Apeirophobia (A Short Story)

When he came home from school one day and visited a convenience store, Jirou had no idea he would be caught up in a robbery and arrested for the crime! (This is a stand-alone story that is related to an even bigger project I'm working on)


4. Investigation

Kevin sighed and gave Jirou a piercing stare, one that Jirou could swear he had given to Kevin when the latter asked him if he could date Momo. Kevin leaned forward. 

"You alright, Jirou?" 

"Am I alright? I went to the convenience store on my way home from school and got caught up in a robbery there. And somehow, the cops think I killed that kid! How do you think I'm doing, Kev?" 

Kevin straightened up in his chair and, after giving the mirror a wary glance, sighed and turned to Momo. 

"Who would've thought that your brother was a robber?" 

Momo shrugged. "I wouldn't have pegged him for it. Maybe he's getting better at hiding his moonlighting practices." 

Jirou was not too pleased to see they weren't taking this seriously. He stamped his foot, causing the both of them to jump in their seats. 

"Would you listen to me?" Jirou jabbed his head towards the mirror. "They think I killed the cashier. I told them over and over again that I didn't do it but they don't believe me. Why?" 

Momo sighed and leaned back in her chair. "I tried telling them about how, because of last year's 'incident', I decided to check your backpack every day for anything stupid or dangerous." 

"Or both", Kevin added. 

"What we're trying to say, Ji, is that we wholeheartedly believe that you didn't kill the cashier. There was no way you could have the drive to do such a thing. You are not a desperate person." 

"On the other hand", Kevin interjected, "The police are not going to just let you go on the testimony of two of your closest friends, who, if I recall, have proven that we can't be objective when it comes to you. The police told us all about what they saw in the store. They saw a dead cashier, a teenager with the cashier's blood all over him, and a discarded gun with your fingerprints all over it." 

"So?" Jirou clasped his hands. "That was the robber's gun. He wore gloves, like I told them." 

"But they simply don't believe you because you were found that way. From their viewpoint, you had a psychotic episode and killed the cashier in all the pain and confusion." 

Momowho was holding her head in her hand, suddenly furrowed her brow and dashed out of the room without a word. 

Jirou raised his eyebrow. "What's she up to?"  

Kevin, ever the observant, simply shrugged and responded with "It's been a whole year and I can never tell what goes on in that head of hers." 

As they tried to move the conversation from the grim topic at hand, Momo burst back into the room, shaking them from their talk of the different possible flavors of ice cream. She looked positively livid at whatever she held in her hand. 

As she tossed the item in her hand onto the table, Jirou and Kevin leaned in to examine it. Momo sat down and gestured towards the gun expectantly. 

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