Apeirophobia (A Short Story)

When he came home from school one day and visited a convenience store, Jirou had no idea he would be caught up in a robbery and arrested for the crime! (This is a stand-alone story that is related to an even bigger project I'm working on)


1. Confusion

Jirou, who's tall frame dominated the scene, sat shackled to the dull metal table. The table itself, like its occupant, was bolted down securely. And just like Jirou, it was silent. Unmoving, revealing nothing. 

With his face impassive, it was left to Jirou to use his mind to pierce together why exactly he was cuffed to this table, and where he was, for that matter. 

As he lifted his head, he could feel blood rushing away from his brain. Blacking out, he thought. He must not have been breathing enough. It made sense in his mind, though. He had a fleeting thought that breathing less would prevent the police from gleaning any more "information" from him. 

The word zipped through his head again: Police. He was in a police station. An interrogation room of sorts, it looked like. 


His stomach growled, a low beastial rumble whose only purpose seemed to remind Jirou that his brain wasn't working properly. To summarize, he was hungry. 


He had a big breakfast before school, and his lunch was of similar size. It must've been the walk home. His bottomless pit of a stomach neccesitated a trip to the convenience store on the way home. 

The convenience store. 

Why did that place hold signifigance? All he did there was buy a granola bar and a water bottle. 

And stop a robbery. 

All of a sudden, right then, the memory of the afternoon's horrors flooded him. 

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