i can be your angle or yuor devil

I’m not entirely sure when Soul Eater takes place, so this isn’t that far fetched. Who am I kidding I just wanted to make this happen.


Author's note

Really hope this isn’t abysmal!

1. how to get fired: by random guy

Two young boys stepped off of the plane and into the airport. They had been given two first class seats, the previous occupants having been reassigned while boarding. The two children each were in possession of one carry on bag, with no checked luggage. Once at LHR, they were escorted by uniformed US officers past customs and given a card, presumably loaded with money.

The curious camera controller was repeating the known facts after boiling them down to the important details of his conundrum. He was clueless as to what these two children were.

On the seating chart for the luxury plane, the two seats filled by the boys were simply labeled 'DWMA.' He had never seen that acronym used, nor did he have any clue what it could possibly stand for. His boss's agents based in America reported that the two had taken off from New York City after a connecting flight from Las Vegas via a private plane also registered under DWMA. Before that point, the boys had appeared out of the Nevada desert. That was as much as could be gathered about the children's origins.

The items in their arms had not passed through security at either location, as they had been escorted to their gate similarly to how they were after exiting the cabin. The bags were closed, and the security supervisor had no knowledge of their contents.

There was also the issue of their escorts. Communications to the two soldiers had been intercepted and therefore he knew that their orders were genuine and came from a high authority. This couldn't be a ruse; uniformed officers attracted attention at any location, especially guiding a couple small children with hands on their firearms. If it was an attempt at a ruse, it was almost painfully obvious. The men had asked the two to confirm their identities, at which point they had both pulled necklaces from beneath their shirts. The items both sported oddly shaped white tags, and after flipping them over, presumably to check information, the soldier had nodded and he and his companion led the boys past the lines.

The man was confused. What was the point of anonymity in seating if the two boys were going to receive an armed escort through a very public international airport? Why go through the trouble to get them through customs only to leave them to catch their own train? Why were they given a black card? And just who are these children?

He returned his attention to the monitor and observed the boys as they waited for the tube. The taller of the two looked to be a few years older than his companion, but much more childish. His eyes were wide as he swiveled his head back and forth, trying to see everything at once. On the black and white footage, his eyes were bright and his hair dark. He was clad in black. The other boy was maybe three inches shorter and appeared quite young. He stood still, angled towards the older boy, with his eyes half closed and a bored expression. His eyes were as dark as the others hair and his hair white as his clothing on the computer screen.

Presently the tube arrived. The two boarded and, fortunately for the employee's curiosity, chose seats directly across from the carriage's color security camera. The British Government employee zoomed in and took a closer look at the first boy.

His hair was the first thing to note of the child. It was a red so bright it was like a crayon. But, impossibly, it appeared to be natural. His eyebrows matched the shade, and his eyelashes were long and thick enough to confirm that yes indeed, scarlet is a natural hair color. He blinked onscreen, and the action drew attention to his eyes. They were as bright as they were in greyscale, but now colorized in a clear sky blue.

The young specialist directed the camera to face the other boy and was greeted with an unsettling image. The child was staring directly into the camera lens, unblinking. Recovering quickly, the camera operator used the opportunity to inspect his eyes. In a deep forest green, they slid back and forth to maintain eye contact with the invisible viewer. Now he felt properly freaked out. The boy's hair was a pleasant distraction. Through the higher quality lens, it was obvious that his hair was a wintry silver grey, rather than white. This was proven natural as well, but the boy was too pale for it to have been sun-bleached, so, again, the man at the computer acknowledged an improbable hair color.

As he zoomed the camera back to its original magnification, the operator directed his attention to their clothing. The cherry redhead has clad in a uniform of some sort. It was solid black from the dress shoes to the pants to the high-collared shirt, but was secured with round brass buttons up the front and a large metallic cross at his throat. The other boy was dressed the same, but in white. The seams all looked like they had been sown by their wearer, and the buttons and cross were missing to make way for more stitches.

The boys were seemingly belonging to an important organization, if their escort, uniforms, and matching identification tags were anything to go by. But the older boy couldn't possibly be over fourteen, if he was being generous, and no school was allowed the privileges these children were graced with.

As the young operator glanced at the time, he grabbed a external drive and copied all relevant files pertaining to anything about the mysterious kids. He had done things similar for his employer dozens of times so this wasn't raising any alarms. He'd just come back tomorrow for his next shift and bring the drive home with him. He almost couldn't believe that these two kids were making him break the rules, but they were really that intriguing. He powered down the monitor, stood up, and turned around to find himself staring up at Mycroft Holmes himself.

The terrified camera operator released a shuddering sigh and placed his phone, watch, laptop, glasses, pens, and all other items on his person on his desk before being firmly removed from the premises by a guard. As he counted his lucky stars that he only lost his job and not his life, he allowed one last thought to himself about what he threw his job away for.

"Who are those kids?"

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