Pokemon: Power of Fusion

A new and strange power has come to the region of Kaloh. A mysterious person has been beating everyone they come across with only one pokemon. At least that's what has been said by the many that faced this person. No one knows where they came from or what they are after but it can't be good. This strange person has been breezing past the first few gyms and has everyone on edge. Without knowing who it is, it's hard to determine if your pokemon would be safe in a battle against anyone.


1. Family Secret

A group of young kids were searching out on route 2 for some pokemon. They weren't yet old enough for a pokemon of their own but it didn't stop these youngsters from searching for one. A little girl with wavy black hair separated from the small group. She had spotted movement and wished to see what it was. It turned out to be a pidgey. The little bird pokemon looked at her and cocked its head. The girl giggled giving a friendly smile. It wasn't long before her friends spotted her with the pokemon and joined her. The three of them played with the pidgey and raced around searching for other pokemons. Little did they know they were running further from home. They ran further down the route until they realized they had been going the wrong way. The pidgey had left them or lost them. The three looked to each other scared.


"Now what?" The girl asked, her teal eyes filling with tears.


"I don't know." Said a little boy with blonde hair.


"We follow our tracks." Pointed out a boy with brown hair, his brown eyes filled with determination.


"Ok, let's hold hands so we don't get separated from each other." The girl said taking their hands in her own. 


The little boy with brown hair gave a smile and nodded. He took the lead, retracing their steps. The kids were about six years of age so holding hands was a bit weird and icky to them but these three were friends. The best of friends one might say. They had grown up with each other and shared the same passion for pokemon. The three friends were about half way back when a dodrio came charging out of nowhere. What in the world was a dodrio doing on route 1 anyways? The three kids let out cries of panic and fear. Quickly gaining his barings the brown haired boy tightened his grip on the girl's hand before taking off running. 


"Come on!" He called to his friends. "We have to run!"


The girl tightened her grip as well. The group was fast but the bird pokemon was much faster and gaining fast. The blonde boy pulled from the girl's grip and took off away from them. The other two were confused as to why he left but soon understood. If they split up they might have a chance of escaping and getting away. The two released each other's hands and started running in different directions. The dodrio wasn't having it and started to herd them back toward each other. Why was it herding them? Why was it even on route 1 in the first place? The three were forced back toward each other.


"Why is it chasing us?" The girl asked scared.


"I don't know and right now I don't care!" The blonde boy replied. "I want to go home!"


"Maybe it's trainer lost control of it?" The brown haired boy suggested. "Or it's task is to catch us?"


"Look there!" The girl said pointing ahead of them. "If we can hide in that tall grass we might have a chance of losing it!"


"But we might also run into other pokemon!" The blonde hair boy said.


"We don't have a choice!" The brown haired boy chimed in.


Reluctant and without any other options the group raced for the grass. They were almost there and almost out of breath. The dodrio was getting closer. They just had a few feet to go. The blonde boy made it first but waited by the border for his friends. The other two were almost there when the girl tripped.


"Alena!" The brown haired boy shouted as he saw his friend fall.


"Alex go!" Alena shouted as she moved to stand. 




The Dodrio leapt into the air using the move, jump kick. Alex raced back to his friend putting his body over her's. Alena looked up into his brown eyes in shock and awe. He put himself between the rampaging pokemon and her. Alex looked down into her eyes a small smile on his face, but she could see in his eyes he was just as terrified as she was. She reached out to put her arms around him to pull him into a hug when his eyes widened. Alena quickly grew worried but noticed a figure leaping over the pair. A blur of blue. Alex moved from Alena looking behind him. A suicune had jumped from the tall grass using ice fang on the Dodrio. The Dodrio instantly fainted after the attack. The suicune remained between the downed pokemon and the kids. It's eyes in a narrow. Once it was sure the pokemon wouldn't rise it relaxed and looked back to the kids. The three kids stared at it in awe.


"Thank you." Alena murmured.


The suicune gave a nod as if understanding before quickly leaving. The dodrio disappeared, probably returning to it's master's pokeball. Alex stood up reaching a hand out to Alena to help her to her feet. Nick, the blonde boy jogged over to his friends with a sigh of relief.


"Thanks, for you know, trying to protect me." Alena smiled 


"Um... uh...." Alex stammered turning an even brighter shade of red. "You're welcome."


Alena gave a light giggle before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Yep, Alex was now tomatoe color but much much brighter. Alena started back, slowly following their footprints. Nick gave Alex a confused look. He looked at Alex then Alena and back to Alex again. He squinted his eyes before moving after Alena.


"Hey wait up!" He called.


Alex silently followed after his friends. They would continue to discuss this day for years to come. For this was the day they say a legendary pokemon for the first time and probably the only time. They didn't care that the adults didn't believe them. They would always know the truth. However a group of decently powerful trainers searched the route for the dodrio that chased the kids and it's trainer. Unfortunately all traces of the pokemon and it's trainer were lost. 


As the years went by the three of them started to drift apart. They didn't see to much of each other anymore but they started writing letters to keep track of one another. Alena was sent to her uncle's pokemon ranch to learn about breeding pokemon. Alex remained back in Amanecer town with his family. Nick set out on his journey the moment he became of age. Though the three were apart from each other they never stopped sending letters. They always somehow kept in contact. 


Alena had only met her uncle a handful of times. She was a bit shy around him at first but soon warmed up to him. He spent his time teaching her about the pokemon he raised and how he paired them. Alena was intrigued by all the beautiful and powerful pokemon her uncle owned and looked after. It would later come to her attention that he was also a gym leader, and one of the more powerful ones at that. She hoped one day to be as powerful as he was. She looked up to her uncle and wanted to make him proud. Everyday she worked hard and cared for the pokemon on the ranch. She was even able to watch him battle a challenger. Though she was only able to witness the last few minutes of the battle as she was tending to the pokemon when it happened. 


