Manhattan City A novel

A crime thriller novel set in New York.


2. Manhattan City-Part Two


Detective Franklin checked his watch. By 9:44 AM, he was eating a doughnut for morning tea, in his office. Detective Mullins scanned the New York Crime Lab for known killers in the city. "This is taking too long", she complained. "Take your time, we'll get results", her partner stated. She nodded. Suddenly there was over five thousand matches. "Narrow the margin to the Lower Manhattan area", Detective Franklin told her. She smiled, and typed: LOWER MANHATTAN.

    Suddenly she had fifty results.

"That's better", Detective Mullins grinned.


Thelma Anderson watched the police leave Central Park. She was nervous as she left. She headed to Bob's Café on 131st Street and 7th Avenue; she saw Dom Jones, the owner. "Good morning, Dom. Can I have a regular coffee, and a lemon muffin?", she asked him. "Sure, that's eight dollars fifty. Table 5", he answered her. Thelma took out a ten dollar bill, and got change. She then headed to table 5, and stretched her legs. She grabbed the New York Times newspaper, and read about the latest murder in New York City.


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