Five Months

Five Months Ago…


1. One

Five Months Ago…

I stood against the edge of the school building with my two friends Cherry and Marcia when I heard a voice yell, "Want a haircut, grease?" Cherry looked at me as I started to follow the voice. She grabbed my arm, "Come on, Ari. It's no use. It won't do any good." I pulled myself out of her grip and continued walking.

As I turned the corner of the school, I saw a group of five Socs surrounding a small boy. They backed him up against the wall and held a knife to his throat. "Hey! Leave him alone, will ya?" I yelled. The Soc with the knife turned to me. "Or what, hun?" He spat back. "Come on, just leave him alone." I pleaded. They dropped him to the ground and started walking towards me. I started to tremble, because when Socs know what they want they go for it.

"Awe, come on pretty lady. We ain't gonna hurt ya!" The Soc said. Without thinking, I slapped him in the face. I immediately regretted it though, because as soon as I did, they pinned me to the wall. He pulled his blade out once again and slid it across my cheek, creating a deep gash. I yelped in pain as they held the blade against my throat. I knew they could kill me, and I knew they would.

Just then, a boy, whom I had recognized, were chasing the Socs away from me, and the boy whom I had saved before had been by my side. "Hey, are you alright?" I asked. The boy looked at me and gave a small chuckle, "I should be asking you that!" I smiled as he introduced himself, "I'm Ponyboy Curtis." I smiled, "Well Pony, I'm Ariana."

Another voice came from behind us, "Hey there doll, that was pretty brave of ya. Especially for a Soc." I turned around and glared at him. "Whoa! And a beautiful one too!" I gave him another glare, "And who might you be?" He laughed as he lit a cigarette. "The name's Dallas Winston." As soon as I heard that name I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "Dallas Winston? As in the one who always tries to put the moves on me at The Dingo?" I chuckled. He grinned, "Yup!" I turned back to Pony but he wasn't there. I looked around for him and spotted him next to a boy who looked about my age.

I walked up to them and as soon as I did, they stopped talking. I turned to the boy, "Hey there, I've seen you around before! Johnny, right?" His face turned beet red. "Y-yeah. Y-you're A-Ariana. You're a cheerleader." I smiled and nodded. "Was, not anymore. Too girly for me," I responded. Dallas came over to where we were all standing. "Hey Pony, I told Soda you'd be home by four." I turned to Pony, "Soda?"

We started walking, and he nodded, "my older brother. He'll definitely like you!" I realized Johnny hadn't talked much. "Hey, Johnny. You okay?" He nodded, "There are two girls from the drive-in following us." I turned around, "Oh, Cherry, Marcia, I will see ya at school tomorrow!" They stopped and I turned around. "Friends?" Dally asked, lighting up another cigarette. "Kinda. I only know em' cause I was on the cheer squad." I said back, "I could never be as stuck up as them though." I laughed. Johnny was staring at me but I pretended not to notice.

When we walked in the door of Pony's house, there were a bunch of other boys there. "Hey Pony, hey Johnnycake! What broad did Dal bring home today?" One said. "I am not Dallas Winston's 'broad', and I never will be," I said back frowning. Dallas walked in and said, "Awe, well that's too bad."

I rolled my eyes as a handsome boy came into the room from the kitchen along with a man who looked like he was in his 20's. "Hey there sweets, the name is Sodapop," the handsome one said with a smile and a wink. The man spoke up next saying, "I'm Darry, and that's Two-bit over there." he said pointing to the boy who had called me a 'broad' earlier. I smiled and introduced myself, "I'm Ariana. Ponyboy invited me."

Ponyboy looked my way and smiled. "Hey Ariana, would you like to join me and Johnny at The Dingo tomorrow night?" I nodded.

"Hey, I better get going. It was nice meeting you all though," I smiled as I took a step towards the door. I heard someone being shoved and a bunch of whispers behind me. Before I could reach the door a hand on my shoulder stopped me. I turned around to see Johnny. "Let me walk ya," he said with a smile. I nodded as we headed out the door to my place.

When we reached my house, I stopped to turn to Johnny. "Thank you, Johnny for walking me home," I said as I turned to the house. I stopped at the door, turned around and yelled, "Be safe, Johnny!" In the morning, I got ready and put on my skinny jeans with holes in them, my white tee shirt. I ran into the bathroom and put on light makeup and threw my hair in a messy bun. I ran outside and put my sneakers on. I started walking to the park when I heard a voice call me. "Hey, Ariana! Wait up!" I stopped as Johnny ran up beside me. "What are you doing here?" I asked him. "I was on my way to Pony's house, wanna come?" I looked at his eyes and they gleamed with hope. "Why not," I said shrugging. On our way, we talked about our favorite movies. When we arrived at Ponyboy's house, I followed Johnny up the stairs and through the door. "Hey Johnny, hey Ariana!" Ponyboy yelled from the kitchen. "Hey," I said back. Ponyboy looked from me to Johnny then back to me. "Two's givin' us a ride, but then he's goin' to the bar," Ponyboy said after a moment. Just after he had said that we heard a car horn from outside. We looked at each other and then we all ran out the door. After Two-but dropped us off and we all said thank you, we went in through a hole in the side of the drive-in. We took our seats and we all were quiet. Johnny broke the silence though. “Hey, I’m goin’ to get some Coke’s and some popcorn, you guys want any?” I looked up at him and smiled, “sure Johnny. Here.” I handed him five quarters, which to us was a lot. He smiled and thanked me and then left.

When he was gone, Ponyboy looked at me and smiled. “What?” I asked laughing. “You can’t tell Johnny I told ya this, but he really likes ya. He’s had a major crush on ya since third grade.” He said smirking. I could only blush at this because, the truth is, I’ve had a crush on Johnny Cade also since the third grade. I could never tell anybody because, ya know, I’m a Soc and he’s a greaser.

“Nice to hear,” I said smiling. A voice came from behind us, “what’s nice to hear?” Pony looked at me with begging eyes. “Oh, nothing Johnny.” I mumbled as he sat down beside me.


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