1. Chapter 1

Cool air whipped up my hair and clothing tousling it around in a frantic fashion. Where had this wind come from? Just ten seconds ago the weather had been stifling warm and stagnant. However looking out in front of myself it didn't look as though anything was amiss, the leaves stood still on their branches as they had before.

I couldn't make any reasonable assumption as to why the only affected area made what seemed to be a perfect metre circle around me.

I decided to test the non-visible boundary, stepping forward with hands outstretched. I pressed into the wall that surrounded me. As soon as my hands touched the impossible structure I collapsed in a heap on the floor, crumpling and folding completely as the energy seemed to be drawn out of my body.

There's was only time to notice that the soft green grass that I had been standing on was now hard gravel, before I passed out.

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