Lord of Hierarchy

The continent of Krusia became the center of attention when the story of otherworldly creatures and supernatural phenomenon. One of the most valuable discoveries were the relics that could be used to gain supernatural abilities or perform miracles. With the promise with the natives regarding the subjugation of the monsters that lives in the mainland, we have gained access to the relics without a conflict. However, those who had been drunken in the sense of superiority have created the world that we stand now, an utter dystopia.


3. Second Chapter - The Consequences

Lord of Hierarchy

The Consequences

"How awful was your experiment today?" No.416 was straightforward with his question.

"I would say eight out of ten," I replied.

"Those lunatics brought an entire horde of Cerberus..."

"......" No.416 seemed to be speechless for a moment.

As he began to ask question regarding my health condition, he began to break down the concrete floor with his ability and drew the basic layout of the building. The database lists his ability as [Healing], but it was a mere combination of multiple abilities he had been born with. He had been waiting for years to find the best timing to eliminate every researcher who had been related to the experiments. In order words, he had been enduring the pains of the brutal experiments in order for a one goal. 

"Have you been listening?" No.416 asked.

"Of course," I replied.

"We are going to do this in three, alright?" No.416 confirmed.

"Alright," I confirmed. 

"In three...two...one"

The escape had begun.

No.416 climbed to the corner of the room without showing what he had done to climb his way up there. He turned the security camera into ashes, kicked himself away from the walls, and reached safely in the ground. When he had confirmed that the security alarm hadn't been rang yet, No.416 broke down the door and I followed right behind him. We ran through the hallway and realized that the alarm had been finally set by the time we had been near the security office. 

If we had been experimented with abilities that were threatening to the researchers, then we would have been placed under a heavy security measures. However, since we were using regenerative abilities, the only security measures that had been placed to us was the camera that had been operated by the security team. The security team takes rotations at the end of the day, so there would be a delay by the time security team realizes that one of the camera had been broken. Though it wasn't common, the security cameras in our areas had been failing from a time to time. They probably thought that it was yet another malfunctioning until they have seen what happened to the door.

"Catch them!" The guards who were behind us were running toward us at a faster pace than us.

"Have you ever felt a sympathy for the children who were being experimented here?" No.416 stopped running for a moment and asked.

"Have you felt a sympathy for a mere rat?" The guard replied with his sword drawn out from his hips.

"Neither have I for a mere beast," No.416 dragged the guard in front of him and used his ability to instantly turned a living human into a pile of dust. I wanted to ask him if he had been fine with that, but he didn't feel a guilt for those who had been treating the lives of another human as if they were an experimental rats. On his perspective, the guards, who had been supporting the experiment, were the beasts that should be executed. 

"Lets go," No.416 continued running.





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