Lord of Hierarchy

The continent of Krusia became the center of attention when the story of otherworldly creatures and supernatural phenomenon. One of the most valuable discoveries were the relics that could be used to gain supernatural abilities or perform miracles. With the promise with the natives regarding the subjugation of the monsters that lives in the mainland, we have gained access to the relics without a conflict. However, those who had been drunken in the sense of superiority have created the world that we stand now, an utter dystopia.


4. Third Chapter - What was Rightful

Lord of Hierarchy

What was Rightful

"Where are the remaining guards? The head researcher rifted his subordinate by his collar and screamed to him.

"Most of them are gone, sir! One of the subjects had been literally erasing all of the guards that were on their way!" The subordinate tried to calm his boss down.

"Bring the guards from the other sectors as well! This is an emergency! They will reach the head office in matter of seconds!" The head researchers brought the head office under his control.

"Sir, we had been reported that the security office of Sector D and C had already been raided! All of the subjects who had been secured in the area had been freed from their chambers!" One of the researcher yelled out the current situation.

"How did it come to this? We should have been prepared for this! If only he hadn't been absent, then this situation could have been under our control! How did the subjects know that today was the day that our strongest mercenary was gone? Wasn't that the reason why we had been tightening the security? What is there left of us?" The head researcher had been drowned in his thought. 

"How is the situation now?" 

"The subjects of Sector B had been released and they are now reaching onto Sector A," His subordinate responded.

"What should we do now?"

"We have done many inhumane experiments on these children and it is as clear as a day that their hatred on us will result our death. The one who is on the center of this escape seemed to be aware of the outside world and there is a chance that we will be burned, severed, or electrocuted by them. Whatever the case is, it is almost certain that our death wouldn't be painless...." The head researcher searched through his desk.

"I would like to end my life as painlessly as I could, so..." He had a shotgun pointed toward the top of his mouth and pulled his trigger without a moment of hesitation. It might have been his way of telling his subordinate that the death was a yet another way of escape, but not all of his underlings had followed his example.

"Are you the last ones left?" The subject known as No.416 broke through the last remaining metal gate to the head office with hundreds of other subjects behind him. None of them seemed to be pitying what had been happening with the researchers.

"Please, have a mercy on us?" One of the researchers knelled down on the ground with his head facing downward. He tried to bring the children's sense of sympathy to make a way for their survival, but...

"Have you ever listened to the cries of the children who said exactly same word?" No.416 stepped on the researcher's head with his shoes. He kept pressing his weight toward the ground and the researcher's nose had touched the surface.

"Of course I have!" The researcher responded with a slight bit of hesitancy.

"Then why is none of the children defending you?" No.416 swayed his hand at the crowd of children who have not been moved by his begging.

"You self-righteous brat! What do you think you are doi-" No.416 pressed the researcher's head against the ground so hard that the concrete floor had shattered and so was his skull. When the blood had been leaked through the floor, No.416 pulled off his drenched shoes and splattered the blood on the rest of the researchers. No.416 casually pushed the front facing side of the researcher's corpse at the researchers and that was the end of their sanity. Some of the female researchers cried in high pitch voice and the rest of them were flinching on the spot. 

On that day, I realized that No.416 was the savior and the messiah of the innocents and the devil and the behemoth of the guilty. He was the one who punish evil and save the lives of the right. If there was anyone who would change the world, then he would be the one to do so.


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