seen Johnny smile. Like actually.”

I felt like I needed to tell someone how I felt about Johnny, I can’t keep it in the shade forever. “Ya know Pony, I kinda-“ I was cut off by Dally coming up behind us. “Hey, man. What ya guys talkin’ about?” I looked at Pony and we both looked at Dally. “Nothing,” we both said in unison. Dally looked at us with a skeptical look, and then he lit a cigarette.

“Aye, I’m goin’ to the drive-in tonight if you guys wanna come,” Dally said, no expression on his face. “Uh, I can’t tonight. I’m leaving early in the morning to go back to Florida to visit my mom for the weekend. Hey, do you guys wanna come?” I asked. I think I sounded a little too hopeful, because both Pony and Dally said, “Sure.” “Hey, Ari, do ya care if I invite the rest of the gang?” Pony asked. “Not at all! It will be a lot of fun!” I said, smiling at the thought.

With that, Pony and I both raced to his house. He won, of course, and when we both ran into the house, we were both panting and out of breath. “You alright guys?” Soda asked. “Did you get into some trouble with some Socs?” He asked as Darry walked into the living room from the kitchen. I laughed and Pony said, “No! But we have some great news! Ariana invited us to come with her to Florida!” Darry looked at me surprised. “We can’t do that Ari. That is a lot of money for plane tickets.” I smiled, “Darry, I invited you guys because my mom sent seven more train tickets.”

They all went crazy when I said that. I looked around and noticed that we were missing someone. “Hey, where is Johnnycake?” I said. “He went to take a walk a while ago. Hasn’t came back yet.” Two-bit said. ‘Oh no.’ I thought. “Socs,” I mumbled as my eyes went wide.

I ran out the door and down the street. I spotted him near the lot with three Socs surrounding him. “Hey!” I shouted. “Get away from him!” This felt all too familiar. “Or what?” One of them said. I pulled out the switchblade that Dallas had given to me. “Or I will cut you all to ribbons!” I yelled. They stared at me, looking for a sign of resistance. When they found none, they got into their car and drove off.

I ran to Johnny’s side, and it appeared I had gotten there before any harm was done. “Ariana?” Johnny said looking at me with his huge black eyes. “Oh my God Johnny. Are you okay?” I said as I pulled him into a hug. “Ariana,” Johnny started, “why did you do that? Like ya know, threaten them? You never threaten anyone.” I looked at him surprised. “I did that was because they were going to hurt ya Johnnycake,” I said.

When he got back to his feet, we saw the boys running towards us. “Hey, are you guys alright?” Soda asked as he ran to us. “Yeah, just some dirty Socs was all,” I responded. “Ariana pulled her switch on them and threatened them,” Johnny said, still trembling. They all looked at me. “What? I was just protecting Johnnycake!” I said.

We all started walking back to the house and we talked about Florida. “Wait, what trip to Florida?” Johnny said confused. “Oh, sorry Johnny. I guess we kinda forgot you didn’t know. I invited everyone to Florida to come for the weekend,” I told him. “Really? Oh wow, thanks Ariana,” Johnny said, with a hint of excitement in his voice. “Hey! You know what? The train station is only a five-minute walk from my house, so why don’t we all just crash at my house?” Pony requested. “I’m in,” Two-bit said. Dally nodded. I joined in, “that’s a great idea, Pony! You coming too, Johnny?” He nodded, “sure.” “Count me in!” Steve yelled.

When we got to Pony’s house, it was already really late, so we all headed to bed. Darry, Soda, and Pony slept in their rooms, Steve, Two-Bit, and Dally slept on the floor, and Johnny slept on one couch while I slept on the other. ‘I really should tell him how I feel,’ I thought to myself. ‘I will tell him someday,’ I concluded with myself.

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