i can be your angle or yuor devil

I’m not entirely sure when Soul Eater takes place, so this isn’t that far fetched. Who am I kidding I just wanted to make this happen.


Author's note

Really hope this isn’t abysmal!

5. im sorry im not as smart as sherlock please dont hurt me

John pays the cabbie while I take the stairs three at a time. I overshoot the last two so I land exactly where I need to stand to be in the blind spot of the opening door. He would be impressed if I ever showed him. However, I would hate to cause him the mental anguish which my defensive position may arouse. John is a military man, after all. He instinctually responds to certain body language and tones of voice like he would on a battlefield. While usually an advantage, occasionally it backfires and brings up painful memories for him.

I open the door and listen; everything is normal. Tossing my coat to land it on the hook is a fun exercise; it misses but catches on the one beneath, so I consider it a partial success. By the time John will have scaled the stairs, I'll already have my computer turning on.

As my friend crosses the threshold I'm logged on and starting to access the CCTV systems for the immediate area of the crime scene. Mycroft slipped up the last time we were in contact with each other and I intend to take full advantage of his privileges to work from the flat. My brother's cameras once again prove to be useful for something: the camera facing the entrance to the alley on the quieter street captures the businessman being dragged into the shadows, but no one else until the metropolitan idiots arrive.

The other entrance to the scene of the murders is covered by a panning camera which doesn't show the actual alleyway entrance for up to ten seconds at a time. I pull up cameras farther along on the road in both directions to see if anyone takes longer to walk past than they should. A couple pedestrians go into shops, but none disappear. Except for two boys. Here they are walking into the panning camera's range, then as it looks over the alley entrance, they are gone. And here they are once again, walking out of the pan into the view of the camera up the street.

There were two sets of children's footprintswalking out of the alley, but only one set going in. Even in the poor quality video, it's easy to see that neither child is concealing a blade big enough to cut through a man. There wasn't anything in the alleyway, either. there was a fire escape, but both of them are too short to reach it and there wasn't enough time for them to work together to grab it. Even if they did, the tramp would've heard them and either attacked or run away. Then how...

"Sherlock! Window, now!"

Captain Watson drags me from my deductions. I can hear screams and crunches from outside even sitting in my chair. Vaulting over the back is the quickest way to the window. John moves to grab for his gun and I slide into the newly unoccupied space to see.

Balanced on the tire of an overturned car is one of the boys from the footage wielding a weapon capable of cleaving straight through a human: a large black scythe.

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