i can be your angle or yuor devil

I’m not entirely sure when Soul Eater takes place, so this isn’t that far fetched. Who am I kidding I just wanted to make this happen.


Author's note

Really hope this isn’t abysmal!

6. purposefully hurting your favorite character: an autobiography

The world curves around and around as Stein spins me above his head. I try to send him a mental image of his surroundings and it either works of my meister is just good because he leaps backwards off the car and safely onto the curb. The Kishin in front of us appears entirely human save for the bat wings poking from its back. We already sliced through one of them so it won't be flying away hopefully.

Stein? Did you get that?

"No, senpai. It was a feeling of where would be okay to jump, though."

Great! Teacher did say that sometimes we wouldn't have to talk to communicate!

Wow, Spirit, teacher's pet much? I gotta focus! Stein swings me at the monster's head as it tries to get its fist out of the bottom on the car it overturned. It leaps back right before we would've hit it and into the weirdly empty road. Not that it's a bad thing, because it means less people to get hurt!

"Spirit, focus."

Stein probably sensed I was going to get sidetracked. My meister leaps onto the car and into the air, ready to swing me down over his head. The Kishin dodges again and Stein twists until he vaults off of the base of the handle instead of the blade of my weapon form. This lets him kick the creature right in the face with both feet!

It goes flying and we come after it. It manages to catch itself and charges right back at us. Stein dives and catches its ankle in the cross part of my handle and a gross cracking noise echoes across my blade. Ew.

My meister rolls instead of dragging his face across the asphalt and gets back to his feet before the Kishin can. I can feel his heart get faster when he soars through the space between the monster and us. He twists me under him and plants one foot right above the cross piece and one right below, sending the point of my scythe blade directly through the pre-Kishin's chest and into the pavement beneath. We're done!

Stein jumps off of me and I start to transform back— wait. Why hasn't the body disappeared yet..!


Isn't it just a cliche that your life flashes before your eyes or that time slows down when you're about to die? I just suddenly remembered all the times I was an awful weapon for Stein. Not even that, but the times I was an awful partner, an awful friend! Stein is so talented and smart and amazing. He can definitely find a partner that is more powerful and not dumb enough to transform before an enemy is dead.

I wish I could stop while transforming and go back to weapon form. I've seen one of our instructors do it once! Spirit, you're twelve! Why do you have so many regrets? Who cares. I'm gonna be dead anyways. The moment just came. My human form stopped glowing and there's a knife but it's unraveling and AAAHHH!

"Owwwww! Oh, it hurts, Stein! Help me, please!" I'm crying and screaming and Stein saved me. He tackled me off of the Kishin but it still got me and it hurts! "Please, please, please make it stop! Ow ow ow ow it hurts so bad! Please Stein, help me!"

I can't smell anything but the dirt and I can't taste anything but blood and I can't hear anything but ringing and I can't see anything because it's blurry and wet and I can't feel anything but the PAIN—


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