Ripped: A Harry Styles Love Story

Emily Payne was ripped from Liam’s arms. One night she meets Harry. He leads her back into Liam’s arms. Emily doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t know what to do. She falls for Harry, but what prevents her secret coming out and being ripped from both Liam and Harry’s arms? Will Harry be the glue to fix her ripped heart?


4. Chapter 4: Fight and Moving In

Chapter 4

“You contacted someone from before school. You violated your promise.” He answered

“I don’t care! Leave and don’t come back!” I yelled

“You told them about your powers! That is a violation!”

“If you want to take me and Anne you are going to have to fight me!” I spat at him and his goons

“Get them” he said to his goons

Me and Anne pushed the boys into mybedroom. Anne got one goon and I got the other. I punched him with my strength and he got knocked down. I quickly ran to him and tied him up then I ran to “Mr.Suit”. I punched him and tied him up to. I saw that Anne was struggling to win against her goon, I ran up to the wall and I jumped off of it and kicked him in the jaw. They were all passed out and tied up. We let the boys out and they were shocked. I picked the biggest goon off the floor and leaned him against the others in a corner. My eyes were red. I looked at the boys and saw they jumped when I looked at them. My eyes instantly turned to dark blue. Liam came running up to me and hugged me.

“I thought they were going to take you from me again!” He said tearing up

“You really thing I would do that to you again, and do that to me too?”

Louis ran up to Anne and hugged her. We laughed at them. The Liam and Harry helped me pack my room, Louis and Niall helped Anne pack hers. I pulled out my suitcases, I began packing my underwear and others while Liam and Harry packed my shirts and bottoms. I kept my underwear and stuff away from Harry’s eye line. Liam saw Harry trying to look and smacked him on the shoulder. I laughed at them. My eyes turned super light green again. Harry saw this again, he was trying to figure out what mood green meant. I finished with my under stuff and began packing my dresses. I saw the little black dress ( ok) I met Harry and Liam in. Harry saw it and blushed. I then blushed too, because I read his mind; she looked so hot in that!. We finished packing my clothes/shoes/jewelry, bathroom, and other stuff in my room. We went to the living room and began working on that. Anne was done to and we got everything packed.

“Everyone grab a box that goes to the house and link arms.” Everyone but Anne was confused

“Now make sure you are linked tightly and you are holding on to the box tightly. Liam what is the address if the house?”

“Um... 2596 E Something Dr #45” Liam answered confused

“Ok circle and make sure you are touching your neighbors tightly. Close your eyes and on 3 jump” by then Louis realized what we were doing.


“Yes! Now close you eyes, 1...2...3 JUMP!” We all jumped and disappeared then reappeared in the house’s living room.

We set everything down and the floor and Louis was bouncing off the walls.


“Just imagine the feeling of flying!” I told him

“Superman!! And you two are like Supergirl!!!” He yelled

“Shh someone will hear you!”

“The neighbors are used to Louis’s weird conversations.” Niall told me

“Ok now lets go back! Hold hands tightly in a circle!” Harry quickly grabbed my hand and Liam grabbed the other one. I blushed the looked at the ground.

“Ok 1....2....3 JUMP!” We disappeared then reappeared back in my old apartment.

The 3 were still passed out on the floor. We continued doing the teleport until everything was moved. I then left the school a note basically telling them to go kill themselves. I left it in Suit’s outside pocket. Me and Anne checked everything, then we grabbed our bags and left the apartment locking it then slipping the keys under the door. I told the manager I was leaving and paid him to mail me the mail that I and Anne will get until the address gets changed. All of us packed everything into the car and drove to the hotel. Me and Anne were smiling the whole way there. We ate dinner laughing and was like that the whole night, messing around and just having fun the whole night. We all passed out on the couch and the floor.

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