Ripped: A Harry Styles Love Story

Emily Payne was ripped from Liam’s arms. One night she meets Harry. He leads her back into Liam’s arms. Emily doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t know what to do. She falls for Harry, but what prevents her secret coming out and being ripped from both Liam and Harry’s arms? Will Harry be the glue to fix her ripped heart?


7. Chapter 7: Pizza

Chapter 7

*Next Day*

When I woke up I was in Harry’s bed, and he wasn’t there. I looked at the bedside table and saw a note.


We had to leave earlier than expected, we can talk about last night when I get back. See you soon, Angel!

XO Harry

I blushed and got up to change clothes, grabbing the note too. I walked into my room smiling. I saw the bed perfectly made, another note.


I hope you and Harry didn’t do anything otherwise I will have to kill him. Anyways the interview got moved up because they moved one from later this week to today, we have two interviews now, should be back in time for lunch.

Love, Liam

Anne probably has a note too, somewhere in her bedroom. I changed and got ready for the day. It was only 11:00 so I thought I would get something for lunch. I knocked on Anne’s door. She opened it smiling.

“I’m going to get some pizza from Italy, want to fly with me?”

“Ya let me get dressed”

It was super cloudy today so we could risk flying, also I wanted to tell Anne about last night.

“Grab your wireless earbuds!” I yelled

I heard a soft “Ya!” from the other room. I wrote a note to the boys telling them I was flying to Italy and would be back by 12:00. Me and Anne got to the roof and put our earbuds in, we called each other so we could talk. We love running off the roof, then falling only to fly straight up in the sky above the clouds but away from planes. We started flying super fast to Italy.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“Last night Harry asked me what the color green meant in my eyes, I told him and then right before me and him fell asleep he mumbled that he liked me too!”

“Oh my gosh! fell asleep in Harry’s arms? In his bed?”

“Ya I did, he wanted me to!! Anyways I thought he was to drunk to remember that conversation but he left me a note that said we were going to talk about last night.”

“Oh my gosh!! You are going to have to seriously hide your eyes if you don’t want him to know!”

“I know!”

“It is such a beautiful day! Lets do some tricks!” Anne suggested

We played around while still heading to Italy. When we got there we landed in an alleyway. I made sure no one was coming and we walked out heading to the pizza place. I missed flying. It made me feel free! Like I could do whatever I wanted! He walked into the pizza shop.

“Emily!” The boy, Jacob behind the counter yelled, no one else was there so we can talk and he hugged me and Anne.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“We need the best pizza in Italy!” (Truth)

I alway teleported here to get pizza, Jacob thinks I live on the outskirts of Italy. He doesn’t know Anne and me have powers.

“Of course! How many? 3? 4?”

“You know us to much!”

“Only my favorite customers! You need to come by more!”

“I would but I moved to London and am here on vacation!”

“Just say you will visit!”

“Oh course!!” Anne responded

“Two cheese and three pepperoni!”

“Oui! You are eating a lot! No judge!”

“Honestly we am on tour with One Direction but you didn’t hear that. I did move to London though, that is true.”

“Oh my gosh!! You are the mystery girls!! They still haven’t gotten a clear picture of you!”

“Wow! I didn’t know that!” Anne said shocked

The pizza was finished and I paid.

“Bye, Jacob! See you soon!” Both me and Anne said

It was almost 12 because we messed around a lot in the sky. I decided I was just going to teleport back. We walked to the alley and made sure no one saw us. We held onto the pizza together.

“1...2...3 jump!” We disappeared and reappeared in the kitchen, scaring the crap out of Niall making him scream.

“Holy mother of-, you scared me!”

The other boys ran to see what made Niall scream.

“Pizza is here! Niall just to make it up to you, we flew to Italy to get the best pizza ever!”

“I love you!” Niall said hugging us both.

We sat down eating the pizza, everyone loved it. Harry was just looking at me the entire time. I finished.

“If I eat anymore I think I will explode!”

I got up and walked into Harry’s room waiting for him to finish. I laid down on the bed playing my phone because I expected him to take awhile. Not 1 minute later he opened his door.

