Pokemon: Power of Fusion

A new and strange power has come to the region of Kaloh. A mysterious person has been beating everyone they come across with only one pokemon. At least that's what has been said by the many that faced this person. No one knows where they came from or what they are after but it can't be good. This strange person has been breezing past the first few gyms and has everyone on edge. Without knowing who it is, it's hard to determine if your pokemon would be safe in a battle against anyone.


2. Mysterious Stranger

Absol and Luxio were resting on the front porch. Alena was working with the ponytas once more. It was just like any other day. Alena had spent all her time training her uncle's pokemon and her own. They never battled anyone but they were getting there. Absol and Luxio trusted each other enough to work together outside of battle. The two didn't have nicknames yet. Alena wanted to wait until she truly knew her pokemon before giving them nicknames. She was seventeen now and her uncle had decided to let her go on her journey. Alena had heard one of her friends was in a neighboring town. She wanted to find them. It had been so long since she had seen any of them.


"Uncle! I'm borrowing one of the rapidash!" She called as she left the house. 

Her pokemon were in the pokeballs, safely tucked into her satchel. She grabbed one of the rapidash from the barn. She slipped the reins onto the pokemon before leading it out of the barn and to the road. She was excited and nervous to see one of her childhood friends again. She quickly mounted the rapidash, bulleting down the road before her uncle could protest. Her waved her off with a proud smile on his face. She had grown up well and learned just about as much as he could teach her. Now it was time for he to make her own way in the world. Alena left Atlas town and headed down route 5. Once out on the route Alena slowed down to a gentle walk. She hadn't spent much time outside of town. She was always focused on helping out her uncle with the ranch. She had never thought to go exploring. She would be put to the test here. 


"Alright boy, it's time for you to head home." She spoke dismounting. "I have to take this journey on foot. Without the help of my uncle." 


She patted the rapidash's side before sending it on it's way home. Her uncle's pokemon were trained to track their way back home. They never got lost and memorized the routes they took so they could backtrack later. Alena watched the pokemon leave before turning back towards the way she was headed. She brought out Luxio and Absol for comfort.


"Come on out guys." She called.


The two pokemon appeared before her. They looked around their surroundings curiously before looking back to Alena. It was then they realized they were finally going on a journey with their trainer. Luxio very excitedly started running around, sprinting towards anything that moved. Absol sat down and waited for instructions. She was less energetic than Luxio was. Afterall he was an electric type pokemon. They were practically walking energy.


"Let's go guys. I can't wait for you to meet my friends." She smiled. "I wonder what they look like now? Probably all grown up and handsome. I wonder if they'll even remember me? What am I saying? We've been keeping in contact for years. Will they recognize me? That's the question."


Shaking her head Alena started walking down the route. Kaloh was a large island that was mainly land. At the very center was a huge pond with a waterfall that came down from the mountains. The further inland you went the more you could see the middle of the island. It was quite beautiful. Alena and her friends had promised to journey there together one day, when they had gone on their pokemon journey together. But their childhood plans were interrupted by life. Her gaze drifted to the mountains to her right, she could barely see the waterfall from where she was.


"I hope we get to take that journey someday." She spoke.


As she was distracted Luxio trotted off ahead of her a little ways. Absol walked at Alena's side keeping an eye out for danger. As they walked Alena realized it had gotten too quiet. Luxio was no longer within view. Becoming concerned she started calling for her pokemon as she ran in the direction he had gone. Absol ran at her side also calling for Luxio.


Pokemon POV:

"Luxio!" Absol called. "You electric dimwat!! Where are you!!"

The dark type pokemon was just as concerned on Luxio as Alena was. Of course when Absol spoke all Alena heard was 'Absol Absol'. Luxio was running from a trainer who had been trying to catch him. Luckily Luxio was able to avoid the pokeballs being thrown at him and knocked away a few. 


"Absol help!" Came his scared voice. "This guy's nuts!!"


"The hell did you do?!" Absol snapped.


"I just wanted to play!!" Luxio cried.


Human POV:

"Luxio!!" Alena shouted. Beside her she could hear Absol.


"Absol!! Abso!!" Absol had called trying to help.


Just as Alena was about to think the worst Luxio came scurrying into view. He was running from a pidgeot. It was trying to pick him up. Alena slid to a halt very confused and concerned for her fleeing pokemon. It appeared Luxio had tears in his eyes as if he was heart broken. Absol appeared very annoyed but willing to help.


"Absol, Night Slash!!" Alena called.


Doing as she was told Absol launched forward at the pidgeot. It wasn't paying attention to Absol and as a result got hit directly on by Absol's attack. The pidgeot went tumbling back allowing Luxio to escape behind Alena. Absol let out a low growl standing in attack mode in front of Alena.


"You ok?" Alena asked looking back to her pokemon. 


Luxio nodded and hugged the back of Alena's leg. He was weaker than the pidgeot and couldn't fight it off on his own. He wasn't as confident as Absol was. Absol was weaker as well but she wasn't afraid of the pokemon. Luxio wished he had the confidence that Absol had. He felt bad for running away but he was scared and hadn't been in many battles before or at all. He used to be a wild pokemon and evolved on his own when he was ready. No battles. He avoided battles. The pidgeot didn't attack but held it's ground. It must have been waiting for it's trainer because moments later a young man appeared. He had light brown hair and soulless dark brown eyes. They glared at Alena and her pokemon.


"What's the big idea?!" The boy snapped.


"Umm?" Alena was caught off guard by this boy. He appeared to be as old as she was.


"That's MY luxio." He spoke rudely. "Now hand it over or else."


