Late Evening in London A novel

When Harold Thomas walks near St James's Park, he stumbles upon a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister, Sir John Morrow. As a consequence, he has twenty-four hours to catch the killer before it's too late.


1. Late Evening in London-Part One


Harold Thomas walked towards St James's Park. It was 7:30 AM, Saturday, February 6, 1984. He gazed at the group of joggers, as they ran down the gravel path. He stopped near the bench, and saw a woman smoking a cigarette. "I haven't got much time left", she said. He frowned. "Excuse me?", he asked her. "They're watching me", she answered. Harold blinked his green eyes. Then she heard the sound of gunshots, and her body thudded next to Harold's feet, and he screamed with shock.

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