“Hi.” I said putting my phone away and sitting up.

“Hey.” He said rubbing his neck

“Did you eat enough pizza?”

“Oh ya it was amazing! Thank you for doing that.” The nervousness grew like a weed.

“So about wh-“ He said

“About last ni-“ I said

We had both started talking at the same time.

“You go first, you wanted to talk first.” I told Harry

He sat next to me on the bed.

“So the color light green means you like me?” He asked nervously

“Um...ya...I thought you were to drunk to remember that conversation.” I said chuckling

“I remember ever conversation with you.” He said looking at his hands, he was playing with them

“But you mean what you mumbled after that?” I asked

“ thought you were asleep when I said that.”

I put my hand on top of his. He looked at me.

“I like you.” I said looking straight in his eyes

“I like you too.” He said looking back

We both chuckled

“God, why was that so hard?” I said

“I don’t know but I’m glad I said that.”

“Me too.”

We pulled me into a hug, kissing the top of my head. I hugged him back, smelling his cologne and his body wash. We let go smiling at each other.

“Will you go on a date with me?” He asked

I made him think I had to think for a long time, “Yes! Of course!”

“Oh don’t do that! That scared me!” He said releasing a big breath he was holding in

“Aww!” We both heard from outside

We looked at each other. We started softly gradually raising our voices to seem like we were fighting, then we both walked to the door smiling while yelling at each other, I opened the door swiftly, Everyone else fell on top of each other even Liam. Me and Harry started laughing so hard, we were leaning on each other to keep standing.

“Whatever! It wasn’t the slightest bit cute anyways!” Louis said walking away

“Loubear!! Come back!” I yelled through the laughing

“Never!” Lou said grabbing Anne and walking to his room

Niall and Liam had gotten up and Niall pulled me to the kitchen, probably so Liam could talk to Harry. After we were all done talking we watched a movie. We finished the movie and just hung out, laughing and hugging.

“Lets go out for dinner! Like some cafe or something!” I suggested

“That sounds good” Harry agreed

We left the hotel and found this cute little cafe with a view of the Eiffel Tower. We ordered, messed around a little bit and was back at the hotel a couple hours later.

“Im tired, im going to go to bed!” I said to everyone

“Night!” Everyone but Harry said

Harry walked up to me and walked me to my room.

“Do you want to sleep in my room again?”

I thought about it, “Sure!”

“Ok go get changed, make sure you knock.” He winked at me

He walked to his room and I walked to mine. Everyone else stayed up watching another movie. I changed and did my nightly stuff. I walk to Harry’s room and knocked gently.

“Come in”

I walked in and saw Harry shirtless with sweatpants on, again. We smiled at each other. We moved the blanket and laid down. He instantly wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned so I was looking at him, I started tracing his chest tattoos. I asked them what they meant. We talked for 3 hours, then I saw it was 12:30. I yawned and turned to him, I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep, in his arms again.

*Next Day*

The boys had a concert and their last interview today. I woke up and turned to see Harry. He looked to peaceful and calm when he slept. I remembered what he said about wanting to watch me sleep until I woke up. I blushed and got out of bed, but not before giving Harry a kiss on his forehead. I looked into the living room and saw a complete mess, the boys and Anne must of had fun last night! I snuck into my room with Liam, he was fast asleep also. I took a shower and changed into some skinny jeans and a light blue lose crop top, I left my hair wet so it can dry naturally, I HATE the hair dryer. I walked to the kitchen and opened to fridge to make some eggs but then I realized that we didn’t have anything to eat other than snacks. I left a note on the counter saying I was going to the store and that I took Liam’s wallet, he will be fine. I grabbed my phone and teleported into the alley next to the store. I made sure no one was around and walked out and into the store. After getting everything I need I handed the cashier the credit card. I paid and walked out. I could tell I was being watched, I decided to just walk to the hotel. BAD IDEA!!! I was walking with help of the GPS on my phone. I soon saw red and blue, police lights. I turned and saw them driving super slow and following me. The cashier must of saw Liam’s name and called them to follow me. I eventually made it to the hotel. I was about to walk in when the paps saw me. I just continued to walk into the hotel while keeping my head down. I didn’t want my picture taken and me be identified yet. I managed to make it into the hotel and nodded to the receptionist. The police got out of their car and followed me. They jumped into the elevator with me, I had carried 5 or so bags of food all the way to the hotel. I need to start acting like it was getting to me. I slowly leaned down and placed one bag down and repositioned the other arm. I then picked up the other bags and acted worn out. The elevator got to the top floor where the boys were. I gestured to the cops to go out first but they told me to go first. I walked to the hotel room, then I remembered I forgot my key. I knocked on the door and surprisingly Harry opened the door. I pulled him out but kept the door open.

