Ripped: A Harry Styles Love Story

Emily Payne was ripped from Liam’s arms. One night she meets Harry. He leads her back into Liam’s arms. Emily doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t know what to do. She falls for Harry, but what prevents her secret coming out and being ripped from both Liam and Harry’s arms? Will Harry be the glue to fix her ripped heart?


3. Chapter 3: On Tour

Chapter 3

“How!” I asked Liam

“Well you and Anne don’t have a job and don’t go to school, we need some makeup and fashion people, and Anne was telling me that you and her do makeup and fashion. Do you want to work with us? You can travel with us.” Liam explained

“YES!!!!! Oh my GOD!! YES!!!! I WANT TO GO WITH YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD!!!” I screamed into him, probably breaking his ear drums.

Harry ran out of his room hearing the screaming, he saw me wrapped around Liam.

“What is happening?” He asked

I jumped off Liam and ran to him.

“I am going on tour with you!” I said jumping up and down

“And ME!!” Anne yelled, I waved her off

He just smiled and hugged me. I read Liam’s mind; If he hurts her I will hurt him. I said back to him through his mind; He will not hurt me! . Liam looked shocked, I turned to him.

“Remember I can read minds!” I yelled

“Oh no!” Niall yelled

We looked at him confused.

“She can find my secret recipe for food!” Niall yelled again

We all laughed. We sat down and watched a movie, Superman. I cuddled next to Liam but then he left to go get lunch, Nandos. I moved to the person on the other side of the couch, Harry, I leaned up against him while watching the movie. He turned to look at me as I leaned against his shoulder. He squeezed my shoulders and went back to the movie. After it finished Liam came back and saw me leaning against Harry, I had fallen asleep. Harry slowly shook me to get me to wake up. I opened my eyes and looked at him smiling, my eyes turned super light green. I quickly got up and left him sitting there confused. I sat next to Liam and Anne.

Anne Emily

Louis Liam

Harry Niall

I avoided Harry and after laughing at Niall because he was doing his dare, I grabbed Anne from Louis and pulled her into Liam’s room. We left the boys confused.

“My eyes turned super light green when I looked at Harry.” I told Anne

“Oh my gosh, really?” Anne asked

All of the shades of colors in my eyes correspond to an emotion, like dark blue is sad and shocked is purple. Light green is love. Since my eyes turned super light green that means like. Sometimes my eyes tell me more about what im feeling than my head.

“Well do you want to like him?” Anne asked

“Idk, probably?” I said

“Well spend some time with him and see.”

“You are the best!” I said hugging her

We walked to the door and opened it and all four boys were leaning against the door, the all fell on top of each other.

“Really?” I asked

“You know it babe!” Louis said in a friendly way

Me and Anne laughed then stepped over them. They untangled themselves and ran over to the couch with us.

“What are we going to do know?” I asked

“Lets go pack up your apartment! You will not be back for 3-4 months, and if you want you can move into the house in London when we are done!” Liam suggested

“Yes!!” I yelled hugging him

The boys got changed into something other than pajamas. We left the hotel and then we saw the flashing. Liam held onto my hand and I held onto Anne’s hand and she held onto Louis’s hand. We ran to the car, hearing the paps yelling about me and Liam, Anne and Louis, and who me and Anne were. When we got to the car we pilled in.

Driver Niall

Emily Anne

Liam Louis Harry

We drove to our apartment. I unlocked the door and the man in the suit was sitting on the couch. Me and Anne stood in front of the boys. Louis closed the door.

“What are you doing here?” I spat at him

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