Apeirophobia (A Short Story)

When he came home from school one day and visited a convenience store, Jirou had no idea he would be caught up in a robbery and arrested for the crime! (This is a stand-alone story that is related to an even bigger project I'm working on)


2. Flashbacks

Walked in. Greeted the cashier. Looked for the granola bars. Heard a second person walk in. Heard the ring of the door's bell. Heard the shuffling of cloth and a loud click. Heard the cashier's voice shaking as he talked to the second person. Heard another softer click. Heard the argument get louder. Turned around. Saw the guy pointing a gun at the cashier. He demanded all the money in the register. The cashier pleaded with him. Said it wasn't worth it. 

The robber went on a monologue about how desperate he was. Jirou seized his chance and ran at him, taking advantage of the distraction. The robber heard him, or saw the cashier look at him, didn't matter. 


A gunshot rang out, and the cashier was pierced by the bullet. A split-second too late. Jirou grabbed the man's wrist, grabbed the gun too, trying to wrestle it out of his grip. Finally wrenched it out of the man's hand, pointed it at him. The robber, clearly not wanting to risk death, fled through the same door he came in. 

Breathless, Jirou dropped the gun and hurried to the cashier. The kid had lost too much blood in such a short time. Some important artery had been punctured. The kid was beyond saving. Jirou didn't care, just kept pressure on the wound and kept telling the kid to stay with him. They both cried. The kid cried because he didn't wanna die, said it to his last breath. Jirou finally succumbed to the pressure of this current event and broke down as well. 

By the time the police arrived, all they found was the dead cashier, and a shell-shocked Jirou sitting next to him. 

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