“Harry can you please tell these police to leave, they think I stole Liam’s card and that I don’t know you. They followed me from the store” I looked at them, they looked shocked, “Turn your lights off and at least try to pretend you aren’t following someone.”

Harry looked at me and smiled, I knew he like when I stood up for myself.

“You can leave. We know her.” He told the police

“Are you sure? She is carrying a credit card of Liam Payne.”

Harry looked at me shocked.

“Hey!! I left a note saying I did that! I will even bring it out for you!” I said looking at Harry then and the cops

“Fine. Good day.” They said nodding their heads to us and turned to leave

Me and Harry walked in the room

“Why didn’t you just teleport?”

“They were following me as soon as I got out of the store, I couldn’t turn into an alley and just disappear, I would be a wanted person!” I said jokingly

I turned and put everything where it belonged. I then took out stuff for breakfast. It was only 8:30 so I had time before the boys had to leave at 10:30. I made the breakfast and the boys and Anne were up when I finished. We ate silently because of how early it was. We finished and Niall and Louis went to wash the dishes. Liam and Harry pulled me and Anne into the living room.

“I want to announce you as my sister and both of you as our makeup people during the interview, and them you can start working.”

“WHAT?” I yelled

“Im fine with what involves me.” Anne said looking down

“YOU WANT TO DO WHAT?” I saw Harry, Anne, and Liam back away and flinch

I looked down and saw my hands were on fire again, I never really could control that when I was pissed. I closed my hands and the flame went out. I looked up and saw Hardy’s eyes, fear just like my “family”.

“No don’t be scared!” I said looking at Harry, my eyes swirled with dark blue and light green.

Harry saw both the emotions and slowly walked up to me and hugged me. I teared up. He accepted me even after the fire.

“I don’t know if I can tell everyone about me being your sister.” I said letting Harry go

“You haven’t even told “them” that I was back! They shipped me across and ocean and into another country! What is going to happen to your relationship with “them” if I show myself! You will reject you like they did me!”

“Wait who is “them”?” Harry asked

“My family.” Liam said

He knew that they are not my family anymore. They caused to much hurt when they shipped me off. Ya it helped me with my powers but they did it so coldly.

“Oh, you don’t refer to them as your family?” Harry asked, I almost gagged when he said “your family”

Harry saw this, Anne had left the room by now

“Don’t worry, you are our family now. The boys and Anne are your family.” Harry told me.

I pulled both Liam and Harry into a hug.

“I want to see “them” first” I said

Liam looked shocked but nodded

“Today, we have an hour and a half. I can teleport us there. Tell “them” you are coming and will be there in 20 minutes, make sure everyone is there. Harry tell the others.” They looked shocked but Liam unlocked his phone and started texting. Harry walked into the other room. I pushed Liam into our room for him to get dressed and I did my hair, it finally dried. I walked out and Liam walked into the bathroom to do his hair. We were completely silent. I walked into the living room and sat on one of the couches. Anne walked in.

“Are you sure about this? I know how you reacted when you got to the school, you never wanted to see them again.”

I took an uneasy breath and turned to her, “I need to do this to get Liam back and my life.”

She nodded and left. Liam walked in.

“They said they were happy to see me, I didn’t tell them you were coming. Are you ready to go to your home town?”

“Yes. Lets go before I change my mind.”

We took hands and I teleported us to the side of my childhood home. We walked to the door and Liam knocked. I took his hand and hid somewhat behind him. An older version of my “mother” opened it with a smile.

