Ripped: A Harry Styles Love Story

Emily Payne was ripped from Liam’s arms. One night she meets Harry. He leads her back into Liam’s arms. Emily doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t know what to do. She falls for Harry, but what prevents her secret coming out and being ripped from both Liam and Harry’s arms? Will Harry be the glue to fix her ripped heart?


1. Chapter 1: Seeing Liam

Chapter 1

Hi my name is Emily Payne, I have light brown hair, SUPER blue eyes, and I have a secret. Let me tell you about me!! My brother is Liam Payne, I am his little sister, I have two older sisters too but I don’t talk to them....well I don’t talk to any of my family now. I was born in London but when my parents found out what I could do they sent me to New York, I was only 15. Just imagine that you just found out you are a freak and your family sends you, not only across the country but across an OCEAN!! I went to a normal school in London but when I got moved to New York I had to go to a totally different school, one that normal people don’t know about and can only find it if they find you first. My personality is very weird, I don’t let people in very easily, I hate those kids that complain that they don’t have anything when I know they have everything and the kids that say you are their friend but abandon you the next hour. I also am VERY caring when it comes to best friends and family, like I would rip your head CLEAN off your shoulders if you messed with them. I am very nice but I am mostly a loner. Anyways let me tell you about why I had to move to New York.

*5 years earlier*

When I was 15 I was super sad because I had again lost another best friend to a selfless attention whore! I was sitting at the table eating dinner and I hadn’t told my parents, older brother, and older sisters about my now ex-best friend, Hope. I was sitting at dinner listening to my family talk about my brother auditioning for The X-Factor for the second time, he is only 1 year older than me. Liam had noticed that I wasn’t talking or even eating my food.

“Emily? What is wrong?” Liam asked with a caring voice

My two older sisters, who also absolutely hated me, decided that they were going to mess with me.

“Obviously she just wants attention because of you Liam!” One of my “sisters” said

“Ya she is an attention whore just like that one girl who stole your best friend!” My other “sister” said

“Stop!” I said getting angry

“Stop fighting with each other!” My dad yelled

“Its not my fault that she is a mistake and you never wanted her!” My “sister” said

During all of this Liam was just sitting there dumbfounded. I looked at him for help but he just sat there. I then looked at my mom and saw that what one of my sisters said was true. I was a mistake, I was never meant to be born let alone hit the age of 15. I got so angry and sad that I went to get up and go to my room when Liam yelled

“Wait Emily!! Come back so we can talk about this!”


By then I didn’t realize that I had literal flaming balls coming out of my hands and my eyes were changing colors to match my mood; anger, hurt, distrust, and disloyalty. My family had jumped out of their seats with shocked faces. I looked down I almost jumped out of my own skin. I was freaking out but I just closed my hands onto balls and the fire went away. I also closed my eyes trying to turn them back to the light blue my brother always said was the best part of me. When I opened my eyes my family was in the corner with fear coming off of them in waves. Well all except my brother. He stood about 10 feet away, he was crying and trying to get close to me. I realized that I could hurt him so I just backed away screaming.

“No!! I don’t want to hurt you Liam!! Please don’t!!” I had reached a corner of the room and couldn’t back away and I wasn’t about to put my hands out either.

“Emily, trust me. You would not do anything to hurt me. Just look at me and trust me.”

I looked at him and saw how much this hurt him. He finally reached me and he just pulled me into the biggest and tightest hug I have ever got. I was shocked but I hugged him back too. We were like that for about an hour, crying into each other’s arms until and man in a suit and tie opened the front door. Liam jumped in front of me. The man came with two super buff dudes behind him. He was from the school and explained to my parents what was best for me and my family, ya I know total bull but I believed him...up until he said I had to move to New York. I was then threatened by my parents and the two buff dudes and went upstairs to pack. I didn’t notice that Liam was with me until I had got to my room.

“Liam what are you doing?” I asked looking at him

“I am doing to spend every last minute with my little sister before her “family” turns her into the school across an ocean.”

I just broke down again and Liam helped me pack my entire room except the big furniture. When I went down stairs the man explained to my family that everyone who ever knew I existed would be sworn to secrecy and their would be no evidence that I ever existed. This broke me again. I dropped my stuff and jumped onto Liam we both hugged until I was being ripped apart from him by one of the buff dudes.

“NO!! PLEASE DONT LET THEM DO THIS!! LIAM!” My voice broke after that, the other dude had packed my stuff in the suit dude’s car.

I looked to Liam and I could see that his heart was as broken as mine. I had been pushed from my family by my powers, gained Liam back, lost Liam again, and moved across and ocean all in a matter of 3 hours.


I was sitting in my room reading a book when I got a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I yelled

“Who else would it be!” My best friend, Anne yelled back

I smiled, “Come in you crazy weirdo!”