Alena was tending to the ponyta's when her uncle's gallade came walking up to her. It tapped her shoulder and motioned toward the house. Her uncle had mentioned having a gift for Alena for all the work she had been doing for him over the three years she had been there. She nodded understanding the gallade. The gallade then quickly headed back to the house with Alena in tow. She was confused as to it's haste. They entered the house from the back door and headed to the front of the house. The front door was open and her uncle was standing out on the porch blocking the door.


"I told you I don't know what you're talking about." His voice came, with an irritated tone. "If you do not wish to battle the gym leader then I have no further business with you."


"You seem to think you have a choice in the matter." Spoke a man dressed in black. "You are to teach the young master your art or it will cost you dearly."


"Get it through your damn thick skulls! I don't know what you're talking about!" He snapped. "The only thing I do is breed pokemon and stand as this town's gym leader. I'm not handing out my battle strategies to anyone. My own family doesn't even know it."


"Uncle?" Alena's voice came softly as she came outside. "Is everything alright?"


"Fine, Alena." He answered keeping his eyes on the men. Behind the two men in black was a little boy about Alena's age. He had an annoyed look on his face and was crossing his arms.


"We will see you soon." The man spoke before turning and leaving.


The boy cast Alena and her uncle an unsettling glare before following after the men. Once the group disappeared, her uncle relaxed and walked back inside. Alena followed after him still rather concerned and confused. 


"What was that about?" Alena asked.


"About something our family has fought log and hard to keep secret." Her uncle replied. "Please come with me."


Confused and intrigued Alena followed her uncle. He grabbed a key from a hidden compartment near the basement door. The basement was his private training grounds and the place he usually went to think. This was the first time Alena was allowed inside. She eagerly followed him down the steps and into the dark room below. It was as she expected it to be. It had some beat up training dummies in one corner. Parts of the walls were charred from fire attacks. Weights rested on a rack against the back wall. It seemed like a normal work out room.


"Alena, what has your father told you about the ultimate evolution?" Her uncle, Matt asked.


"You mean mega evolutions?" Alena replied confused.


"No." Matt replied moving to the middle of the room. "You'd probably understand it better as Fusion Pokemon."


"Fusion Pokemon?" She repeated. "But that's impossible."


"Is it now?" Matt smiled grabbing two pokeballs from his coat.


He one fluid motion he cast the pokeballs into the air in front of him. His hand remained outstretched and open. The ring on his finger began to glow. An odd rune appeared on the side of it. She had always thought it was a wedding ring or something else of great importance. On some level she was right. The pokemon from in the balls appeared for a second still glowing white. One of the silhouettes seemed to have mega evolved, this was triggered by the mega bracelet that Matt wore on his other hand. The two white silhouettes then suddenly merged before revealing one very powerful and coolest looking pokemon she had ever seen. It looked like Lucario but it had the big bushy fur of zoroark. 


"Alena, meet Lucark." Matt said. "He is a fusion between mega lucario and zoroark."


"That's amazing!" Alena exclaimed. "But how?"


"You see, not everyone can do this." Matt explained. "Both you and your pokemon's bonds with each other must be very strong. It's an ability that we carry in our genes that allows us to fuse our pokemon. As odd as it sounds it's what our ancestors used to do when they fought pokemon. This power was thought to be lost however it still remains with few of us."


"That's amazing." Alena spoke in awe. "Will I be able to do this?"


"Yes you will. With time and practice." Matt replied. "It has come to my attention that when you were little you were saved by none other than suicune. A legendary pokemon. A dog pokemon. When this came to my attention it became clear that you have a strong affinity for dog type pokemon. The suicune must have sensed your power and for it to respond the way it did this tells me that your power is great. With time it might be stronger than my own."


"Wait, is this why those men and that boy were here?" She asked. "If so why not just teach him?"


"Because, fusion pokemon can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. They are very powerful and must not ever be forced into a fusion. If this happens there is a great chance you'll lose control of the pokemon and it will attack anything that gets in its way." Matt said. "The minute I saw that little boy I knew he didn't have the ability but would do anything to learn. That isn't someone who should have the knowledge of this power. But let's not dwell on this. Here, this is a luxio and an absol. They'll be your partners and help you get a better understanding of battling pokemon. You must learn their strengths and weakness."


"Really? My very own pokemon!" Alena smiled eagerly and very carefully taking the pokeballs her uncle held out to her.


"Now, remember they won't be able to fuse just yet. Luxio isn't in his final evolution and his bond with Absol still needs to grow as well as his bond with you. You can't tell anyone about fusion evolutions and you can only use fusion if you absolutely have to. Winning a battle doesn't count. When their ready to fuse you'll know."


"I won't let you down uncle." Alena smiled.


"I know you won't kiddo." Matt smiled retracting his pokemon.


They separated from each other and returned to their pokeballs. Alena went outside to meet her new pokemon. She couldn't wait to see her pokemon. She had only seen the ones her uncle raised. They were mainly fighting types with a few exceptions. He had a stable full of rapidash and ponytas. He rented out the rapidash to travelers who needed to get to the next town as quickly as possible or just wanted a mount for a while. They weren't allowed to use the rapidash for battling and if they tried to keep the pokemon it would disobey and run home. Alena went out back and released her pokemon. The luxio and Absol appeared in a flash. They looked to their new trainer who was smiling uncontrollably at them. Luxio approached her curiously before leaping into her arms. The absol was a bit standoffish bit eventually it approached her leaning on her arm. Her uncle had mentioned that the two pokemon were about the same power level so it would be easy to train them together and their power would be balanced.


"Hey guys." Alena smiled. "I'm Alena you're new trainer. I hope we can be good friends."

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