"This is my luxio." Alena spoke unmoving. "He was a gift from my uncle and I won't let you take him. If you want him you have to get through me and Absol first!"




"Tch." The boy glared grabbing another pokeball "Fine have it your way. Pidgeot, Arbok get me that Luxio."


Pokemon POV:


"That's right dirtbag!" Absol shouted.


Luxio looked up at Alena and Absol. They were really willing to defend a coward like him. Feeling his courage rise Luxio stepped out from hiding ready to fight. His eyes in a narrow and electricity sparking from his body. Absol was taken off guard by Luxio's sudden show of courage. She smirked, there was hope for him yet. Alena glared back at the boy then looked to her pokemon.


Human POV:


"You can do it." Alena said looking to her pokemon. "I believe in you."


Her pokemon looked back at her giving her a nod. They were ready and waiting for her command. This wasn't only their first battle but their first battle as a full on team. With everyone in play. Alena was beyond nervous and what wasn't helping was that fact that if she lost this guy was probably going to steal her pokemon.


"I will have that pokemon! Pidgeot Ariel Ace on that Luxio! Arbok use wrap on that Luxio!"


In a flash his pokemon darted for their targets. Luxio got hit hard by the Pidgeot's attack. Before he could recover from the blow the Arbok wrapped itself around him squeezing tightly. Luxio struggled to free himself but it was no use.


"Luxio use Thunderbolt!" Alena called, there was no way it was going to miss now. "Absol Night Slash that Pidgeot one more time! It should take it down!"


Luxio closed his eyes and concentrated on his electricity. He built it up as much as he could before he released his attack. The Arbok released Luxio as it jolted from the attack. The attack left it paralyzed and unable to attack. Absol charged at the Pidgeot again launching for it. It managed to dodge this time and counter with quick attack. Absol tumbled back but thankfully landed on her paws.


"I won't let you win this!" The boy shouted.


"You don't have a choice!" Alena countered. "Luxio use Thunderbolt on that Pidgeot! If I remember correctly its weak against electric attacks! Absol finish hat Arbok! Night Slash!"


Pokemon POV:


"let me go you jerk!!" Luxio shouted releasing his thunderbolt attack


"Aaaaahhhh!!!" The arbok shrieked as it was hit with the electric attack.


Luxio scurried away from the Arbok and returned to the battle. Just as he freed himself Absol was knocked back by the Pidgeot. Luxio's ears flicked at Alena's words. Weak to electric types huh? A smirk crossed the dog pokemon's face.


"This is for trying to pick me you ass!!" He snapped charging another attack.


"Good night." Purred Absol's voice as she very slowly approached the paralyzed Arbok.


It quivered in fear as it was unable to dodge the attack that came straight for it. Absol narrowed her eyes as she put all her strength in this final attack. The arbok fainted returning to it's pokemon. It was now a two on one battle. Alena liked those odds. Luxio charged at the pidgeot jumping into the air, electricity pulsing from his body. He grabbed onto the Pidgeot latching on with all this might. The pidgeot tried in to shake the Luxio from his body but it was no use. Luxio was not letting go. He bit the Pidgeot to better his grip before using his attack. Luxio used thunderbolt taking down the Pidgeot. He jumped off the pidgeot as it went down.


Human POV:


"Learn your lesson yet?" Alena asked eyes in a narrow. "Now leave my Luxio alone."


The boy glared but said nothing. He returned his pokemon to their pokeballs before retreating. Alena was still on edge after the battle but she soon relaxed. They had won their first battle! She was excited but at the same time disappointed. Her first battle was over her pokemon. It wasn't a friendly battle. It wasn't even a rivalry battle. It was a battle over pokemon. That's not what a battle should be about or for.


"I'm proud of you guys!" She smiled. "How are we doing? Any serious injuries?"


"Absol!" (Hell yays! We won!!)


"Luxio!" (They didn't even stand a chance!! I feel so much more confident and stronger than I was before!)


"Come on. I believe we're close to Eversprout Town. They should have a pokemon center there." She giggled. "We can get you two looked at there."


The three of them started down the route heading for the next town. Eversprout Town was known for its vast forest and lovely meadows that surrounded the town and the two routes connected to it. It housed many grass and bug type pokemon as well as a few others but grass and bug was the most common type pokemon you would ever find there. The route they were on wasn't long. They would arrive in Eversprout Town in the span of fifteen minutes.


The boy from before moved into some bushes eyeing the three of them for a moment before heading in the opposite direction. He came across a figure cloaked in darkness. In stood in the shadows, a robe of some sort covered his body. A hood hide most of his face, the rest was lost in shadow. The boy knelt down before the figure, eyes at the ground.


"I have fought her as you instructed." He spoke. "The pokemon you gave me were no match for her own. Even with her inexperience in battles she knows pokemon as well as any pokemon professor."


"Did she use it?" The figure asked using a deep and disguised voice.


"No. I'm not sure she knows what it is and if she does there is no way she can use it without two fully evolved pokemon." The boy said. "To my knowledge she may only have two pokemon. An Absol and a Luxio."


The figure was quiet for a moment before speaking. "You did well. Head back to the base. You are done for now." He said. "I'll have someone else keep an eye on her. I want to know just how powerful she is when she uses it. If I' right she'll be no match for my ultimate pokemon."


The boy nodded, rising to his feet. He put his right fist to his left shoulder before leaving. A smirk was just visible from under the figure's hood. His hand moved like a flash from his cloak. A large pokemon appear moments later. He climbed onto it's back and flew off into the sky, unseen and unnoticed.

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