To Love a Wolf

Chance encounters can lead to something amazing. A girl meets a boy sitting on some train tracks. Somehow he seems unusual...different in some way. She plucks up the courage to talk to him. The rest is history.


Author's note

This story is based on a role play story I am writing with a friend on Instagram. Maria is featured played by me and she plays Brahms who is the other protagonist of the story.
Many fandoms are incorporated in the story including Sweeney Todd, The Walking Dead and Fantastic Beasts. This story is not meant to be accurate so dont comment saying I got fandom details wrong.

1. The Tracks

It was a day like any other. At first. But that's how chance encounters happen isn't it? You never expect it. But life is crazy like that. One chance encounter can go on to change your life. For better or for worse.

That's how it was for Maria. She was just walking by herself. Her dragon, Harmony, was flying off by herself. That's how it was for them. Harmony was not a pet to her. She could leave whenever she wanted. Maria didn't mind being on her own anyway. She had been for the past two years or so.

Her thoughts were interrupted by what sounded like drumming. Faint but still audible. Feeling curious she clambered up the small slope that overlooked the train track on the other side. To her surprise there was a boy sitting in the center. He looked about a year or two older than her, around eighteen or nineteen; with messy dark hair and a thin scar on the side of his face by his mouth. He looked pretty attractive. He had a half full whisky bottle beside him and was drumming the track with some drumsticks. He seemed completely unaware she was there. She slowly slid down the other side and sat watching with crossed legs. There was no sign of a train coming but she could easily scramble back over the slope in good time.
"See something you like?" he asked without looking up making her jump.
"Sorry..." she felt awkward and embarrassed "I didn't mean to stare."
He looked up at her "It's alright." He was just glad she wasn't judging him. He glanced up hearing a train in the distance. Maria watched him but hadn't heard anything.
"Train's coming." he said casually.
She glanced the direction the train normally came. She still couldn't hear anything. "Shouldn't you get off the track?"
He shrugged continuing his casual drumming. Maria was starting to wonder if he was actually going to move. She'd heard of people trying to end themselves by jumping onto train tracks. She hoped he wasn't one of them. She glanced up seeing it in the distance. She was safe where she was but he definitely wasn't.
"Shouldn't you move?..."
"Nah I got time."
She was becoming tempted to run across the track and pull him off. He merely took a swig of his whisky as if nothing was happening. "Any minute now." He looked at her again and saw her expression "Don't worry."
The train was close now and speeding fast. She heard a horn clearly sounded as a warning. The boy casually stood up and shot Maria a sly smirk. She quickly backed away as the train rushed past. When it did she was shocked, and not to mention amazed, to see him sitting on the other side like nothing had happened. "Wow..."
"I often do a lot of stunts like that. I like the adrenaline." he looked at the bottle and put it down as it was near empty. "What's your name?"
"Maria." she said still slightly stunned.
"I'm Brahms." he smiled at her expression and joined her on the other side. "Don't tell anyone about that please."
She nodded "I won't."
He nodded and disappeared over the other side of the hill. Maria followed but he was gone by the time she got over.

Yeah definitely a not so normal start to the day.

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