Manhattan City A novel

A crime thriller novel set in New York.


4. Manhattan Crime-Part Four


Detective Franklin used the lab computer to scan the database for the killer. By Midday he was exhausted. Detective Mullins arrived with their lunch: two hamburgers with the lot, and coffees. "Have you got a match?", she asked him. "No. Soon we'll get a match", he told her. Suddenly there was a green light that illuminated the screen. The name they saw was: TRAVIS R. YOUNG


Travis Young heard it.

The sound of the front door knocking.

He frowned, then he opened it.

Before he could do anything, he saw a woman aiming a gun at him. "This is for Maddie". He gasped in surprise, and died from the three gun shots to his chest.


Detective Franklin and Detective Mullins arrived at the apartment of 131st Street and 7th avenue. "There was reports of gun shots here", he said. Both of them took out their guns, and shot at the doorknob. Once the door was open, they saw the dead body of the killer. They were too late. Someone else had attacked him for revenge for the death of a victim from the past. 

   "Call the 9-1-1. And ask for the Coroner".

   "I will".


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