“Oh, my boy!” She said hugging him, she let go and looked at me

“Is this your new girlfriend? I saw what happened with Danielle.” She didn’t recognize me, well I didn’t plan on her too. Liam shook his head and led me into the living room. I hid behind him and sat next to him on the couch. “Dad” and my two “sisters” were sitting on the other couch and my “mom” sat next to Liam. I gestured Liam to say something first.

“I met her only a week or so ago, well I actually knew here before that, she grew up here.”

Before he could continue his mother cut him off.

“Oh I don’t recognize her. Was she a close friend?”

“Well she” He looked at me, I nodded, whispering to him that I was going to say something

I looked at “dad” and my other two “sisters”, they obviously still live here and never made it, my “dad” looked just like “mom” and older version of themselves. I stood up, still holding Liam’s hand.

“My name is Emily.” I hoped that is all I had to say.

My sisters just sat there with no change, my father was shocked, well my mother got up, tearing, she gave me a bone crushing hug, I hugged her back crying.

“Oh, my baby girl!! I missed you so much! I am so sorry for sending you away! It broke my heart to do that but we couldn’t help you. You needed someone that had powers and could help you! I am so glad you are back! You look so different!! You are the woman, I dreamed you would be!!” She said crying and looking at me

My sisters realized who I was, they scoffed and walked away. My father got up, slowly walking to me. He just was looking at all of me. I turned to him slowly. He began to lift his hand to my cheek. He was silently crying, his hand held my cheek and I leaned into it. He then pulled me into a hug.

“I love you so much! I am so sorry! Please forgive your mother and I!”

“Yes! I forgive you!” I said crying, I pulled My mother and Liam into the hug too, we were all crying. I couldn’t care less about the “sisters” upstairs. Liam pulled away checking his watch.

“Im sorry but we have to leave. We have an interview, in 30 minutes.”

“I will be back soon, I love you.” I said pulling away.

Me and Liam took hands and backed away.

“Don’t be scared but I am going to teleport back to Paris.” My parents nodded

“1...2...3 JUMP!!” With that me and Liam disappeared and reappeared in the boys dressing room, only the boys and Anne were there.

They all screamed not expecting us.

“Mother of go-“ Niall screamed again, “Stop doing that!”


“How did it go?” Harry asked

“I made up with my parents but not the sisters, but I am perfectly fine with that.” I explained

Anne got out of Louis’s arms and hugged me. Soon everyone had gotten up and hugged me. Harry was the last one and he gave me the longest hug, then he kissed my cheek after he pulled away. I blushed and my eyes turned light green, only Harry and Anne knew what that meant and the others were confused when Harry smiled and blushed to after he looked at my eyes. Me and Anne got ready to go on the interview, surprisingly I wasn’t nervous. Anne wasn’t either, after 20 minutes and stage crew person peaked there head in and said 5 minutes till show time. We walked out of the room laughing. Liam took my hand and Louis took Anne’s. We stood on the side until the interviewer announced us. I think her name was Caren.

“Now up next is One Direction! They also have two lovely ladies and an announcement to make! Ladies and gentlemen, One Direction, Emily and Anne!”

We sat down on her super long couch.

Liam Emily Harry Niall Anne Louis

“Now I will let you introduce these ladies and make your announcement and then we will do the questions” Caren explained

Liam nodded and started to talk, “Well this young lady next Louis is Anne Fall (fake last name because she didn’t tell her family and stuff) and this other young lady is Emily. They are our makeup and fashion people for the tour, they actually at the next concert. Now you may of noticed that I didn’t say Emily’s last name. Thats because she is related to one of us.” The crowd and basically everyone gasped. Liam gestured for me to say my name.

“Hi, I am Emily.....Payne, I am Liam’s little sister.” Everyone gasped again.

“Is this true Liam?” Caren asked

“Yes, it is, she was taken from us a couple months before I went on the X-Factor for the second time. Everyone was heart broken, we thought that she was dead. Our family decided, even though we didn’t want to, that it would be easier if no one mentioned her. I found her a week or so ago at a party. She has been with us ever since.” Liam explained our fake story

“Oh and Anne is my best friend!!” I said looking at her and us both laughing.

