Seeing Red

Rachel, a beautiful woman diagnosed with sadism, narcissism and insanity at the age of six finds herself obsessed with the color red, this color means everything to her, her life, her world, her pleasure, her identity and the list goes on. Things spiral out of control and she eventually becomes so obsessed that she must never stop seeing the color red and in fact must become it, failure is not in her blood but neither are her morals. When red is not red enough, she begins to use her secret weapon and goes on an endless killing spree. Red becomes her. But will her malicious tactics keep her free on the streets forever?
* Cover photo belongs to Flex Dreams ( Not a user on Movellas)


1. Prologue: Red Is Born


Germany, April 6, 1946

The Valentine family had been expecting a new child for the past nine months

but today is the day for a new life to begin for they are having another baby girl.

Before their eyes was a precious newborn laying within her mother's arms, the baby's piercing green eyes looking back at her.

 They gave her the name Rachel.

Her parents, Veronica and Michael were very eager for their new soft bundle of joy that had been newly welcomed into the world or so they had thought.

On the other hand, her sister Monica had felt somewhat joyful but had suspected something rather sinister, something wrong with her newly born sister but she couldn't quite figure out what it was, her intuition wasn't wrong after all. For her sister, Rachel will be part of the devil's plan, the path of death and destruction but only for a color. RED. 

Rachel's family will soon wish that their 'sweet little angel' was never born for the evil seed had once again come to bloom, the one who would bring everyone down to their doom.

Rachel will eventually be known as the woman who sees red whom has twisted thoughts inside of her head and everywhere she goes will only lead to bloodshed.




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