Lord of Hierarchy

The continent of Krusia became the center of attention when the story of otherworldly creatures and supernatural phenomenon. One of the most valuable discoveries were the relics that could be used to gain supernatural abilities or perform miracles. With the promise with the natives regarding the subjugation of the monsters that lives in the mainland, we have gained access to the relics without a conflict. However, those who had been drunken in the sense of superiority have created the world that we stand now, an utter dystopia.


1. Prologue - Lost Paradise

Lord of Hierarchy

 Lost Paradise

About seventy years ago, on this day on earth, the continent of Krusia suddenly appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Though the public weren't informed about its existence at first, the sightings of the never-seen creatures and the strange phenomenon happening all over the nearby land brought its existence into surface. The first set of exploration team encountered the native inhabitants who had been hostile toward them. It took several month for the both parties to have a proper communication, but the first international meeting between the representatives of the Krusians was eventually held. 

According to the Krusians, they had been living under the fears of the feral creatures that lived on the center of the continent. In their historical records, it was said that more than fifteen countries used to exist in the continents, but only five retained its land from the feral creatures. Because of the constant conflicts, it was almost impossible for them to raise their technological level, causing them to be at a similar condition as the 18th century. More than humanoid races exists in the Krusia, but the existence of the feral creatures have brought them under one flag. 

However, the one thing that have brought us the most attention was the relics that was found throughout the Krusian continent. The relics could be anything from a simple crystal to that of an entire armor set. The one thing that had separated relics from the rest of the items was the fact that it was able to perform an extraordinary effects. For instance, one would be able to make a liquid mixture known as potions that would be able to heal grave wounds and deadly diseases almost instantaneously. Also, it could be used to grant someone with an supernatural strength or magical powers that would make them almost invincible to the eyes of the ordinary humans. 

Here was when the story became complicated.

Though the administrators had been strict in managing these relics away from the hands of those who will be abusing its effects, the moment when it had arrived to the hand of the undeserving ones, it was already late. The entire city was annihilated when the leader of a certain influential organization gained their access to the relics. It would have taken more than one relic to be able to create such disaster. One could only guess that the entire crate of it had been stolen away. 

In this conflict known as the Century War, the humanity was divided between the outlaws who had been favorable toward the lawlessness and the ordinary citizens who lived under the protection of the Knights who served to save the lives of the innocents. Most of the rural and some of urban areas had been overtaken by the outlaws.

It wouldn't have been this severe if it wasn't for the invasion of the feral creatures in the Krusian continent. As of right now, over seventy percent of all the land had been occupied by these beasts and it is estimated that at least fifty trillion of them roam the earth. 

In the world where the buildings are nothing more than a mass of concrete debris, the citizens who had stayed with the morals desperately hoped for the day when they would be able to live a day without having to worry about the outlaws or the feral creatures. However, even when the war had reached its sixty-eighth year, nothing changed.

At least until....  

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