“Well that answers a lot of questions! I can safely assume that these are the “mystery” girls?”

“Yes” Niall answered

We answered a bunch more questions and then we finally said good bye and left to the dressing room. As soon as we got there I shrieked. I felt a huge weight being taken off my shoulders. I had my family and I got my life back. All the boys hugged me and left left to get ready for the concert, we ate lunch when we got there. The boys did sound check, practiced with me and Anne in the audience. They went and showered while Anne and me got there outfits and placed them outside the showers on the counter, they had the boys name on cards. Soon Liam walked in followed by Niall. Me and Anne did their hair and makeup, soon Louis and Harry walked in. We did their hair and makeup. Louis was flirting with Anne the whole time. I looked at Harry and he didn’t even recognize that I was there. My eyes flashed a dark brown, I was hurt that he was acting like this. Anne saw this, she finished with Louis 5 seconds later. She walked up to Harry and hit him on the back of his head.

“Hey! What was that for?” Harry asked rubbing his head

The boys were watching by then. I tried to get Anne to back off. I didn’t want to deal with this right now.

“You are ignoring her!” Anne yelled

“No I’m not!” Harry tried to defend himself, I just stood there. Harry’s hair was done anyways.

“Yes you are, you are hurting her, you would see the dark brown flash across her eyes, well guess what that means hurt! You emotionally hurt her!!” Anne was yelling, sometimes I hated that she knew what all my colors meant.

“What? I didn’t do anything?”

I just stood there, I tried to pull Anne away but she flashed me a face that even I was scared of.

“Why are you ignoring her?!” Anne asked

“Im not!”

“BULL! WHY ARE YOU IGNORING HER!” Anne yelled even louder


I jumped back with tears in my eyes. Liam jumped up and hugged me.


That shocked me a bit. Anne was taken back. Well everyone was shocked.

“Your not scared of me because of my powers?” I asked quietly

Harry got off his chair, I could see that I hurt him because I thought it was because of my powers. Liam backed away and Harry enveloped me in a hug.

He said into my hair but loud enough for everyone to hear, “No!! I would never be scared of your powers! I think they make who you are!! I love your powers. I love how they make you strong but weak. They show your emotions and they protect you!! I could never be scared of them!” I hugged him crying trying not to get it on his shirt.

“I am the first person you have had strong feeling for?” I asked, Harry released me looking into my eyes

“Yes!! God they are the scariest thing ever! I don’t want to hurt you and I also don’t want to piss off Liam, and now Anne. I like you so much!”

“I like you too, Harry!! I know you would never try to hurt me!!” I responded

Niall looked at his watch, “Guys we have 5 minutes till show.”

“Go and enjoy your concert, me and Anne will be listening from back stage.” I said to Harry

We walked out of the dressing room, the boys got handed their mics. The opening sound to one of there songs came on and they jumped onto the stage. We stood there, side by side, holding hands watched our boys. I could watch them perform forever. You could tell they loved everything about performing. Sooner than later the concert ended. I instantly told them to go take a shower. They were sweating so much! Me and Anne put their original clothes on the counter. They finished and we left. Harry grabbed my waist before we walked outside into the flashing lights of cameras. I looked at him and he knew what he was doing. He wanted to show me that he was ok with the paps taking pictures of us. I wrapped my arm around him to tell him I was ok with that plan. We smiled at each other and walked into the crowd. I sat next to Harry on the way to the hotel. He held each other the whole way there. When we got to our room Harry pulled me into his room.

“Tomorrow at 6:30, will you go on a date with me?”

“Yes!!” I said putting my hands around his neck. I pulled him into a hug.

I guess my emotions got out of control and I accidentally read his mind; Oh my gosh! I need this date to go right! I can’t stand just hugging her! I want to kiss her so badly, but I want it to be special!.

