Manhattan City A novel

A crime thriller novel set in New York.


1. Manhattan City-Part One

Lower Manhattan

January 12, 2018

7:00 AM

Detective John Franklin sipped his warm coffee in his Manhattan office that was on 131st Street and 7th Avenue. He saw the rain was falling heavily. He stared at the file which was his back desk. A lamp was illuminating his face, while there was a knock on the door. "Come in!". Detective Sharon Mullins smiled at him. "I heard you weren't on your cell phone; you didn't text me about a case", she told him. "We closed the previous case last week. Donald Gorman, the City Hall Mayor, can rest easily now". He finished his coffee, and dumped it in the trash bin. They were eager to forget about the Night Callers case in which several people were attacked in their homes by a hooded killer. Detective Franklin remembered shooting Carl Richards in his house on 132nd Street, and 6th Avenue. The crimes stunned New York, and the Internet was shut down for six days. Detective Mullins, who studied forensic pathology at Upper Manhattan Hospital during her college years, was hired by Assistant Commissioner Christina Henderson a decade ago in two thousand and eight. A year later, on March 6, two thousand and nine, she was given a partner in Detective Franklin.

And, over that period of time, they had solved over thirty cases. 


Caryn Sheffield was jogging near Central Park. She had been preparing for the Marathon on July 4, on Independence Day. She stopped near the benches, and rested her tired feet. The sun glowed in the morning sky; Caryn was about to resume jogging when she screamed. A dead man's body was found near the restrooms. She dialled 9-1-1, and called the police.


Detective John Franklin arrived at Central Park with Detective Mullins. Caryn was crying. They flashed their ID badges, as the stricken woman struggled to speak. "What happened?", he asked her. "I am preparing for the Marathon when I saw the body. I didn't see the killer. I'm Caryn Sheffield", she answered. The American flag swung in the northerly breeze; the flag had a patriotic feel to the park. Detective Mullins stared at the body. "It looks like the male victim was shot in the chest several times with a gun, probably a .9mm weapon. He died from blood loss", she assessed the situation.

     "Time of death?", Detective Franklin asked.

     "Two or three hours", Detective Mullins answered.

     "That'll be about four to five AM", Detective Franklin wrote the information down on a pad. Caryn saw several police cars arrive. The African-American Coroner, David Ronaldson, arrived on the scene. He walked towards the body.

     "This crime will taint the city", he said.

He stood six foot tall. 

     "The victim hasn't got any ID", Detective Mullins said.

     "We'll have to use dental records", Detective Franklin stated.

     "I want the park closed until further notice", the Coroner announced.

And, seconds later, yellow CRIME SCENE tape was erected, and the body was photographed, and taken in a body bag, then transported to the New York Morgue.



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