Heaven's Shadows

Thea Amari keeps waking up in strange places without the memory of ever going there. One day she wakes up in the middle of the woods, surrounded by soldiers with guns pointed at her head. Without thinking she bolts. A man behind her screams, “DO NOT LET THE DRAGON GET AWAY! WE NEED HER ALIVE!” What happens when the soldiers chase her to the ocean? What happens when she blacks out and wakes up at the front door of a mansion? When she learns she crossed the ocean while she was unconscious? What happens when she meets Aomani? When she meets Hunter? What happens when she learns to breathe fire?


1. Blindsided


(It’s the things you least expect that hit you the hardest.) -unknown


Bullets wist past me. All I can hear are guns firing. I see trees. The ground beneath my feet becomes soft, almost like sand. I keep running. I see water. Water, water and more water. I felt something strange surge through my body. The world became dark. No sounds, no smells. Just dark. Pitch silence.


    “What the hell?” A masculine voice broke the silence. I felt the ground vibrate as he walked up to me. Then. Nothing.


    My other senses returned long before my sight. When my eyes finally decided to start working again, I was in a bedroom. Looked like a stereotypical teenage boy’s room.

“Welcome back.” The same masculine voice said.

“Ugh. Where am I?”

“In my room.” The voice said calmly, “I’m Hunter.”

“Thea.” I said sitting up.

“You look hungry, I can go grab you some food if you want.” Hunter said.

“Thank you.” I replied.

“I’ll be right back.” He said. I nodded as he left. I looked around his room. It’s always smart to know your surroundings in case you need a fast escape. The wall was covered in baseball posters from head to toe. He had a fairly large red sox rug covering most of the open floor space. In the corer was a wooden desk next to a window.

“Bingo.” I told myself. The window isn’t the best escape route, but it will certainly work. I wanted to get up, look out the window, see how far from the ground I was. The second I tried to move, pain washed over my shoulder, looking down, I saw bandages wrapped from neck to elbow. I knew I’d been shot. Defeated I fell backward onto the bed. A few minutes later, the door flung open, Hunter walked in carrying slices of pizza and a glass on water.

“Sorry, we didn’t have much.” He said. I sat up again.

“It’s fine. At least it’s something.” I said before inhaling the pizza.

“Wow.” Hunter said.

“What?” I asked as I gulped down the last of my water. I could feel my wound begin to heal. Soon I could move it freely. It still hurt, but the pain was much more bearable.

“Nothing.” He said.

“Ok, well, thanks for helping me.” I said standing up.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Leaving.” I said simply.

“No you’re not.” He said. Face stern.

“Yes I am.” I said walking to the door.

“No. You were shot and there is still blood on your clothes and bandages.” He moved in front of me quicker than the eye could follow. How did he do that. Ugh. I’m not getting out of here if he’s able to do that. So being the perfectly rational teenage girl that I was, I gathered up all my strength and punched him in the temple as hard as I could. He fell with a very adioable thump.

“Hunter you ok?” A female voice was right outside the door. Shit. Window it is I guess. The doorknob started to turn, I bolted for the window. Only after I hit it, did I realize it was closed and that humans can’t pass right through solid objects. But instead of falling back into Hunter’s room like I expected, I was free falling from the fifth floor of a mansion. In a blur, I hit the ground and sprinted away from the mansion. I ran into a treeline. I lost track of how many branches hit me in the face, or how long I had been running, but eventually, the trees broke and I came out on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. The smell of salt water filled my nose. I felt at peace. Like even the government couldn’t catch me here. But I can’t let a false sense of peace be the thing that lets them catch me. I have to keep moving. My head started to pound, my vision flared from normal to tented gold.

“Thea!” I heard a voice in the background. It sounded miles away. I felt myself start to blackout again. My vision now seemed like it was getting electrocuted, constantly flashing between normal, gold, and darkness. My head hurt more and my ears flatlined. I was unconscious before I even hit the ground.


    When I woke up again, everything was different. It was pitch dark, not a single bit of light. The strange thing was, I could see my body perfectly fine. When I looked down at my arms, it looked like a light was shining on them, but there was no light, only darkness.

“Where am I?” I whispered to myself. The sound seemed to emanate off of me and into the blackened plain.

“In our mind.” A feminine voice echoed back.

“Hold up, our mind?” I asked, severely overwhelmed.

“Yes, Thea. Our mind.” The voice said.

“Who are you?” I asked. She went silent. A few minutes passed. A sigh echoed from everywhere and nowhere, “You may call me Aonani.”

“Ok, Aonani. Why did you say this was our mind. Last I checked, I was the only one in here.” I said.

Aonani rolled her eyes, “Then who are to talking to right now?” she challenged.

“You.” I said.

“And where are we?”

“In my mind.”

“Yes, and you don’t have physic link with anyone, yet here I am.” Aonami said.