I put my book down and turned to Anne, I jumped up and hugged her. I now am 20 years old and live in my own apartment. Anne also has powers like me. I can fly, teleport, I have super strength, the ability to never get hurt physically, I can make fire/ice balls in my hands and I can read minds. Oh and my eyes change colors based on my mood but the school helped me learn and control my powers. Apparently I have the most powers out of everyone. Anne can fly, can never get hurt physically, and she can morph her face and body into whatever shape and color she wants.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” She asks

“Um idk, probably nothing, why?”

“Well there is this celebrity party thing and I want to go with you.”

“OMG yes!!! What are we going to wear?” I asked running to my closet

“We could always go buy something!” Anne suggested

“Yes!! Let me get my purse!” I say yelling as I run into the living room, also Anne lives with me in the other bedroom.

We leave the apartment and call a cab, ya I know we can fly and I can teleport but we try to only use our powers when normal people are not around. We get to the mall and we run into the nearest dress store. Anne finds a blue halter top with a bandaged back short cocktail dress within 5 minutes. I hate how easy it is for her to find stuff. After about 15 minutes of looking I find a black cocktail dress with lace shoulders it ends right over my knees. After that we find matching shoes and head back to the apartment. It is dinner time now so I make some chicken because Anne doesn’t know how to cook or how to bake. We eat and laugh like always and then I get ready for bed. I lay in bed and can’t help but think that something is going to go horribly wrong at that party.

*The Next Day*

I have been waiting all day for this party! Me and Anne are messing around in our bathroom while putting makeup on and doing each others hair. I only use the bare minimum makeup I need, just some mascara, eyebrows, eyeliner, lipstick, and some powder. I also put my hair in a cute bun on the top of my head with some dangling pieces to frame my face. Anne puts on a bunch of eye makeup that matches her dress color and that compliments her green eyes and curls her brown hair. We grab our party purses, it is just a small purse that holds everything we need and it has a strap. We leave the apartment and get a cab to the party. I still have this bad feeling and it is just getting worse as we reach the party. I push it out of the way and Anne manages to get us in the party, how I have no idea. We go to one of the booths and look at the dance floor. A bunch of celebrities dancing, I look to Anne and we both think the same thing, LETS DANCE! Anne goes and dances with a cute guy, and I sit and watch waiting to find someone who catches my eye. I start thinking about my family. I don’t keep tabs on them so I have no idea what any of them are doing now. They could all be dead and I wouldn’t know. I realized I was just staring into space when a cute guy with curly brown hair and emerald eyes walks up and sits next to me in the booth.

“Now why are you sitting alone? A girl as beautiful as you, you must be here with someone else?” He asked in a flirty way

“Im just here with my best friend but she found a guy to dance with.” I respond

“Well can I dance with you?”

“Sure! Come on!” I say getting up and pulling him to the dance floor.

Lets just say he caught my eye. We began dancing to the music, not caring about the people around us. I can tell that he is looking up and down at me. I just continue dancing and having fun.

“Lets go sit down, maybe we can find your friend?” He whispers in my ear, it sent goosebumps down my arms.

He leads me to where I expect his friends are sitting and drinking, im only 20 so I can’t drink yet. I guess that is a good thing, that way I can remember everything.

“What is your name?” I ask

“Harry Styles.”

“Mine is Emily Payne”

He has a shocked look on his face but I can’t figure out why. I don’t want to read his mind because I can tell he is drunk and that would be a bad idea. We head to a booth with his friend. He sits and tells me to sit on one of his legs. The boy just looks at him with questioning eyes.

“Oh Emily this is Niall, Niall this is Emily Payne!”

“Hi!” I say just loud enough for them to hear

“Hi Emily Payne!!” Niall yells while laughing

Harry has one hand on my waist and one on my knee, I’m not going to do anything with him, I just want to have fun.

“Harry! You got a pretty girl!” Niall says obviously drunk.

I just look down and blush, Harry lifts my chin up with the hand that was on my knee. He gets me to look into his eyes. My eyes want to change colors but I fight it off. I can’t have him looking at my eyes when they change. He leans in to kiss me but I move my head so he kisses me on the cheek. I can tell he is shocked, like I said I’m not doing anything like that tonight. His eyes are saying that he likes my looks. You get good at reading eyes when you are staring in the mirror for hours trying to control your eye color. I am looking away from the dance floor so I don’t see a person walk up.

“Harry! Who is this?” I can barely hear him over the music but the voice sounds familiar. Probably just some actor or something.

I turn to look at him and freeze, my entire body just stops. Harry feels this and asks what is wrong. I am looking into the eyes of my big brother, Liam Payne. I just sit there frozen looking at his face and his eyes. He can’t tell who I am because it was 5 years ago when I was pulled from him. I changed a lot.

“Babe, what is wrong?” Harry asks in my ear

I just look at him and say, “Um...I have to go!”

I jump up but then I hear Niall, clearly drunk, yell, “No!! Emily Payne! Don’t leave yet!”

