Lord of Hierarchy

The continent of Krusia became the center of attention when the story of otherworldly creatures and supernatural phenomenon. One of the most valuable discoveries were the relics that could be used to gain supernatural abilities or perform miracles. With the promise with the natives regarding the subjugation of the monsters that lives in the mainland, we have gained access to the relics without a conflict. However, those who had been drunken in the sense of superiority have created the world that we stand now, an utter dystopia.


2. First Chapter - A Day without Peace

Lord of Hierarchy

A Day without Peace

"No.142. You are permitted to visit No.416 for the remainder of the day," A familiar voice came from the surveillance camera located on the top corner of the concrete chamber. I don't know the person behind the voice, but it wouldn't be surprising for it to be a machine.

Anyways, I walked toward the entrance, raised both of my hand to allow the scanner to check that I wasn't holding onto anything, and left the concrete chamber without taking a look back. I wondered whether or not if I could change my chamber, but the new one would be stained in matter of days, so I kept quiet about these thoughts.

In the hallways, I could see the rest of the experiment subjects who were allowed to walk around the laboratory at anytime. I was also allowed to walk anywhere until the day that I was tested with a relic. The only reason why I am able to walk outside is because I was diagnosed to be harmless. In other words, my given abilities weren't much of a threat to them. 

All of the people who are in this building are the victims of human experiments who would be eventually tested with certain relics. According to the rumors I have heard recently, it seems that the person who is behind this experiment had been planning to use this data to create a living monster that would be able to bring the end to the war against humans who lives inside of the cities.

[Rank B Relic - Biocrystal]

It is the main ingredient for the potions that would be able to heal a wound almost instantaneously. Normally, we use the dilated and processed forms of the liquefied biocrystals to make the potions in exchange for wider availability. However, what would happen to a person who had been implanted with the raw Biocrystals? Normally, an ordinary human's body would reject the object relics, but I was born with certain characteristics that was different from anyone else. 

When a person receives the relics, it will enable them to sense certain thing in the air that will allow them to use their abilities. One would be able to condense them into their body and manipulate them freely at their will. However, I wasn't born with an ability to use them at all. That was the reason why attribute relics were useless to me and the reason that I was tested with object relics. While attribute grants abilities, object relics have a varying attributes that might be harmful. 

Before I was sent to this laboratory, I had been diagonized with at least 3 major illnesses and 7 minor ones. The doctors concluded that I only had five more years to live and that I should be tested with object relics because of my characteristics. I am able to walk freely now, but I am currently facing a life that is worse than dying. Everyday, the strangers in white coats bring me to a certain white room where they place me down on a operation bed and make wounds to check the rate of my regeneration. Afterwards, they send me to a concrete arena where they release beasts that will tear my flesh into unidentifiable pieces. My body will regenerate itself from the head and work its way down to the torso, abdomen, and legs. If you repeat this process for years, then you would be able to experience a life worse than living. The researchers become more creative everyday with the experiment... 

After that, I spend the rest of the day with No.416, who I consider to be my older brother. While my regeneration is only limited to myself, he has an ability that allows him to heal any disease or wounds as long as the receiver is alive. He was also unable to sense the certain things in the air, but he had an ability that he had been born with. It seems that he could use his abilities without having any major restrictions. That was the reason why he was brought to this laboratory in the first place.

He once pretended that he wouldn't be healing the animals that the researchers had purposely wounded, but then he became the one to be wounded from that day. His body was often cut into hundreds of pieces and he had to regenerate them from his head and work his way to the bottom. 

We were allowed to meet each other and have a conversation as long as we are being watched over. However, he had a secret that the researchers would be furious at him if they were to know it. It also would be the key to our escape that we are planning this afternoon. It had already been three years since the day when I came where as a seven year old. Now is the time to strike back.  

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