Ignore this journal

This is almost like a diary
But I mean
You can read it if you want
It'll be infrequently updated


2. -cont, intro-

Oh you actually want to know about me? Well okay.

I'm almost certain that I'm not the only one here who feels like this: but here we go.

I was born in September of 2001, a girl. Apparently I was a really happy kid, and I'm glad, because I've set the standard high for my younger sister and all of my younger cousins when it comes to happiness. (If you couldn't tell, I'm the eldest.)

I grew up pretty normally---but my dad says that there must've been a mistake whilst I was growing in the womb--because--I'm actually a boy. Like well--it's hard to explain, honestly. I was born female, but I don't fit into my body--I'm male at heart (and always have been.)

None of you lot are stupid, and so I'm just going to continue on as if you understand. I'm the T in LGBT, moving on.

I used to have an account on here with over 200 followers, I'm pretty sure I was known as Tom or Green or something like that I don't know--I made a Creepypasta ask book.

My name is Jeremy, I'm 17 years old, and for most of my life I've been living a lie. I was bullied for many reasons in both primary and high school. (Gender being one of them.)

And honestly, I just wish life was easy. I want to go home and not worry about receiving hateful text messages from anonymous numbers. I want to go out in summer and not overheat because I'm wearing a binder to flatten my chest down. I want to be able to talk to people and not be ashamed of my voice because it's too damn high. I want my parents to fully accept my decision and help me through the changes.

Okay I'm sick of being depressing, so moving on-- fun fact-- I have a thing for ginger boys. So. If you know any, get them to hit me up, I wanna ruffle their hair and snuggle.

I'm serious.

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