“Ok...Where have you been, why are we only talking now?” I asked

“I’ve been sleeping.” She said as her voice faded. Real life cut its way into the darkness. Hunter’s eyes were the only thing she could see. They were filled with worry. It’s wasn’t until now that I noticed how green his eyes were. It’s like I could see an entire forest in them. My vision flared gold, Hunter leapt backwards. The world looked like someone put a gold filter on my eyes, but Hunter was glowing white. Pain shot through my left arm, and up to my wounded shoulder. I cried in agony. Fire was now running through every vein. It felt as if all my bones were being broken. I looked up to Hunter again, I wanted help. I wanted him to save me. But when I looked, I saw terror on his face. He was not going to help me. I closed my eyes and waited for the end. I felt my body explode. I was still alive. I didn’t have  a human body anymore, just a cluster of molecules. I felt my cells burn, like someone tossed me into an active volcano. I felt everything implode, almost. Flying back together to form a body. A physical thing. Then it stopped. No pain. No fire. Nothing. I was breathing hard and loud. Noticing I was on all fours, I tried to stand up. Something heavy on my back knocked me off balance. I fell, trying to scream, but all that escaped my mouth was a wail. I hit the ground with a thud. I swear there was a little earthquake when I hit the ground. I fell on the weights which I now realized were wings. Getting off my back, I steadied myself, standing on all fours. I looked down to see that my arms had become over four times the size of my body, white and scaly. Looking back I saw large gold wings and golden spikes that ran down my back and tail. Tail? I had a tail? The white scales continued down my tail, gold spikes followed. I had a large golden fin at the end of my tail. I tried moving my wings, but the effort proved too much. I let out a loud roar before falling unconscious again. Everything was black

“Thea?” Aonani said.

“What?” I spat back.

“You need rest, but first I will reveal myself.” She said as a beautiful dragon with a white body and gold everything else (wings, spikes, eyes, tail flaps) walked out from the shadows.

“Wait, that’s what I turned into.” I said in awe.

“Yes.” said Aonani, “Because I am your dragon. I’ve been with you since birth, watched from the inside. I’m glad we finally get to talk. But not right now. The first conscious shift is both painful and exhausting, you need rest.” Aonani disappeared back into the darkness as I faded  into the dream world.


    I woke up in Hunter’s bed again. He was holding my hand, gazing out the window.

“Hunter?” I asked.

He turned around faster than you can say, “HOLY CRAP I’M A DRAGON” and let go of my hand, “Thea?” He said worried, “Are you alright?”

“Been better.” I said.

He nodded, placing his hand on my back to help me sit up. For a few minutes we just sat there together, looking out the window. I was getting tired, tired of being awake and tired of holding my head up. Without thinking I rested my head on his shoulder. He tensed up. I tensed up, ready for whatever he might do. After all, he did just watch me turn into a dragon. But he also brought me back here. I tilted my head to see his face. We locked eyes. His green eyes were wild, but also soft. I could see fear in his eyes, but also kindness. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s even in here with me right now. I took the cue and lifted my head, “I’m sorry.” I said.

“It’s alright.” He was looking at me earnestly now.

“No I mean about earlier. I’m not going to hurt you.” I said.

“You mean we’re not.” Aonani said.

“What?” Hunter asked. I guess he could see the surprise on my face.

“Nothing.” I said leaning my head back on his shoulder, “You can do that?” I asked Aonani. Hunter put his arm around me and rested his head on mine.

“Now that you’ve consciously shifted, yes. And I like Hunter. I won’t hurt him if you don’t” Aonani said.

“Deal” Without thinking, I closed the space between Hunter and I. I put my hand on his chest and looked up at him. We locked eyes again. His pupil seemed to eat away the green to his eyes. I just realized how close we are, close enough to kiss. As if on cue, Hunter leaned closer and slightly tilted his head.

“THEA!” Aonani yelled, snapping me out of it. I took a deep breath and backed away from him just in time. One more second and we would have kissed.

“I should go to bed.” I said, not meeting eyes.

He breathed in sharply, “Yea, I’ll uh, I’ll take the floor.”

I nodded and turned over. Not facing him, “Hunter?”

“Yea?” He asked

“Why did you bring me back here. Why are you even in the same room as me? Aren’t you afraid?” I asked yawing

“I’m not afraid.” He said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you in the morning, you need sleep.” His voice soft and kind.

“I’m afraid” I said, drifting off into the land of dreams.


(Ghost’s POV)

“Sir, she evaded us.” A meek feminine voice said.

“She evaded you?” I snarled, putting everyone once of dominance I had into my voice.

“Yes sir.”

“Where is she now?”

“I don’t know Sir. She lost us when she crossed the ocean.” Fear was rising in the feminine voice.

“Go talk to Loki, see if he can track her.” I eased the dominance.

“Sir, you’re giving me another chance?”

“Yes, Raven. Do not waste it.” I boomed my voice against the walls, creating a deep echo.

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