Ripped: A Harry Styles Love Story

Emily Payne was ripped from Liam’s arms. One night she meets Harry. He leads her back into Liam’s arms. Emily doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t know what to do. She falls for Harry, but what prevents her secret coming out and being ripped from both Liam and Harry’s arms? Will Harry be the glue to fix her ripped heart?


2. Chapter 2: Truth or Dare

Chapter 2

*Next Day*

I woke up and freaked out because I didn’t know where I was. Then I remembered Liam when he lightly snored next to me. I turned and hugged him while he slept. I was looking at his face and seeing all that changed the last 5 years. He woke up and smiled at me. He was looking at me and doing the same thing. I just laughed and got up to use the bathroom.

“Liam! I don’t have anything to wear!” I said standing next to the bed after exiting the bathroom.

He got up and went to his closet, he pulled out some girls jeans and a cute shirt.

“It is my girlfriend’s shirt and jeans but they fit you. She forgot them last time I saw her.”

“Ok be right back”

The jeans fit perfect and were just regular jeans, the shirt was a blank light blue shirt and it was super cute. I washed my face and put my hair in another bun. I walked out to see Liam in jeans and a white shirt.

“So what do you want to do today?” Liam asked

“Can we just stay here and hang out?” I asked

“Sure! Oh and here is something for Anne to.”


I went to Louis room and knocked. Louis opened the door with tired eyes.

“Here is some clothes for Anne.” I said handing them to him

“Oh thanks, I will give them to her.” He said and I walked away while he shut his door.

Liam followed me into the kitchen.

“Do you have anything to make breakfast with?” I asked

“Um...ya there should be some bacon and eggs in the fridge.”

I turned and pulled out the bacon and eggs, I set the bacon on a pan and turned on the heat.

“How do you want your eggs, oh and the others too?”

“Scrambled works.” Liam said

“You know you don’t have to cook breakfast for everyone.”

“I know, but I want to. How many eggs?” I asked

“10-12, Niall eats a lot” He said laughing

God I missed that laugh. We continued cooking using almost all the eggs, when everything was almost done I heard doors opening and feet walking to the kitchen.

“Who is cooking that beautiful smell?” Niall asked

“Im cooking bacon and eggs!” I responded laughing

“Liam! You took the crappy cooking genes!” Niall complained to Liam

We all just laughed. Anne soon walked out of Louis’s room and his arm was wrapped around her waist. We all looked at them and Louis let go of her.

“So what did you two do last night?” I asked laughing

“Nothing!” Louis yelled

I saw Anne blushing, I knew they only kissed, not the other thing. Harry and Niall wolf whistled. Anne looked down blushing again.

“Food is done!” I said while grabbing some bacon, I hate eggs.

We ate and got to know each other better.

“Wait, how did you get in to the party? You aren’t famous?” Liam asked

“Anne has her ways. I don’t understand stand how I just know she knows people.” I explained

“Wait, how did you get in?” I asked

“You don’t know?” Niall asked

“Know what? I never kept tabs on Liam, we weren’t aloud to.”

“We are a famous boyband! I got put with them during the X-Factor!”

“Oh my gosh! Liam!! I knew you could do it!” I said jumping up and down hugging Liam.

Everyone laughed. We finished eating. Niall and Louis went to go take a shower because they drank a lot last night. Harry, Liam, Anne, and I sat on the couch watching TV until they were done. They walked out and Louis started jumping around.

“Let’s play truth or dare!!” Louis yelled

“Is he always like this?” I asked Liam

“Unfortunately.” Liam laughed

“Ok sit down!” I said

“Ok who is first?” Anne asked

“The person who suggested the game!” Niall said

“! Truth or dare?” Louis asked me

“Dare!” I said laughing

“Do something cool with your powers!”

“Is that the only reason you are hanging out?” I asked with a fake hurt

“No! I promise, but do something cool!”


I stood up and walked to where no one was.

“What is something you want?”

“A rose!” Louis yelled

“Ok give me three seconds!”

I jumped and disappeared then reappeared by a rose bush in a park that no one was in. I picked the best looking rose. I then jumped and disappeared then reappeared in the hotel. I handed Louis the rose.

“Woah!! That is so cool!” Louis said jumping up and down, he then proceeded to hand Anne the rose. She instantly blushed and looked down. The boys wolf whistled again.

“Are you using my powers to get a girlfriend?”

“Maybe.” Louis said

“Is it working?” Louis asked

Anne continued look down with her cheeks red as the rose.