I pulled away, “Oh my gosh! Im so sorry Harry!!” I said tearing up and sitting on his bed

“What happened?” He asked confused, sitting next to me

“I think my emotions got the best of me and I accidentally read your mind! Im so sorry!” I said sobbing, I feel so bad

Harry put his hand around my shoulders, “So you read about me wanting to kiss you?” He asked quietly

“Yes!! I am so sorry!! I know those are your personal thoughts!! I didn’t want to do it!! I promise!” I continued sobbing

“Hey, look at me” he said pulling my chin up so I looked at him, “It is ok, I am not going to do anything until you are ready. Yes, I didn’t want to tell you because I thought that would push you way. It is perfectly fine!”

“But it is not! I can’t be showing my emotions through my eyes, and reading minds accidentally! I should be able to control that! You have no idea what you are doing to me Harry!” I told him, still crying but less now

“And you have no idea what you are doing to me! My heart aches when you cry, or when you are not in the same room as me!” Harry confessed

We both just looked into each other’s eyes. I had stopped crying.

“I want to try something, but only if you want. I want to see if I can get you to display your emotions through your eyes.”

“Do you even think you can do that?” Harry asked

“I don’t know, I have never done it. It shows even the softest emotions. It makes you very vulnerable, basically puts your emotions on a silver platter for everyone.”

“Do it, I want to show you that I care for you.”

“Are you sure?” I asked

He grabbed my hand, “I have never been more sure.”


I put one hand over his heart and one on his face. I thought about my power and about showing his emotions. I closed my eyes and pulled all my thoughts to just these two thoughts. I heard a gasp and I looked up. His eyes were brown swirling with green, not his regular green but a mix of light green and green. We were looking into each others eyes. I could see every emotion. Soon it just showed that color of green. My eyes also showed a light color of green. I slowly pulled my arms away and the color faded into his regular eye color.

“Wow! I feel so free! A huge weight just lifted from my shoulders! Now I know how you know your eyes changed. I always that!” Harry said obviously excited and smiling

“Ya the color is put on the edges of my vision but does block any of my peripheral vision, it is actually really cool.” I said smiling back.

“I think we should go and eat dinner, before they think we died or something!” Harry said laughing

“Ya ok.”

We got up but before he could open the door I pulled him away.

“Thank you for letting me do that. I know that you become very vulnerable when that happens.”

“Anytime.” Harry said smiling

We walked out and for once no one was against the door. I think Anne forced the boys to stay away. We were hand in hand walking to the kitchen. We passed the boys and Anne on the couch. I think they saw that we were good because they got up jumping around in each other’s arms. I laughed at them and asked Harry to help with dinner. When dinner was done I called the boys and Anne in. We ate and laughed, everything was back to normal. Harry and Liam cleaned the dishes, probably talking about what happened. Anne pulled me into Liam and my room.


“We are fine, I found out I can get other people to do the eye color thing and Hardy let me do it to him. Also I have a date at 6:30 tomorrow!”

“Oh my gosh!! The eye thing is cool! Did Harry have green?”

“Yes it was even more than mine!”

“Is the date formal?”

“I have no idea, I will have to ask tomorrow.”

I yawned, “I’m going to bed, good night.”

I walked out after putting pajamas on. I told the boys goodnight and Harry pulled me into his room again.

“Are you sleeping here again?” He asked

“Only if you want me.” I said

“Of course! Just let me change.” He went to his closet to find something, he turned and said, “If you don’t want to see me in only boxers I would turn.”

I turned and said, “Thanks for the warning!”

“Ok you can turn around.” He said

I turned and saw him in sweats and no shirt, the same pajamas.

“Honestly I love your pajamas!” I said

“Oh really?” He said with a flirty tone

“Styles!” I said when he walked up to me and lifted me off the ground and threw me gently on the bed.

He started walking to me and I backed away farther onto the bed. He put his hands next to my shoulders leaning over me. We just stared into each other’s eyes. He then leaned in a looked like he was going for my lips but moved at the last minute and kissed my forehead.

“Did you really think I would let that be your first kiss?” He said in a low, sexy tone

He then picked me up and straightened me on the bed before he walked to the other side with me staring at him. He crawled into the bed and put his hands on my waist and pulled me into him. I was facing him, I stared into his eyes for at least 5 minutes. I broke our trance and started tracing his tattoos. I really loved doing that. Soon after we fell asleep in each others arms.

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