Lord of Hierarchy

The continent of Krusia became the center of attention when the story of otherworldly creatures and supernatural phenomenon. One of the most valuable discoveries were the relics that could be used to gain supernatural abilities or perform miracles. With the promise with the natives regarding the subjugation of the monsters that lives in the mainland, we have gained access to the relics without a conflict. However, those who had been drunken in the sense of superiority have created the world that we stand now, an utter dystopia.


5. Fourth Chapter - After Escape

Lord of Hierarchy

After Escape

"What are we going to do now, No.416?" No.215, one of the subjects in Sector A, waited for his orders.

"We can start to call ourselves by our names now, Rogers. It will let you experience the sense of individuality and the freedom that we have taken back," No.416 showed the others that they weren't confined by the researchers anymore.

"Leader, what should we do with their corpses?" Dylan, formerly known as No.714, pointed at the researcher's corpses.

"They aren't worthy of being buried down on the ground, burn them," Dwight, who was formerly known as No.416, allowed Dylan to erase their corpses. What had arose from the researcher's corpse marked the first day of their freedom and the end of their lives as an experimental rat. The one who had been on the center of their revenge, Dwight, became the reader of the group.

We had a six months worth of ration for fifty adults, so we estimated that we would be able to stay a month in the laboratory with two hundred and seventy nine children in total. The leftovers were to be saved for the day that they will be marching to the nearest city. For the time being, there weren't anything other than waiting until the day that we were confident about the location that we were heading for. However, the idea of having to stay in the laboratory for so long became frustrating.

"Dwight, how long are we going to stay in the laboratory?" My patience reached its limit.

"We already contained all of their misdeeds on that storage drive, didn't we?"

"Yes, Ray. We do have evidence that will be favor of our actions if the city officials were to know of them. However, what I am trying to do here is to make sure that each one of us have a strength to survive the harsh conditions of the outlaw's land. We would be confronting hundreds of outlaws and the feral creatures that will be lurking outside its territories," Dwight stared at the research files.

"......." I kept staring at Dwight for several minutes.

"Fine, I will bring you down to the storage room with you," Dwight forfeited.

The two of us walked down the basement where the researchers had been storing their equipment and relics. Dwight told me that it was safe as long as I didn't touch anything, so I began to wonder around looking for something interesting. My sense of curiosity finally returned when I was freed from the daily experiments. I began to ask many questions at Dwight to the point where he even he was becoming tired.

"Now that I am thinking, where did the researchers bring the beasts from?" I asked Dwight.

"The leader of the Guillotine had been interested in raising various beasts as a pet and it seems that some of us had been used to feed the human flesh that they were craving for. We might have to prepare for a conflict between them," Dwight explained.

"Is that the reason you are trying to find the rest of the relics?" I asked Dwight.

"It's only one of the reasons," Dwight answered.

Dwight probably has hundreds of problems that he would have to take care of before we depart. I decided that I should just quietly wonder around the storage room and make sure that I don't bother him any farther. 

"....?" There was a one relic in the storage that caught my attention.

[Rank A Relic - Corpse of Phantasmal Dragon]

What was right in front of me was a colorless orb that seemed to be alive. It should have been more than a week that the storage had been left untouched, but there was a blood in its surface that had yet to be dried. I froze on the spot and called out for Dwight.

"Dwight! There is something about this relic-"

The orb shattered into thousands of pieces and the flesh inside formed a body of a reptile with a single crystal horn. It penetrated its horn directly to my heart and forced its flesh into the rest of my body. My consciousness was fading and the only thing I could sense was the footstep of someone who was running as fast as they could. It was probably Dwight. 

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