“I would say it is.” I said sitting down, Anne hit my arm

“What! It is! You are blushing so much!” I defended myself

I then noticed Harry was staring at me.

“Harry!” I yelled scaring him

“What?” He asked

“Truth or dare?” I asked innocently

“” He stumbled across his words, everyone laughed

“Why did you pick me at the party?” I asked, his eyes grew and then looked at Liam then at me

“ looked lonely and you were pretty pretty” he said unsure

“Are you sure that is all?” I asked

“You asked your question. My turn!” He said blushing at the ground

All the boys except Liam jumped up and started yelling

“Why are you doing that?” I asked Louis and Niall

“No one has ever done that to Harry!!”

“What made him blush? Or stumble across his words, or was it confronting him like that?” I asked proudly

I turned and saw Liam’s face, he was not happy with Harry, he knew Harry only danced with me because he wanted me to go home with him.

“Any of that!!!” Louis yelled

“Liam! It is ok!” I said hugging him

“Um...Louis truth or dare?” Harry asked


“I dare you to kiss Anne!” Harry yelled laughing

Anne’s face turned beet red as she sniffed her rose. Louis also blushed. He stood up and offered his hand to Anne. She handed me her rose and they went to Louis’s room.

“Nothing else!! Just a kiss!” I yelled

2 minutes later they walked out and they were both blushing. We all laughed.

“Emily! Truth or dare?” Louis asked me


“Have you ever had a boyfriend or even cuddled and kissed anyone like that?”

I looked down blushing, “” I said quietly, I hid my head in Liam’s shoulder.

I could feel the anger coming off of him, I looked up and he was glaring at Harry.

“Liam! I was never going to go home with anyone! I promise!” I yell

Harry was shocked and looked down away from Liam’s glares, the others were shocked but in a different way, Liam looked at me.

“You promise?” He asked sweetly

“Yes! Li! I promise! I have never took a boy home!” He look relieved

“Niall! Truth or dare!” I yelled


“I dare you to wait for everyone else to finish eating lunch before you start!” I dared knowing he loves food

“No!!! Liam she is being mean!”

“A dare is a dare” Liam said

“Fine! Anne truth or dare!”


“I dare you to morph into something else!”

She sat there then everything started moving and she turned into an exact replica of me.

“Wow!! That us so cool!!” Liam said

She turned back and asked Liam truth or dare.


“Boring!! He always chooses truth!” Louis complained

“To bad! He said it! When do you leave New York?” Anne asked

All the boy’s eyes dropped.

“What? When do you leave?” My eyes turning to a dark blue

Liam saw this, “Hey don’t be sad! It will be ok!”

“WHEN DO YOU LEAVE?” I yelled, I knew that the tone would get me what I wanted

“Tomorrow morning” Harry said quietly

I looked at him, I just got up and ran to any bedroom, I don’t care. Anne was running behind me but I closed the door before she could get in. The other boys stood by the door to.

“Emily! Please open the door!” Liam begged

“No! You are just going to leave! I am going to get ripped out of your arms, AGAIN!” I laid on the bed, it smelled like Harry.

I was in Harry’s bedroom! I continued to sob, the door opened and only Harry walked in. He began picking clothes off the floor and throwing them in a pile in the corner. He sat on the bed, right next to me. He put a hand on my knee. It sent chills through me, he couldn’t tell because he was staring at the ground.

“I’m sorry.” I said tearing up

I sat up still crying, “Why are you sorry?”

“I only danced with you, so I could take you...well to this bed. I messed up everything!” A tear ran down his cheek, I raised my arm and used my thumb to wipe it away.

“You brought me to Liam! He is the best thing that ever happened to me! You should be happy you brought us together again!” I said still crying, I put a hand on his shoulder while still holding his face.

He looked up at me, shocked with what I said and the fact I was still holding his face. I leaned toward him and hugged him. His smell was amazing! Even after drinking last night he still smelled amazing! He cried some more and so did I. He moved onto the bed more and I sat on one of his legs, still putting my face in his chest, hugging him. We sat like that for 5 minutes, I felt safe in his arms. Someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Harry asked, still hugging me

“Its Liam.” I could tell he was crying

I let go of Harry, very slowly, and walked to the door. I opened it and jumped into his arms. Arms and legs wrapped around him like I did when I was 15.

“I have a way you could go on tour with me.” I look up shocked, my eyes changing to purple.

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