Olivia has a longtime relationship with Andrew. They're happy and everything is going great until the day his mother tells them that Andrew and Olivia are siblings. What will they do? Giving the relationship up? Telling everyone what they did? No that doesn't seem enough to Olivia. Together with Andrew she makes her way into dangerous adventures to find out the truth.


1. Prologue

Together with Andrew I brushed my teeth. He looked at me for some seconds before spitting out the toothpaste and washing out his mouth. "I wonder what my mom would want us to tell." He mumbled as he got under the shower. "Why exactly didn't we tell her that we're in a relationship? It's been going on for so long now." I washed out my mouth and walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind me.

My dress for tonight lay on the bed. A pure white dress with small golden flowers on its waist areas. His mom decided to do a theme party. The theme was not my taste but I didn't want to refuse. Andrew’s suit fit mine perfectly. It was white as well. Next to it lay his white hat. With a sigh I slowly slipped into the huge and heavy dress. Andrew got out in the perfect moment. "Hey can you help me with the corset? I can't do it alone." He gently shoved my hair over my shoulder and started pulling at the strings together. "Oh wow..that's tight." After he was done I looked into the mirror. "Let's go." Grabbing my hand he led me out and to the car.

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