Apeirophobia (A Short Story)

When he came home from school one day and visited a convenience store, Jirou had no idea he would be caught up in a robbery and arrested for the crime! (This is a stand-alone story that is related to an even bigger project I'm working on)


3. Aftermath

Unfortunately, the circumstantial evidence, not to mention a lack of finding the robber Jirou described, led to the police convicting Jirou of first-degree murder. They cuffed Jirou to the table as he told his side of the story. They didn't believe a word of it, because the only witnesses were either dead or vanished. 

After about a half-hour of Jirou pleading with the police and crying again, they left him in the room to consult about his alibi. This was right about the point in time when Jirou decided to shut himself down and examine the day's events. 

Just then, he heard the doorknob jiggle. Rather than let the cops expect a reaction from him, he did nothing to respond. It was only when he heard a new voice did he raise his head. 

"Jirou? Are you alright?" 

It was Kevin. He was finally here. He could help.  

Kevin, clad in one of his usual T-shirts, pulled up a chair and sat down on the opposite side of the table. His face looked grim, very much unlike his usual calm expression. 

The door opened again to reveal Momo, dressed in a polo and jeans combo, and she carried another chair, setting it and herself down next to Kevin. She grabbed his arm and shook it violently. 

'What have you gotten yourself into this time, Ji? Robbery? Murder?" 

Jirou shook his head. She didn't hear his story, the real story. He sighed, realizing that they must've heard the verdict from the police no doubt listening in on the conversation. 

She spoke again. "I'm asking you again, Ji, what happened today? I send you off to school and get extremely nervous when you don't show up home on time, and then the police come to the house, asking us to come down here? What have you been up to?" 

Jirou chuckled. A low chuckle that was almost unnoticeable, until he suddenly found it to be extremely funny. The chuckle grew in volume slowly, until it grew into chortling. 

After a few seconds, Jirou felt a sharp pain hit his chin. His head was thrown to the side and he got a full glimpse of the one-way mirror on his right side. Hushed arguing snapped his brain back to the present, however, as he noticed Momo's hand clamped around Kevin's ear. 

The logical conclusion was that Kevin had struck Jirou to snap him out of his hysteria, and Momo had grabbed his ear and twisted it. 

The punch worked, however, and Jirou layed his head down on the cold steel surface and groaned. He lifted his head up again. 

"My godIt's about time you two got here. The police won't listen to me!" 

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