I freeze and look at Liam again, he figured out who I was. He was clearly shocked. I run looking for Anne. I can hear him and Harry running behind me. I finally find Anne.

“Anne we have to go!! Liam is here!” With that she looks straight into my eyes and pushes the guy she is dancing with away. She grabs my hand and we run out the doors and into a semi-crowded street. It is full of reporters and paps. When they see someone is coming out they instantly start taking pictures. The flashes are disorienting me and Anne. I can hear Liam and Harry yelling my name. The paps hear this too. Me and Anne are running down the street in heels, this would be hard but we were trained in fighting and running. We were actually super fit. The flashes are still running through my head, I turn to an alleyway to try and get them to stop. Before I leave, Liam and Harry run up to me and block me from moving away with Anne.

“Wait! Emily?” Liam asks surprised

We were told not to contact our family or friends from before we went to school. I was just freaking out, Anne was trying to calm me. My eyes were changing colors faster than they ever have. I just look down trying to control my breathing before I pass out.

“Back up will you!?” Anne yells at them

“Hey Emily. It is ok, everything is ok just breath, just breath.” She say in the most calming voice she can.

“Emily? Why did you run?” Harry asked, I could hear the hurt in his voice.

I couldn’t even look at Liam. Thats when I hear Liam say to Harry, that I was a family friend from a long time ago. I finally started breathing normally, when Niall and the guy Anne was dancing with run up to Harry and Liam. Anne is surprised to see that guy again, so is he.

“Anne?” He asks confused

“Louis?” Anne answers back

“Emily look at me please!” Liam begs

I look up at him and see his eyes, they are as broken as when I was pried out of his arms. I broke and jumped on him. I just hugged and cried and so did he. I didn’t even care that this dress may be showing my butt because I knew Anne would block that from the other boys.

“Liam what is going on?” Harry asked confused

Liam whispered in my ear, “Can we go back to my place and explain everything?”

I look up to him and nod my head, I missed him so much. I cried for weeks when I was taken from him.

“Come on guys, we have a lot to explain.” He said putting me down.

I held onto his waist and he held onto my shoulders, never letting go. Anne was holding my other hand too. Liam got to his car and we all got in. Liam told the driver where to go and we left the party. I was crying the whole was there, just holding onto Liam and not letting go. The other boys were so confused. We got to Liam’s hotel room, well more like hotel apartment. Liam had the guys sit down while Anne led me to the bathroom to talk and fix my make up.

“Are you going to tell him everything?” Anne asked while wetting a piece of toilet paper.

“Yes! I can’t live without him now! What is done is done!” I answered

I looked in the mirror and my mascara was everywhere and so was my eyeliner. I removed as much as much as I could from around my eyes. I looked at Anne and we just silently agreed to tell Liam and maybe the other boys too. We walked out and Liam and the boys were sitting on the couch.

“Liam, do you trust these boys with your life?” I asked very seriously

“Yes, Emily, you can tell them anything!”

“Ok, sit down with them.”

After everyone was sitting where I wanted them I began.

“When I was 15 I found out I had special powers like no one else. I was ripped right from Liam’s arms and had to move from London to New York. I had to go to this special school hidden in New York. I was erased from existence both physically and mentally. They took all my records and told everyone I ever knew to completely forget about me. This school taught me how to control my powers. Same with Anne. I left the school 2 years ago and have been living with Anne since then. I don’t have a job because the school pays for everything, within reason. Thats why I ran, I couldn’t talk to Liam or anyone I knew before the school.” I finished and was crying and so was Harry and Liam.

“I can fly, teleport, I have super strength, the ability to never get hurt physically, I can make fire/ice balls in my hands, read minds, and my eye color changes based on my mood. Anne can fly, can never get hurt physically, and she can morph her face and body into whatever shape and color she wants.” After I finished explaining everything, Liam sat me down on his lap and just hugged while I cried. I then felt a hand rubbing my back, it was too big to be Anne’s hand and I knew it was Harry’s.

“I missed you so much Emily! I cried forever but I couldn’t show anyone because then it would break the promise I made!”

“I missed you to Liam!” He kissed my forehead.

“Im going to go put her to bed, Anne you can stay here if you like.” Liam said talking to Anne and the boys

“She can sleep in my room.” Louis suggested

“Fine but nothing is happening!” Anne told him

“Ok!” Louis responded

“Night Anne, night guys.” I said as Liam picked me up and carried me to his room, I could hear the others saying good night too.

Liam laid me down on his bed and gave me some clothes to sleep in, I went to his bathroom and changed while taking off my makeup and letting my brown hair down. I went to the bed room and Liam was in Sweatpants and a band shirt, same as me. I laughed and hugged him. Our favorite thing to do when we were younger was to match like this. I crawled into my side of the bed and Liam did too. I fell asleep to Liam singing a song to me.


No hate to Liam’s family, it is just for the story!!!

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