i can be your angle or yuor devil

I’m not entirely sure when Soul Eater takes place, so this isn’t that far fetched. Who am I kidding I just wanted to make this happen.


Author's note

Really hope this isn’t abysmal!

3. it isnt murder if its for school

Spirit and I finally exited the restaurant where he had lunch. The meal had taken even longer than usual because he kept trying to make me eat something. I eat breakfast and dinner, isn't that enough? We walked down the sidewalk, with Spirit behind me and to my right, like he always was. I don't think he even realizes that he nearly always lets me take the lead, no matter what we're doing. It is convenient for whenever I need him to transform and he's right there for me to grab. It isn't when I need him to see my expressions of frustration at whatever new activity he decides is a good idea.

Now that I think about it, it's very possible that the habit evolved from his subconscious wanting to escape my displeasure. What you can't see isn't real, and all that. Spirit does hate when I'm upset, especially at him. If I've learned one thing about him in the year we've been partnered, it's that he is extremely eager to please.

To my right, there's a slash-scrape-gargle that sounds remarkably like Spirit cleaving through a limb. My arm is already flung behind me as I pivot to race down the alley.

I grab his wrist and tug him completely off of his feet when I take off.


I use what I've taken to calling my 'Meister Voice' and before Spirit is really even realizing what's going on, he's already glowing and becoming metal in my hands. I shush his protests as he solidifies.

"Someone, or something, was just seriously injured by a blade. I'm going to see what it is."

This is exciting! Even more intresting than that spider-like pre-Kishin we killed. Unlike that one, this new adventure wasn't assigned by our teacher. I unfocused my eyes slightly on the real world to tune into the soul wavelengths around me, something that I'm just getting used to doing. There are two pure human-blue souls around that corner. One is sinking into the other, staining it a sick Kishin-red. Incredible. I just witnessed the beginning transformation from person to monster. What if I rip it in two before the change is complete?

The thought seems to send power to my legs because I make it to the corner faster than I would have otherwise. Two souls have fully become one before my eyes. I missed it! Spirit slices through flesh and bone as if it were wax. The orb leaps out of the chest and gives a great pulse. Spirit gasps when the sickly power radiates over his blade and I shudder empathetically. He's essentially a violin string, picking up vibrations and amplifying them into sound, or in the case of souls, power. The pre-Kishin wavelength must have made him feel awful. In all honesty though, he probably feels more awful because of the scene at my feet.

The scythe glows in my hand, but I really want him to land on his feet this time because of the blood on the ground, so I don't release the weapon. The shine shifts and stretches until my hand rests on the waist of a boy. A boy who is currently whimpering and struggling to remain upright.

"Stein? Why hasn't the body disappeared?"

Spirit's eyes are wide and glisten with terrified tears in the dim light. His hands clutch my shoulders and he stares down at me like I know exactly what's going on. I don't. I do have an idea, though.

"If you're worried about if we killed a human or not, don't be. I saw his soul, and he was fully non-human when he died. Look, his soul is red. The reason the body is still here is... remember that pulse of energy and light it gave off? That was the power of the pre-Kishin. If we had been a second later, I'm sure it would have turned the man into a monster. That's why the body is still there; the body was human, even if its occupant wasn't any longer."

I move my hand from his side and luckily Spirit seems to understand what I want. He unclenches his hands and takes a step backwards, ducking his head in what must be a mix of apology (for staying too close for too long) and understanding (that we haven't killed a human, the body was just a host). He scrubs his sleeve over his eyes and shakily smiles at me. In a couple hours his feelings will fade and he'll be back to normal by tomorrow.

"Let's get out of here. I really wanna take a nap."

I indulge him with a smile of my own.

"Are you sure you're twelve? You act half your age most of the time."

"Shut it! I'm two whole years older than you, shorty!"

"My apologies, Senpai."

"Don't pretend you're polite!"

Spirit fell into step behind me and I prepared myself to argue with him back to our hotel. Could be a whole lot worse. After all, the trudge back if we had killed a human would be devastating to our partnership. But that will never happen.


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