Ripped: A Harry Styles Love Story

Emily Payne was ripped from Liam’s arms. One night she meets Harry. He leads her back into Liam’s arms. Emily doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t know what to do. She falls for Harry, but what prevents her secret coming out and being ripped from both Liam and Harry’s arms? Will Harry be the glue to fix her ripped heart?


6. Chapter 6: Paris

Chapter 6

I woke up to Harry gently shaking me. I opened my eyes and smiled.

“Love, we are here!”

“Yay” I say tiredly

I sat up and put the blanket in my bag under the seat in front of me. I looked over and saw Anne laying on Louis and Louis laying on Anne. I turned around and saw Niall asleep and Liam looking at his phone. Liam woke Niall up and Harry woke Louis to wake Anne. We got off the plane and Liam was behind all of us. That is weird, usually he holds my hand when we are out in public. I will have to ask him when we get to the hotel. Harry held my hand as we walked outside to the car.

“Are you Harry’s girlfriend?”

“What is your name?”

“Why are you on tour with One Direction?”

“What happened between you and Liam?”

“Louis! Is this your girlfriend?”

“What is her name?”

“Niall are you lonely?”

Thousands of questions being thrown around about everyone. I stepped into the car with Harry.

Driver Niall

Anne Louis

Liam Emily Harry

I looked over at Liam, he was just staring out the window. What is wrong? The drive was short.

“Anne! Are you ready to shop our hearts out?” I asked Anne

“Of course!”

We got to the hotel and Louis said, “We only have 4 rooms but the next location we will have 6 so we have to share again.”

“Ok, Liam! Ready for more sleepovers?!”

“ definitely.”

My eyes turned dark blue, I turned to Harry and pulled him to the couch and turned on the TV, I just wanted to watch TV with Harry. I don’t want to read Liam’s mind because he is my brother but I might have to. I will give it 1 day. Harry turned on some movie that I don’t know, I turned to it and started watching it.

We ate lunch all laughing except Liam, he was staring at his phone, just like he was when we landed. When we all finished Liam got up and walked to our room, before he could close the door I walked in and closed the door behind me. He looked up at me than just looked back down.

“What is wrong? Liam talk to me?”


“See I don’t believe you! I would just read your mind but you’re my big brother and I want you to be able to talk to me!”

“Really, Emily, everything is fine.” He said still looking down

“What is on your phone?”


“It is not nothing!”

“It doesn’t matter anyways!”


“I TOLD YOU IT IS NOTHING!” He said standing up


“You are the most amazing, beautiful, and smart person I have ever met.” Woah where did that come from?

“What is on the phone?” I asked calmer

“Look you know we have a bunch of fans, when they see us with a girl, they get jealous. They try to hurt the girl to push her away. They post things online and sometimes the press believes some of them, especially if the person personally know someone involved.” Liam was tearing up

“What happened?”

“Danielle, my now ex-girlfriend, thought I was cheating on her with you because we are almost the same age. She posted some pretty hurtful stuff and the press believed her.”

“Oh Liam! I don’t care what other people say! If Danielle automatically assumes stuff like that she doesn’t trust you. That is not something you need in a relationship!” I say hugging him

“I love you Emily!”

“I love you too, big brother!”

We both walked out of the bedroom and Louis and Anne’s faces were pushed up against the door.

“Really? Again?” I asked

“Harry wanted to do it but wouldn’t!” Louis yelled

“Dude!” Harry yelled from across the room

I went and sat next to Harry, watching the movie on the TV.

“Lets go party or something!” Anne suggested

“I guess, we are in Paris, Liam do you have anything tomorrow?”

“Just an interview late in the day.”

“Yay!! Anne grab something from your stuff and meet me in my room!” I say run to Liam and pulling him to our room.

“Quickly grab something to wear and go!” I say laughing

“Fine!! I can change in Louis’s room!” He said with wide eyes

“Im coming in!” Anne yelled


Anne opened the door saw Liam and just glared at him, he went a little faster, he grabbed his clothes and left.

“Yay” Anne yelled

“What am I going to wear!” I asked

“Wear that one that has a black top and the flowers with stripes on the bottom!”

“OMG I love that dress!”

Anne had picked out a rose gold sequin dress with cold shoulders, it was tight and only went half way down her thigh. I wore my hair down and straightened, with a right sided part. I only put on a little bit of makeup. Anne pinned her hair to the right side of her neck. Anne always has some type of eye makeup on, she is so talented at it! She had rose gold eye makeup done. Knowing we only had 10 minutes left until we were ready I yelled to the boys to start getting ready.

“Ok mom!” Louis yelled

Me and Anne looked in the mirror making everything looked good. We turned and Anne went out first, Louis’s mouth dropped when he saw her. I giggled and then walked out too. Niall’s face just said it all.

“You look beautiful.” A voice behind said

I turned and saw Harry, he looked at me up and down, I blushed, then he pulled me into a hug. All the boys were in jeans and some type of fancy/casual shirt with their hair done. Liam looked at me and just smiled. We left and climbed in the car and left the hotel. Me and Harry were sitting in the back. He put his hand on my knee and I put my hand on top of his. I looked in his eyes and they turned light green again. I didn’t turn away this time, I let him study my eyes. I then looked down acting like I just realized that they turned. He used his other hand to lift my head up by my chin. He stared straight in my eyes, I never realized how gorgeous his eyes were, I always turned my head because of my eyes. His eyes were the solid color of green, of the emotion LOVE. I just giggled and that confused him a lot.

“Why are you giggling?”

“Your eyes.”

“What about them?” He asked

“They are the solid color of green, what mine would look like if this feeling got to its strong enough.” He looked shocked and was going to say something but the car stopped and we got out.

The paps had found us and saw that me and Harry were holding hands. There had to be millions of photos of us like this. Liam then grabbed my other hand and I smiled at him. That should confuse the paps. When we got in Anne and Lou instantly got on the dance floor. Niall went to go get drinks for him, Harry, and Louis. Liam let go of my hand and went to help Niall. Harry led me to the dance floor. We danced for what seemed like hours, Harry getting drunker by the hour. He was just staring at my eyes the whole time. I think he wants them to change but I can’t change them in public. They stayed the beautiful light blue of my natural eyes. Eventually Liam found us and said we were leaving. I pulled Harry off the dance floor and into the car, Louis and Anne followed with Niall and Liam. Harry laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. When we got to the hotel I saw that their was no paps within 2 miles. I picked Harry up and carried him into the hotel. I had Liam act like he was helping just to make it believable. I opened his door and had Liam change him but before I left Harry grabbed my wrist.

“Come back, when you are done. Please?”

“Ok but no funny business.”

“Fine!” He said giggling

I made sure Niall was good, I knew Louis was fine because he had Anne. I changed and washed my face and brushed my hair. I told Liam I was going to lay with Harry until he fell asleep. He didn’t like it but let me anyways. I opened Harry’s door and saw him sitting up in bed, he didn’t have a shirt but I saw he had pants. He held out his arms like a baby. I giggled and crawled into the other side of the bed, Harry soon wrapped his arms around around my waist.

“What does green mean?” He asked and it shocked me

“Well means....”

“You can tell me, I promise.”

“Green means Love, and light green mean like.”

I said that and he mumbled, “I like you too.”

I just laid there shocked and fell asleep in Harry’s arms.

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