Swordfish man meets evil sword

In turn of events, the island of south seas, finds evil sword trapped, behind the swordfish comes another creation, back to life a super hero gets the sword that once was hidden in the, ocean back to princess villa and the, new island of south seas, becomes the palace and destined home of the new tresure of the missing maos.


Author's note

Second story of swordfishman and many adventures..

1. Swordfish the beginning

it seemed that, back in the calm shalow seas, another detained swordfish came calm but, an evil, or rather viallinas word beyond the hidden seas.

Once again the sword grabbed the hands evik sword had just been in an, island somehow just in the right place and time.

The magic and ominous seas, suddenly grabbed the sword and the, villain of many treasures and hidden seas among, his magical swords, had brought a sea back to life.

The island somehow became in the night, and a new begining started to meet the very fish that had once been man.

Now the seas began to suddenly gain waves and very calm, suddenly the treause deeply hidden, was in swordfish irony and evil sword, stered to get many new swords of one the deep, one the forgotten one.

The story meets the swordfish again, suddenly the magic that once made him super hero began to abruptly find the , great seas of the South Pacific, perhaps the new and ultimate quest was, upon a new journey to find the ️true meaning of the treasures and missing maos that once lived deep and intriguing of a song, once sang.

Whateve new journey lay was still upon the island that sank far ago and now the, journey of a new title and map, needed to find evil sword new meaning.

Once agiain the calm seas were no longer calm and the short time the sword was under the seas, began to find the very cusk of evil sword.

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